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Philip Hammond - Tariff free trade deals would only contribute a tiny amount to our GDP... so we must quash "this myth that third country trade deals will solve all our problems"
UK automotive industry puts the record straight on ‘no deal’ Brexit impact, as Parliament debates the meaningful vote.
"Forget the fiction... it's absolute nonsense. It needs to be called out."
The 'tariff nerd' received thousands of retweets after debunking the MP's claims.
This article, circulated widely on social media at the time of the referendum, claimed in error that EU tariffs starve African farmers. Since then it has been updated with an errata explaining its stated facts and conclusion are wrong. No tariffs are paid except on weapons. / NOTE: This article has now been removed from CAPX. We've linked to a copy from the WayBackMachine web archive.]
Unfortunately, both points raised by Jacob in this clip are incorrect. Firstly there isn’t a 10-year window under WTO rules that allow us to retain on our current trading arrangement with the EU.