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PORTSMOUTH’S newly built £25m, two-acre border control post has been dubbed a ‘white elephant’ by port bosses following an ‘appalling’ government U-turn.
Retailers and farmers explain what shoppers should expect as Brexit and supply chain problems bite.
Shortages are the only thing we don't seem to be running out of in the UK right now.
Britain previously relied on foresters from Eastern Europe. Brexit is now putting its stock of Christmas trees at risk.
Scotland farmers say the festive tradition could be the latest casualty of supply issues caused by Brexit currently plaguing the nation.
The North York Moors National Park Authority, which approved the world’s largest polyhalite mine development, is examining how it can meet tree planting targets to offset the development’s impact in the face of a national shortage of saplings.
Palm and olive trees could be at risk of extinction on British shores post-Brexit, claims a leading online garden centre.
A survey of garden centres in Flemish Brabant has found that many of them are currently suffering from a shortage of flowers, trees and plants for sale to their green-fingered customers.
Brexit correspondent Lisa O’Carroll distils a few of the post-exit bumps facing individual British firms that she has investigated for the Guardian
Northern Ireland tree buyers are cancelling orders for thousands of trees because of a post-Brexit ban on plants being moved from Great Britain.
Almost 100,000 tree orders bound for Northern Ireland have been cancelled as a result of trade difficulties caused by the Irish Sea border.
“It’s a disaster. They’re just stopping any exports from mainland UK over to Northern Ireland. We can’t get any trees over from any of the nurseries that would usually deal with."
Ban on plants being moved across Irish Sea is major setback for tree-planting programmes in region.
As part of a new strategy to protect nature in the European Union, three billion new trees will be planted across the 27 member states.
Concern that new strategy, which also includes protecting primeval forests, ‘lacks tools’.
‘Michael Gove is barking up the wrong tree and knows it,’ says Greenpeace.