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'Trade campaigners have welcomed the release of leaked papers detailing trade talks between the Trump administration and British government officials, which show the US government pushing Britain into as hard a Brexit as possible because they see this as the best way of benefitting the US economy. This comes at the expense of standards, protections and livelihoods in Britain.'
The goal of making the EU climate neutral by mid-century is likely to set off a political battle.
Last night the Prime Minister published 115 pages of turgid text he wants MPs to agree in three days. We’ve waded through as much of it as we can – and identified some horrors. But we won’t have caught them all.
On Feb 28, 2019, the US Trade Representative (USTR) published the US negotiating position on a post-Brexit US–UK trade deal. USTR made clear that the UK must abandon the EU's high food safety, animal welfare, and environmental protection standards as a condition for agreeing the kind of deal many Brexiteers desire.
Wanting to forge new trading relationships after Brexit and securing them are two very different things.
They want to tear up our green regulations so they can plunder and pollute the environment for profit.
In 11 key policy areas, POLITICO reporters look ahead to March 30, 2019.
Leave voters' disregard for the facts extends far beyond the NHS and the economy.
The environment is one of the flagship policy areas of the European Union, and is often heralded as being one of the body’s greatest success stories.
In the 1990s almost all rubbish in the UK went to landfill. Today nearly half of household waste is recycled, thanks to EU legislation.