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A distraught Brexit voter is comforted by James O'Brien, who tells him not to blame himself because of the 'sheer weight of influence and bogus information' inflicted on him which contributed to his decision.
On the third anniversary of Britain’s departure from the European Union, this caller says he blames himself and Boris Johnson for voting to leave. / A James O’Brien caller expressed his regret over voting to leave the EU back in 2016.
Voters in Boston – the place with the highest Leave vote in the UK – have expressed regret about backing Brexit.
The only way the UK can gain economic growth is by 'rejoining the EU,' says LBC caller.
More than two years after Brexit, British fishermen are angry. They were promised more control over fishing rights in British waters, but what they’ve gotten is reduced income. Many of them voted Leave, but now they feel they’ve been let down.
British fishermen catch over fifty different species but unfortunately, British taste buds are largely restricted to salmon, cod, tuna and prawns. So 70% of British-caught fish is exported, mostly to EU customers. When Britain leaves the EU, British fishermen fear they could lose free access to their biggest market.
Richard Corbett, former Labour MEP, linguist, author and fluent and well-informed speaker will explain the background to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal and discuss the fallout. There are numerous consequences of Brexit which are not receiving sufficient publicity. Leaving the EU came at a huge cost to the UK economically, culturally and in terms of our standing in the world.
Mr Perkes, has admitted he “got it wrong” when he voted to leave the EU
LBC caller who once voted for UKIP told Shelagh Fogarty he now "deeply regrets" the decision and votes for Liberal Democrats.
The heartbreaking moment a Leave voter broke down in tears and apologised for backing Brexit is at number four in James O'Brien's top 10.
Journalist Peter Oborne admitted to James that he had made a mistaken analysis. Now he thinks that fellow Brexiteers must swallow their pride and think again.
A compilation of #remainernow videos.