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Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson leads the Tory pack by a distance - all done then? / RTÉ London Correspondent Fiona Mitchell, Europe Editor Tony Connelly and Deputy Foreign Editor look at what the race means for Brexit. Also - Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok on the border in Ireland if there's no deal.
This week ANAND MENON – commentator, director of UK In A Changing Europe and Moriarty to Ian Dunt’s Sherlock Holmes – joins us in our fancy new studio to perform triage on the Tory leadership battle and all the latest Brexit catastrophes.
Ancient historian Katie Low joins Chris to talk about why ancient history has so much to teach us about modern Brexit. Will Brexit be the UK's Sicilian Expedition? (Yes.) Is Boris Johnson the modern Alcibiades? (Sort of.) Is Jacob Rees Mogg a modern Cicero? (No.) Is Jeremy Corbyn the modern Julius Caesar? (No but Seumas Milne might be.) With a side order of griping at British educational elitism.
Although his plans for citizens' juries to sort out Brexit are interesting, we’ve got our issues with Rory Stewart. But take a listen to him trying to talks sense into a typical “WTO, let’s go“ hard Brexiter on the BBC’s World At One, and your estimation of him will rocket.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May stepped down as Tory leader. The Brexit Party came up short in the Peterborough by-election. US President Donald Trump visited three countries. RTÉ Europe Editor Tony Connelly, London Correspondent Fiona Mitchell and Deputy Foreign Editor Colm Ó Mongáin look at a busy (but surprisingly calm) week.
After a long break the Remainernow Podcast is back. Our host Chris Pram chats to Chris Harris from Oxfordshire about his leave vote in 2016 and why he has changed his mind and is now fighting brexit.
It’s a big one this week as the redoubtable DOMINIC GRIEVE MP – former Attorney General, unbowed People’s Vote advocate... /
Who REALLY won the EU elections, the #DeniedMyVote scandal, the ruins of Labour and the Tories… / After the EU parliamentary elections turned into a straight-up showdown between the Remain bloc and the Brexit Party, who’s in charge now – and what’s left of the Tories and Labour?
The team run down what the Tory leadership hopefuls have planned to solve Brexit and tackle The Donald's visit to the Palace. Meanwhile Geri digs deep into another confusing week for Labour.
Chris, Tanja, and Axel Antoni offer a first take on last week's European election and its aftermath before examining in a bit more detail what led to the disenfranchisement of many EU citizens who were denied their vote, and what can be done about it.
The UK Prime Minister announced that she is to step down on June 7. How did the long goodbye unfold? Who will come next? And what will it mean for Brexit?
A wave of support for populists and Greens has disrupted centrist parties across the EU. Daniel Boffey considers what it means for the bloc and Brexit.
Richard Porritt, Steve Anglesey and Geri Scott ponder another chaotic week in Brexit. The team tackle the PM's worst week yet and ask the big question of the day: Will Nigel Farage make it to space in a Tesla? Meanwhile Geri brings all the milkshake lobbers to the yard and demands: "Stop throwing drinks!" And, of course, another Brexiteer of the Week is crowned.
A plot to kill a Labour MP and a police officer was only disrupted after an informant within the neo-Nazi group National Action blew the whistle. Robbie Mullen passed the details on to Hope Not Hate’s Matthew Collins.
Negotiator and trade expert Dmitry Grozoubinski explains the reality of No Deal. / What’s in the WAB and has any May idea ever died quite so quickly? Final learnings from the EU Election campaign that everyone pretended never was. The pros and cons of milkshaking. Astroturfing for fun and profit.
In Gary Gibbon’s latest Politics: Where Next podcast, he talks to David Gauke MP, Secretary of State for Justice, on Brexit, where Boris Johnson may take the Tory Party and his U-turn nationalising management of offenders.
It’s Euro elections week and lots of us STILL don’t know who to vote for. On Friday 17 May we brought together people from the key national parties who are hunting the Remainer vote to make their pitch in semi-hustings format. London MEP candidates DINESH DHAMIJA (Lib Dems), LAURA PARKER (Labour) and JAN ROSTOWSKI (Change UK) plus AMELIA WOMACK (Deputy Leader of the Greens for England and Wales).
As the EU Election clock ticks remorselessly down to zero we’re joined by the New Statesman’s political editor STEPHEN BUSH. / What will Labour’s “all things to everyone” stance to do its vote? How do we fight the Brexit Party’s “all rage, no content’’ politics? Just how screwed are the Conservatives?
Richard Porritt, Steve Anglesey and Geri Scott return for a round up of another week on Planet Brexit. While Master Chef wannabe Richard cooks up a treat Geri and Steve tackle the headlines.
Andy voted Remain but was not particularly engaged in politics. But something prompted him to become an activist and launch a huge and growing grassroots campaign providing a platform for people who voted Leave. / Chris finally does his homework on the Spitzenkandidat procedure.
Richard Porritt, Steve Anglesey and Geri Scott round up another bonkers Brexit week. / The team analyse the start of the campaign to become Tory leader and Change UK leader Heidi Allen speaks to Geri.
How did a sweeping local elections vote for Remain parties become an instruction to “just get Brexit done”? / ALEX SOBEL, the pro-People’s Vote Labour MP for Leeds North West, joins us to unpick the spin around a vote that saw both Labour and the Tories receive a bloody nose – and then try to explain it away.
RTÉ's Europe Editor Tony Connelly joins the gang from Romania where EU leaders are discussing the post-Brexit future.