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Negotiations over Gibraltar’s post-Brexit border arrangements could risk the government crossing its own red lines about the Rock’s sovereignty, ministers have been warned. / Mark Francois, a Conservative former minister who backed Brexit, could be heard to say ‘Here we go again’.
Brexit has caused a crisis for British manufacturers who export into Europe – and things could be about to get even worse...
Brexit has not only failed to deliver on its promise of reducing immigration and controlling borders, but it has also made the immigration issue worse and more difficult to manage. The government’s chaotic and ineffective immigration policies, such as the Rwanda policy, have only added to the problem.
Lady Hale hit headlines for wearing a spider brooch during the Supreme Court ruling on Boris Johnson's prorogation of Parliament.
The term doesn’t mean it doesn’t meet EU standards. Just that Brexiters want to insist they have the right to diverge, even if it were madness to do so.
A new book argues that Ireland must be united in order for the UK to realise full national sovereignty. One of the authors tells Political Correspondent John Manley why unionists based in Britain should start agitating for a border poll.
And why none of them actually stack up.
Brexiteers must be sick of the sight of Alastair Campbell by now, after he delivered another brutal Brexit takedown.
Last night's episode of Newsnight (11 May), left viewers open-mouthed after Alastair Campbell and Victoria Derbyshire seemingly got into a stand-off over Brexit. / “Sorry, you bring these people on, you never challenge them, you let them talk utter rubbish about Brexit and it’s happened on the BBC for year after year after year”, blasted.
“You bring Brexiters on, you never challenge them. You let them talk utter rubbish about Brexit. Year after year after year.”
Parliament hears proponents of leaving the EU are “in a state of confusion and denial” as calls grow for public inquiry.
Ex-PM says UK was stronger in the EU – as Jeremy Hunt challenged to admit Britain ‘poorer’ after Brexit.
Former prime minister Sir John Major has told the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Britain made a “colossal mistake” when it left the European Union. / Sir John said while he is not a “significant Europhile”, he believes the UK was stronger in the EU.
The BBC’s Analysis editor Ros Atkins looks at the controversy surrounding the government’s plan to scrap thousands of EU-era laws.
However, disenchantment with Brexit has been one of the most notable trends of 2022 with a feeling that it has not lived up to the promises made at the time of the referendum. / Two thirds or 65% of British people think Brexit has gone badly compared to just 21% who think it has gone well according to an Opinium survey in early December.
Hermann Houser says Britain has no chance of being technologically independent after leaving the EU.
The doyen of the UK computing industry says that a hi-tech future will leave Britain no choice but to turn to Europe.
In the years since the referendum, it has become a myth that the impetus behind Brexit was a demand for pure sovereignty, with any economic effects being irrelevant. It’s not true, because many of the Vote Leave arguments were economic, whilst the effort put in to discrediting ‘Project Fear’ shows that Brexiters realised that ‘sovereignty at any cost’ would not have enough appeal to win the vote.
Report by the European Council on Foreign Relations says that more people see bloc as a key partner than the US.
“This is what friends do, even if the pain has been self-inflicted, stupid and unnecessary.”
JOHN Bruton has accused the British government of using "threatening" language while "pretending" that it did not sign-up to a trade border in the Irish Sea.
The end of the transition period was merely a staging post within a process that will be long with us, says Chris Grey.
A survey has found a large majority of small businesses want the UK to cooperate with the European Union as the government faces calls renegotiate terms of the its post-Brexit trade relationship with the bloc.
Emmanuel Macron insisted he has not been trying to ‘have his cake and eat it’ with his approach to talks.
PM dug into a corner by refusing to compromise on sovereignty but EU reached ‘pain threshold’