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Mr Drakeford, who is stepping down next month after five years as First Minister, said Brexit had left Wales a billion pounds worse off and cut off from the rest of the world.
In this week's Brexit downsides, extra food labelling costing up to £250mn, a huge drop in overseas students, veterinary shortages in NI, and more.
The First Minister has said famers in Wales would be in a “very different position” if they hadn’t taken the advice of Andrew RT Davies and voted for Brexit.
The first minister has blamed Brexit-voting farmers for Welsh ministers having to draw up their own farm subsidy proposals. / Mark Drakeford's government is consulting on plans for a scheme to replace EU-designed agricultural aid.
WALES and Ireland should strive for greater ties at a crucial juncture in the countries’ shared history, the Senedd heard. / Delyth Jewell led a debate on a report following an inquiry into Wales-Ireland relations.
First minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, and Scotland's deputy first minister, Shona Robinson, will be among the Celtic leaders in attendance at the first meeting of its kind.
The closure of Wrexham’s Business Hub was due to the impacts of Brexit, First Minister Mark Drakeford has said. ‌​‌​‌​​​‍‌​‌​​‌‌‌‍‌​‌‌​​‌​‍‌​‌‌‌​‌‌‍‌​‌‌‌‌​​
Mark Drakeford has warned the Brexit deal agreed by the UK Government with the EU on Northern Ireland earlier this week could have a negative impact on Welsh Ports.
A Welsh Conservative has told the Senedd that the new UK subsidy control regime is taking so long to navigate that it’s having a detrimental impact on a business in his constituency.
Mark Drakeford says during Dublin visit that his country has not found itself to be better off after leaving the EU.
The leader of Plaid Cymru Adam Price calls on Labour to make the positive case for the single market and customs union.
A new government scheme was meant to replace EU structural funds lost after Britain left. But critics say it delivers less money and will do little to bolster the Tories’ levelling up agenda.
THE European Commission (EC) has urged the UK to “engage” over the Northern Ireland Protocol as the Welsh first minister hit out at Westminster plans to override the Brexit agreement.
Diverting trade from Wales a ‘consequence of Brexit’, says Irish Foreign Minister.
Darren Millar, who represents Clwyd West, came under fire from Plaid Cymru Deputy Leader Rhun ap Iorwerth for keeping his EU citizenship, while voting to take it away from others.
A leading politician has slammed the Conservatives over the HGV lorry driver shortage and claimed that Brexit has played a large role in it.
Liz Truss insists ‘British farmers have absolutely nothing to fear from this deal at all’
Boris Johnson has been warned that his prospective trade deal with Australia could spell “a slow painful death” for Britain’s beef farming industry, after one of Australia’s biggest producers said a zero-tariff agreement could increase exports to the UK tenfold.
Wales' cultural identity is at stake in the row over an Australian trade deal being finalised by the UK government, the first minister has warned.
THE governments of Ireland and Wales have revealed a joint action plan outlining their ambitions for their post-Brexit relationship in the years ahead.
The first minister has accused the UK government of lacking urgency addressing falling freight numbers at Welsh ports.
The post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and EU is a "thin deal' for Wales, says the first minister.
Plans for Holyhead port show "just how shambolic" UK ministers have been on Brexit, Wales' first minister has said.
UK ministers are granting themselves powers to spend on infrastructure in Wales.
Senior figures in Scotland and Wales warn Brexit is bringing a ‘statutory fist crashing down’.