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A leading figure in Germany’s ruling Social Democratic party (SPD) has called for far closer links between the UK and the European Union, amid rising concerns the Brexit divide is harming efforts to solve international crises, including mass migration.
Lee Anderson has yet again invited widespread mockery after saying he would move to a remote Scottish island – and the internet was happy to oblige. / The Tory deputy chair claimed he would move to Orkney if the UK ever votes to reverse Brexit, in an apparent attempt to show that it was a suitable location to send migrants.
Seven in ten Britons support a closer relationship with the EU than we have now. / As we approach the fourth anniversary of Brexit, 52% of Britons now believe that the UK leaving the EU was the wrong decision. The Labour party – likely to form the next government – have so far resisted calls to move towards rejoining the single market...
The YouGov poll comes after EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the UK should rejoin the EU to "fix" Brexit.
An international petition has been launched aiming to secure Scotland's European future. / The new project is calling for Scotland to be part of the conversation around EU enlargement ahead of the European elections next May.
The polling has been released after Ursula von der Leyen suggested the next generation could put the UK on a path to rejoining the EU.
The president of the European Commission said it was up to young people to reverse Brexit after her generation "goofed it up".
‘We goofed it up, you have to fix it’, Ursula von der Leyen tells young people. / European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has said young Britons could still reverse Brexit by deciding to re-join the EU in the years ahead.
A new poll shows 47% want a new Brexit vote by the end of 2028.
Nearly half of voters want another EU referendum within the next five years, a new poll has revealed. / The survey by the More in Common think-tank shows that one in four of the public - 26% - want another Brexit vote in the next 12 months. / A further 21% would like it to be held between now and 2028.
The National Rejoin March 2 attracted remarkable coverage from world media - unlike UK mainstream media. One of Spain’s leading papers carried this insightful on-site report by its London correspondent
Demographic changes in the UK mean that support for rejoining the EU is increasing at 1.3% per annum, and is likely to reach 77% by 2035.
A huge surge in support to rejoin the EU has been recorded in October - has the bubble finally burst for Brexit and its backers?
Action to turbo-drive pro-Europe campaign gets enthusiastic reception from big audience in Glasgow.
Over the weekend, thousands of Londoners held a large-scale demonstration on the streets holding flags and banners of the European Union, expressing their dissatisfaction with the government and the economy, and calling for the United Kingdom to rejoin the EU.
Thousands of Remainers flooded central London with a sea of blue flags and yellow stars as they demanded the country overturn the 2016 Referendum result and rejoin the EU.
More people in the UK think there should be another EU referendum in the next 10 years than those who oppose it.
With large-scale, pro-EU protests set to hit London next month, UK citizens seem to have lost patience with Brexit.
Tory MP Tobias Ellwood says both his party and Labour are being dishonest over the disaster of Brexit.
Plaid Cymru has expressed serious concerns over the potential impact of the planned application of full Brexit border checks from the autumn.
Britain will rejoin the EU in the future, Tony Blair has predicted – as polls show support for rejoining climbing ever higher.
British voters now say that they would vote to rejoin the EU in a new referendum.
The British public now regrets Brexit more than at any other point since the referendum, according to two separate pollsters: YouGov and Deltapoll. Last week, YouGov recorded their highest ever share of voters, 57%, saying Brexit was a mistake. Just 32% thought Brexit was the correct decision. A majority of voters, 51%, now even wants to join the EU...
He said many MPs privately agree that the UK should have a closer trading relationship with the EU but are too scared to say so.
Latest set of polling shows ‘Bregret’ has become consolidated among the British public. / More adults believe the UK should rejoin the European Union than remain outside of it, new polling shows.