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POST-BREXIT cross-border travel arrangements will be a “major barrier” to growth in the tourism sector, senior council officials have warned.
The Mayor of London and UK rail operators have told ministers that service delays or cuts due to inadequate preparation could harm UK businesses and tourism.
The leader of Kent County Council told MPs that new post-Brexit biometric border checks could see queues of more than 14 hours - more than the current worse case scenario.
Ms Dupont told MyLondon: "Since Brexit, just direct 25 per cent tax increase on the product coming from abroad. Knowing that we are an island, it's difficult to avoid that - it just happens." / "To be honest, my opinion, Camden mostly a touristy place. We definitely did, before Brexit, a few years ago better."
CAUSEWAY Coast and Glens councillors have been told international travellers may not bother crossing the border into Northern Ireland when controls are introduced next year. / Tourism NI chief John McGrillen was outlining the consequences of Brexit during a Q&A session following an online address to the chamber last Tuesday.
Priti Patel’s prohibition on ‘insecure identity cards’ partly reversed by James Cleverly.
The number of visitors coming to Jersey from France has dropped by nearly 50% in four years, according to a Visit Jersey report.
The route is due to run out of money by the end of August. / A busy tourist project connecting Ireland's southeast with three Welsh counties will come to an end in August due to a collapse in funding.
Officials have said it would be a “terrible shame” to see a tourism initiative between Ireland and Wales close due to funding issues over Brexit.
Following the UK's departure from the EU, the route is due to run out of money by the end of August.
Celtic Routes due to run out of money at the end of August. / "As a direct result of Brexit, there will be no continuation of the Ireland Wales Cooperation Fund." / "Celtic Routes has been one of the most successful Projects that has ever crossed my desk."
No matter how much the UK Government tries to make a virtue of Brexit, the decision to quit the European Union and so curb the freedom of people from the bloc to live and work on these shores continues to haunt one of Scotland’s most important industries.
Due to the fact that border authorities in the United Kingdom do not accept ID cards issued in European Union countries, a large number of school children are choosing other English-speaking countries such as Ireland and Malta, with EU school travel to the UK at 61 per cent of pre-Brexit levels.
The chief executive of the UK trade association that represents inbound tourism said revenue from foreign school trips has ‘drastically reduced’ post-Brexit.
Only 3,700 people from the UK are being employed in the EU to do jobs such as chalet hosts, holiday reps and tour guides, new figures show.
The UK travel sector has called on the government to address difficulties employing British staff in EU holiday destinations, due to post-Brexit red tape and rising hiring costs.
The UK used to be the obvious point of entry for art and antiquities coming into Europe. But then we ostracised ourselves.
Plymouth-to-Europe operator sees drop in French travellers and has huge loans to repay but insists it will not sack workers.
Plymouth-headquartered company's passenger numbers are still lower than pre-Covid and now it is suffering a decline in lorry numbers.
THE frustration felt by Sarah Heward, co-owner of The Real Food Café, after missing out on funding for a bold tourism and hospitality training scheme is understandable.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has called on the governmment to ease post-Brexit visa rules, which he warns are putting off too many young Europeans from visiting, and working in, the UK capital.
Burberry chairman says scrapping the VAT refund for tourists has made Britain the "least attractive" shopping destination in Europe.
Industry leaders fear new entry restrictions and the UK’s tarnished image among some Europeans have caused a decline in EU visitors
Tourism leaders are concerned that French and German tourists are starting to avoid the UK due to post-Brexit restrictions on travel with identity cards.