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Cost of labour in Britain up by 30% since referendum, double rise in some EU countries, research finds.
No updates on key issues facing the industry following summer of political turmoil, CPA boss says.
With inflation set to rise, alongside the cost of shopping and transport, the economic fallout will squeeze Britons’ budgets.
The acute labor shortage because of self isolation is masking the systemic challenge for businesses struggling to recruit after Brexit.
Current CE mark system due to be replaced at beginning of next year.
Supplies of construction products in the UK could come to a “grinding halt” if issues over post-Brexit changes to certification rules are not resolved before the end of the year, the chief executive of the Construction Products Association has warned.
Minister is warned Britain does not have enough testing capacity for the scale of the problem.
Construction Products Association moots extension to transition period on CE markings.
A mix of factors specific to the UK risks denting the construction sector’s recovery from the pandemic this year, Aecom has warned.