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Britain should continue following EU car regulations to avoid extra costs for consumers, says the boss of Ford. / Tim Slatter's comments come as car manufacturers prepare for the first major review of Britain's post-Brexit trade deal with the EU.
Three years after Brexit, Scotland’s fishing and seafood industries are still snarled in costly red tape, worker shortages and disappointing catch quotas, leaders warn.
Even though fishing is a tiny part of the UK economy, it was a key issue in the Brexit campaign with promises to "take back control" of British waters. / At the end of 2020, Boris Johnson announced his new Brexit trade agreement with the EU, promising that "[we will] be able to catch and eat quite prodigious quantities of extra fish".
Almost four years after Johnson promised the fishing merchant the French would be desperate to buy his fish, the business has seen sales plummet 30% and export costs rise by as much as £3,000 a week.
John Cole explores the government's response to a petition calling for an enquiry into the impact of Brexit before it's debated in parliament.
Government promises that the fishing industry would benefit to the tune of tens of millions of pounds from Brexit has been challenged by analysis by a fishermen’s trade organisation, which says it will make multi-million pound losses every year instead.
New Zealand meat exporters are losing patience over their inability to get product into Northern Ireland after Brexit.
The Brexit trade deal hailed as a £148 million boost to the UK fishing fleet over the next five years will instead punish the industry to the tune of more than £300m, a new report says.
They produce half the country’s sugar needs, but expect new trade deals to make their tough situation worse.
“I cannot think of a single red line that was not crossed.”
RURAL affairs ministers from Scotland and Northern Ireland have written to the UK Government raising concerns about the impact of the Australia trade deal on domestic farmers and producers.
People working in the Irish fishing industry are protesting at Dublin Port over the impact of the Brexit deal.
Small print – revealed by Canberra, but suppressed in London – reveals pledge to protect farmers for 15 years has been dropped.
Emmanuel Macron’s attack on UK’s failure to implement Brexit deal wrecks claims of G7 ‘harmony’.
Brussels ready to slap tariffs and quotas on UK exports – and even to ‘suspend cooperation in certain sectors’
Liz Truss insists ‘British farmers have absolutely nothing to fear from this deal at all’
Thailand and the European Union (EU) have signed a new tariff rate quota deal, under which a predetermined number of the kingdom's goods can be exported to the bloc at pre-Brexit tax rates.
Talks on quotas collapsed on Friday, endangering jobs and threatening to push up price of fish and chips.
Northern Ireland's fishermen say they have been short-changed in a UK share-out of extra Brexit fish.
The European Union has promised legal action after the British government unilaterally extended a grace period for checks on food imports to Northern Ireland, a move that Brussels said breached the terms of London’s EU divorce deal.
Fishermen in Northern Ireland have written to the prime minister insisting they get a fair share of additional UK quotas secured by Brexit.
Scottish Fishermen’s Federation accuses prime minister of misleading public about EU trade agreement.
In frank interview, EU chief negotiator tells Britain that any lowering of regulatory standards will be punished.