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With the legality of prorogation being tested in the crucible of the Supreme Court, we welcome Good Law Project director and Remain legal vanguard JOLYON MAUGHAM QC to the studio to discuss exactly what’s at stake. / What does the Lib Dems going broke for revoke mean for future dealings between the Remain parties?
Johnson says he has a deal that might fly but he won't show it to anyone yet, because it's too soon isn't it? [turns head, stares at camera]. / Is the EU losing patience? Xavier Bettel looks as if he has. ... Plus we have a half-hearted go at a making verbal Jon Worth flowchart on the fly - what are the scenarios from here on out? And - we can dream - what happens the morning after revocation?
The [Yellowhammer] documents themselves outline that there are risks to the supply of medicines - but do not set out the detail of how those risks have been mitigated, and what doctors and patients should do to plan for the possibility.
The man leading the constitutional charge against Boris Johnson talks to Prospect about Brexit, the courts and what happens now.
Boris Johnson stands accused of lying to the Queen amid calls for him to go. John Bercow, one of the most colourful protagonists of the Brexit drama, is to quit as Speaker of the House of Commons.
The “distinguished”* legal expert DAVID ALLEN GREEN joins us to explain the consequences of the Scottish Court of Sessions’ bombshell ruling in a little extra Remainiacs for one week only.
As the Prorogue Leader’s plans fall apart at the first hurdle, we look at the fallout of The Week It All Went Wrong. Will a silenced Parliament speak louder than an active one could? Does Johnson have any real power left? And will there be anything remaining of the Tory Party ... / Plus BRIDGET PHILLIPSON, Labour MP for Houghton and Sunderland South.
This week, in an episode recorded before parliament returned after the summer (and the chaos that led to) Lisa talks to Chris about her original leave vote due to anger at austerity and the need to help the NHS to someone who is now a very active anti Brexit campaigner.
Richard Porritt and Steve Anglesey return for another deep dive into the putrid pool of British politics. / The pair argue over whether it was a good week for Remain and get under the skin of Dominic Cummings.
Brexit Republic is back, to delve into the unprecedented convulsions wracking the British political system. In his first tangle with parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suffered a sequence of embarrassing defeats.
Westminster returned from it’s summer break and with it the “Rebel Alliance” sought to stop no-deal Brexit from being possible for the new PM Boris Johnson.
The Johnson-Cummings plan is in bits on the floor of Parliament and Bojo’s jolly mask has well and truly slipped. As the petulant boy king threatens a General Election he can’t deliver, the Remainiacs team gather with special guest and journo Jonathan Lis of think tank British Influence to work out what happened and what it all really means.
Things are moving far too fast to wait ’til next Friday. Ros Taylor, Alex Andreou and guest David Allen Green gather in the studio to look at the legality of prorogation, the chances of beating it in the courts or elsewhere… and the poor performance of Her Majesty The Queen. Or was it?
The moment of truth is finally here. Johnson-Cummings have decided it’s necessary to destroy parliamentary sovereignty in order to “save” it. But the Remain Alliance finally has its act together — and the numbers to stop No Deal.
Let’s parlez Brexit! The Prime Minister went to Paris and Berlin and all he got us was this lousy imaginary Backstop fix. What was the purpose of Johnson’s Euro drive-by and what’s going to happen when it turns out that you can’t fix in 30 days what hasn’t been fixed in three years? Plus rock’n’roll Remainiac and national treasure GUY GARVEY of Elbow ...
If Remainer Conservatives and Lib Dems can’t swallow their notion of Jeremy Corbyn, Interim Prime Minister, who CAN they agree on? Exactly how would we get to our Government of National Unity anyway? How long would it last? Why there is no Season Finale Reset Button for Article 50. What would the Remain Dominic Cummings do?
This week Chris chats to Mike, a courier from Kent. He had little interest in free movement in 2016 and was fed up with austerity and voted leave. However, a lot has changed in 3 years and he has now completely flipped and now wants further EU integration.
The gang despair at the prime minister's planned shut down of parliament and Geri celebrates her final podcast before pastures new.
The team tackle the doomsday Yellowhammer predictions, Boris Johnson's European jaunt and pen their own Brexit poetry.
After a long absence, Steve is back co-hosting the podcast and here we all are again: parliament versus executive. Does Cummings have a grand strategy? Or is Johnson flying by the seat of his pants and about to crash? After a long evening watching Parliament TV, we catch up with each other and wonder where this shaggy dog story will go next.
This week: Why Dominic Cummings is putting out information chaff to create the impression of activity. Which good Remainy cause are YOU going to donate your shiny Brexit 50p to? Would Paddington Bear be rejected for Settled Status? Why are the Brexiters placing their faith in the WTO and Trump just as Trump is trying to neuter the WTO itself?
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn finally makes his move to stop no-deal, the prime minister takes to Facebook and we ask: can you trust ANY opinion poll? Labour’s leader finally makes his move to stop no-deal, the prime minister takes to Facebook and we ask: can you trust ANY opinion poll? Plus the worst Brexiteers of the week.
The headlong rush to an end nobody voted for, and why No Deal is a man-made asteroid strike. ... Linguistic programming as Johnson drills the buzzphrase “undemocratic backstop” into the national mind. ... Ingrid – our secret agent within the Tory Party – finally succumbs to Stockholm Syndrome. The Government’s snappy 1,400 page No Deal for small businesses.