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We had access to highly classified info. / Report is ready. / Redactions agreed. / PM has received report (17/10): signing off a formality. / What no.10 has said is a lie. / "Quite simply whopping untruths."
“assault on decency and democracy” / “political vandalism”
Dominic Grieve says suspending Parliament to force through a no deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs would be "the end of parliamentary democracy" and "should be denounced".
"EU is the most important defender of liberal democracy left in the world. This won't change just because Britain has a new PM"
This troll has published a thread attacking @Femi_Sorry for his video on EU democracy. I don’t like feeding trolls, but this one is getting attention for the wrong reason and his thread deserves detailed rebuttal. It’s a staggering tissue of lies and half-truths.
itizens from EU countries living in the UK are being turned away at polling stations across the country. #DeniedMyVote