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Authorities such as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) are struggling with a skills gap after the United Kingdom left the European Union, according to a report.
Food safety is at risk because of skilled worker shortages and loss of access to vital data bases, a report says and experts’ ability to assess threats to public is being impeded by constraints.
UK agriculture is highly exposed to serious diseases imported from Europe, including African swine fever (ASF), because of a failure to get new border control posts (BCPs) operational before July 2022, a senior vet has warned.
The UK is facing a £1 billion bill to replicate the EU’s chemical database after the government opted to leave the bloc’s REACH system on 31 December.
A plan by Boris Johnson’s government to change the regulation of chemicals after Brexit risks making the UK a “dumping ground” for harmful substances, experts and campaigners have warned.
“Everyone here is saying to me that because of Brexit it is much easier to find safety in the UK,” one refugee said.
UK law enforcement can no longer immediately access real-time data about persons and objects of interest, including wanted and missing persons.
Britain has lost "significant" access to EU policing data under the Brexit deal negotiated at the end of last year, a House of Lords report has said.
Producers in Great Britain could once sell meat to EU customers as easily as they could at home. Since Brexit, exporters face a process of up to 26 steps, with every shipment logged in multiple databases and certified by reams of red tape. Here are all the hoops exporters must jump through
A group of Tories have called for Boris Johnson to reopen Brexit negotiations amid concerns his deal has left the UK 'less safe and less secure'.
Sir Julian King told MPs that “data adequacy” for police was the “most significant, outstanding, unresolved issue” which had come out of the UK’s security agreement with the EU.
Sir Julian King, ex-European commissioner for the security union, spoke to the Commons Home Affairs Committee.
Intellectual property rights holders in both jurisdictions now must navigate their way to protection in dual IP systems.
In a potentially illegal act, the UK pre-empts losing access to a core EU database used for crime-fighting.
Sir Ian Blair rejects Priti Patel’s claim nation will made safer through ‘tougher’ post-Brexit powers.
Police to lose access to database used more than 600 million times a year on 1 January.
Preparations being made at ‘every port and access point from Europe’, senior officer say.
‘There are certainly instruments that we may not have access to’, Foreign Secretary says - after police chiefs warned of ‘major impact on counter-terrorism’
Exactly four weeks before Britain leaves the EU’s single market following Brexit, it is still unclear how much access it will retain to the bloc’s data from security tools used in everything from combating crime to business information.
The UK will be less safe if it fails to strike a post-Brexit security deal with the EU, Britain's top counter-terrorism officer has said.
Key information systems will be lost even if a security deal is struck before 31 December, National Crime Agency says.
‘Efficiency and effectiveness’ at risk as terror threat raised and crime becomes increasingly transnational.
Police in Northern Ireland are expecting Boris Johnson's Brexit agreement to trigger protests in Northern Ireland, MPs have been told.
Thousands of names ‘double keyed’ into Interpol system – in case screens ‘switched off’ in just eight weeks’ time.
“What?!” - former prime minister is dumbfounded as her old nemesis suggests Brexit will help “intensify” the UK’s security. / Theresa May has ridiculed Michael Gove’s claim that Brexit could give intelligence and law enforcement services the power to “intensify” the security they provide for the UK.