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The UK has seen investment from overseas collapse in the past two years, underscoring its diminishing allure as a global business destination since Brexit, revised United Nations data show.
Guy Hands said the business outlook and investment case for the UK is only getting worse and that the country needs to reforge trading ties with the European Union to stop the rot.
Experts have today partially blamed post-Brexit uncertainty for helping France pip the UK to Europe’s investment hub crown for the second year in a row.
Trade and investment relations with Africa are increasingly important to the European Union’s strategic goals
The men behind Trussonomics and Brexit, the two great man-made catastrophes of recent years, are to be honoured for their ‘great work’.
“Making it difficult to trade with your biggest market is a dumb thing to do", Sir Martin Broughton said.
Brexiteers promised to “take back control.” But the decision has instead delivered recession, gloom, and despair.
John Cole explores the government's response to a petition calling for an enquiry into the impact of Brexit before it's debated in parliament.
It has been revealed that the government is considering a fourth delay to the introduction of post-Brexit import checks amid fear of their impact on the supply chain and the cost of living crisis.
Economists at Natixis are trying to examine the effects on the UK economy of the June 2016 referendum that triggered Brexit. They look at the different important variables and seek to determine what the overall effect of Brexit has been on the United Kingdom.
Brexit has resulted in Wallonia receiving almost €358 million in investments, while 539 jobs have been created in the region since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union.
Not for the first time, the prime minister delivered a major speech that was economical with the truth.
After several years of increasing FDI, Brexit has caused inbound investment to dip in the UK.
Japan said UK-EU deal was still crucial for Japanese business, especially its carmakers.
Bill set to include retroactive powers to scrutinize takeovers / Institute of Directors fears ‘chilling effect’ on investment
New figures from the Department for International Trade show that investment in the UK by overseas firms has declined sharply in recent years. / The number of new projects in the UK fell 14% in 2018-19. / At the same time, there was a 24% fall in the number of jobs created.
The Japanese ambassador to the UK tells Sky News his country is "perplexed" by the UK's departure from the EU. / More Japanese companies may relocate away from the UK in the coming months if Britain does not seal a promising post-Brexit deal, the Japanese ambassador has warned.
The number of new foreign investment projects in Britain has fallen for the second year in a row, according to government figures published on Wednesday that added to other signs of nervousness about Brexit among investors.
Cross-border data show 30% fall in capital entering UK since referendum. / Brexit uncertainty in the UK has boosted foreign investment into the EU’s other 27 countries in the three years since the referendum, according to a Financial Times analysis.
Car giants Toyota and BMW have both warned a no-deal Brexit threatens the production of their cars in the UK.
Shinichi Iida, a minister in the London embassy, said Japanese manufacturers are holding off on committing to the UK with new investments due to the uncertainty – and that potential new investors are steering clear of Britain.
Fresh inward investment in the sector plummeted in 2018, down 46.5 per cent on 2017 to just £588.6m.
Japan's government has warned that Brexit could result in the country's firms moving their European head offices out of Britain.