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Lee Anderson has yet again invited widespread mockery after saying he would move to a remote Scottish island – and the internet was happy to oblige. / The Tory deputy chair claimed he would move to Orkney if the UK ever votes to reverse Brexit, in an apparent attempt to show that it was a suitable location to send migrants.
A long-established Orkney seafood co-operative laid low by a number of factors including Brexit and supply issues has been rescued in a deal that saves 55 jobs.
Officials on the Orkney Islands, a corner of Scotland with Viking roots and an independent spirit, seized a moment in the global spotlight on Tuesday and voted to explore ways of seeking more autonomy — or even independence — from neglectful U.K. governments.
Fishing leaders from the north-east coast to Orkney and the Western Isles have joined calls to plead with the UK Government for a re-think of Brexit immigration rules.
A new government scheme was meant to replace EU structural funds lost after Britain left. But critics say it delivers less money and will do little to bolster the Tories’ levelling up agenda.
Restoration work on St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall has been hit by a hold-up in the delivery of specialist glassware from the continent.
Seafood firms have seen export costs “treble” in the six months following Brexit, leading MPs to warn that the industry now faces an “existential threat”.
DON'T lock the Highlands and Islands out of a £4.8 billion post-Brexit investment pot, the UK Government has been urged.
THE Tories’ chaotic Brexit project has already cost Scotland £3.94 billion, according to a new report from experts at Warwick University.
With the change of leadership in the United Kingdom making a no-deal exit from the European Union seemingly more likely, Scottish authorities are fearful local products will lose their protected status under the bloc's rule.