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Lord Howard told Sky News that Theresa May would show the same "resolve" over Gibraltar as Margaret Thatcher had with "another Spanish speaking country" over the Falklands.
British and Spanish foreign ministers will meet in Brussels for another round of talks over the status of the disputed territory of Gibraltar following Britain’s exit from the European Union.
Plan could mean British visitors to the overseas territory losing some of their 90-day allowance for travel in Europe.
British visitors to Gibraltar could face Schengen Area checks on touchdown, according to the minister conducting post-Brexit negotiations with the European Commission.
Negotiations over Gibraltar’s post-Brexit border arrangements could risk the government crossing its own red lines about the Rock’s sovereignty, ministers have been warned. / Mark Francois, a Conservative former minister who backed Brexit, could be heard to say ‘Here we go again’.
‘We goofed it up, you have to fix it’, Ursula von der Leyen tells young people. / European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has said young Britons could still reverse Brexit by deciding to re-join the EU in the years ahead.
A Spanish election victory for conservatives could spell disaster for UK-Spain sovereignty deal over the ‘Rock’.
Parents are reporting ongoing difficulties finding formula to feed their babies. / Complications importing goods post-Brexit is one reason that has been given for the issue.
Brexit has cost the GHA nearly £600,000 in ambulance transfers in the last two years alone. / This is because GHA staff do not have work permits to drive ambulances in Spain unless it's an emergency.
A debate in the UK Parliament on the Overseas Territories heard that the Gibraltar Parliament has not been able to meet on a regular basis, due to the impact of Brexit.
Uncertain Brexit negotiations over a contested border, a troubled past, debates over sovereignty. It might sound familiar, but we're not talking about Northern Ireland.
The British Overseas Territory was left out of the permanent post-Brexit deal which now governs the UK’s relations with the EU.
Spain and Britain are reportedly close to a deal on the status of Gibraltar, but those living there say the anxiety over their future is making it difficult to cope.
The UK and European Union are poised to enter the final stretch of negotiations over post-Brexit trading arrangements for Northern Ireland. After years of distrust and tension both sides are optimistic that a settlement is within reach.
The Leader of the Liberal Party says of Brexit that no other government in Gibraltar's history has been called upon to deal with "an event of such magnitude over such a long period of time".
The Government says the GSD's analysis of the reciprocal healthcare arrangements is total nonsense and shows lack of understanding.
Gibraltar has been caught between a rock and a hard place since the UK quit the EU.
In a new direct Brexit spinoff, authorities at the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar have confirmed that routine patients may henceforth be ferried for treatment to Spanish hospitals only if their ambulances are staffed by Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) employees who live in Spain or by EU nationals, it was reported.
Household rubbish piling up at the Europa Advance Road tip, could see no deal Brexit measures activated, if exporting delays continue.
Angela Johnson, a Morrisons supply chain manager, was responsible for making sure food was on shelves in the Gibraltar store, following the end of the EU transition period.
Negotiators hope an agreement can be struck in the first quarter of next year.
The Spanish workers of La Línea de la Concepción are at the ready to celebrate the removal of the Gibraltar border controls. And they have reason to.
The agreement was struck ‘in principle’ with hours to spare.