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The Attorney General confirmed that in a No Deal Brexit, article 24 of GATT cannot be invoked unilaterally by the UK; and the EU can't and won't participate bilaterally. No Deal means the end of tariff free trade between the UK and EU - #Boris is wrong.
Emma Barnett interviews Daniel Kawczynski on Boris Johnson's claim about GATT Article XXIV. He doesn't know what it is but he's sure that Boris or Peter Lilley is right about it.
Mark Carney debunks the counterfactual claim made by leading Brexiters, including Boris Johnson, that Art. 24 of GATT allows for continued free trade with the EU after a no deal exit.
After a question about Brexit, trade and the Irish border, Boris Johnson says there wouldn't be tariffs with the EU because the UK could rely on GATT 24 allowing tariff free trade. That's wrong - both sides need to agree a trade deal first.
A few clips from this morning's @CommonsEUexit.
I heard the debate on your show between @CatherineMEP and @Nigel_Farage this morning. Mr Farage falsely stated that we can "apply Article XXIV of GATT", and trade as now for two years.
Terrifying ignorance by the ERG’s @ABridgen, saying UK can get ten years on zero tariffs to agree an FTA by “instigating GATT24”, being told by @NickBoles the WTO have already ruled out that option...
I rebutted @DCBMEP's original thread. He deleted most of it and retweeted it here. So here's my original rebuttal thread on why he's wrong, slightly elaborated.