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Everyday I come across people who are struggling to apply for settled status, or are denied their right to work, rent and access benefits.
“Are they going to break our family apart?"
Millions of EU citizens who live in the UK were given until the end of this month to apply for settled status. It’s feared that many people will fail to meet that deadline and campaigners want it extended.
Being thrown out of your adopted country because your face no longer fits is what thousands of EU citizens are experiencing. For some, it’s like being back in the authoritarian regimes of eastern Europe. And many others still do not know they are in danger of being becoming illegal immigrants, despite living, loving, and working here for decades.
‘In Limbo’ author reveals why the government’s Settlement Scheme and citizenship process could cause a scandal 'like Windrush'.
Despite relief that the UK has managed to leave the transition period with a trade deal, the future offers little hope of reassurance or certainty for millions.
Fresh concerns about digital-only EU status as report reveals Roma people unable to prove immigration status and exposed to exploitation by individuals offering unqualified and paid-for 'support’.
The Home Office says the EU settlement scheme is working. Working for whom, exactly?
London has been my home for more than forty years, but the emotional and financial drain of the last three years almost made me throw in the towel, writes Baboule.
A video clip of an EU citizen joining the protests against Brexit has gone viral after she expressed her exasperation with the government's settlement scheme.
There’s a long list of reasons why 2.6 million people have not yet applied to settle in Britain after Brexit.
Deborah Offen on how the uncertainty over ‘settled status’ is driving her British-Danish family out of the UK, Wiktor Moszczynski on Boris Johnson’s betrayal of promises to EU residents of the UK. Plus letters from Jane Lee and Simon Sweeney
Please listen to Corinne, the “proudest non-British Brit you can imagine” as she describes herself before the referendum and hear about her struggles now and how she lost all sense of belonging since that vote.
I could be deported to Poland if I’m denied settled status in the UK, because I stay at home to care full-time for my disabled son.
What's it like to be an EU citizen living in the UK under the cloud of deportation from your family, your friends, everything you know and love? I sat down with "In Limbo" and "The 3 Million" campaigner Cosi Doerfel Hill to find out.
Housebound Marguerite Skerret is one of 3.7 million EU citizens having to apply for settled status.