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New polling shows 62% want another referendum on Britain's membership of the EU at some point with 56% saying they would now vote to rejoin.
Brexit is three years old and less popular than ever. More people are unhappy with Brexit outcomes to date, and pessimistic about the gains to come today than at any point in the Brexit process so far. “Rejoin” has opened up a double-digit lead over staying out in polls asking voters how they would choose in a second referendum on EU membership.
The chief Brexit negotiator for Brussels said he would like the two sides to work together to build a new partnership.
Polling suggests the vast majority of people believe the split with the EU isn't going well - a fact being ignored by mainstream political parties.
Private equity veteran Guy Hands says Boris Johnson ‘threw the country and the NHS under the bus’.
A vote for Scottish independence would automatically be a vote to rejoin the European Union, Scotland’s constitution secretary has said.
This week on Dezeen, we published a survey showing that three years on from leaving the EU, 84 per cent of UK architecture studios want to reverse the Brexit "catastrophe" and rejoin the union.
Nine in 10 UK architecture studios feel Brexit has had a negative impact on them, exclusive Dezeen research has found. / Three years on from the UK's departure from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, Dezeen conducted a survey of 50 architecture studios asking about their experiences of working post-Brexit.
MASSIVE airport queues on the continent after the EU brings in new visas for British citizens this year may contribute to a wider sense that "Brexit is not working" a report this week will warn.
ANAS Sarwar has admitted that Brexit has been a "disaster" for the UK economy - but said he won't back another referendum on rejoining the EU.
Britons are ready to rejoin the EU after two years on their own. / It has been just two years since the United Kingdom left the European Union and a new poll of the country’s citizens has revealed a major public opinion shift since the original Brexit vote.
Sherelle Jacobs told Telegraph readers that Brexit's days are numbered and the Conservatives cannot survive such an ignominious outcome.
The Scottish secretary claimed that 'most Scots' realised their 'home was in the UK, not the EU'. / The SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford cited a new poll which suggested almost 70% of voters wanted to rejoin the EU.
THERE is “no desire in Scotland to have membership of the EU”, Scotland Secretary Alister Jack has claimed despite significant evidence to the contrary. / "So does it come as a surprise to the secretary of state that a poll last year showed 69% of Scottish voters want to rejoin the EU?”
Brexiteers cannot assume that their success of seven years ago is necessarily the final word on the matter.
A majority of the UK public now believe Brexit is causing more problems than it solved, according to a new survey.
THE chair of a major campaign to get Scotland back in the EU has pledged to work to make sure the “complete disaster” of Brexit will not be “brushed under the carpet” at the next General Election.
Many who voted for the UK's exit from the EU now want back in, according to polls.
A poll commissioned by The Independent newspaper, found 65% of Britons, almost two-thirds of those questioned, want a repeat of the 2016 vote on Brexit. Just one year ago that number was 55%.
According to a poll carried out by the Savanta data research group, more people in the UK believe Brexit has damaged the country's economy and influence on the world stage with indicators pointing towards a growing appetite for a second referendum on EU membership.
Data suggests tide is turning on Brexit sentiment in the UK.
Sophie Stowers and Alan Wager look back on a year in Brexit, using the UK in a Changing Europe/Redfield and Wilton Strategies Brexit tracker poll to highlight five key trends in attitudes to Brexit in 2022.
However, disenchantment with Brexit has been one of the most notable trends of 2022 with a feeling that it has not lived up to the promises made at the time of the referendum. / Two thirds or 65% of British people think Brexit has gone badly compared to just 21% who think it has gone well according to an Opinium survey in early December.
Public opinion shifted against Brexit after a deluge of damning evidence on economic costs.
Results suggest Leave voters disillusioned with the ‘taking back of control they were promised’.