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Scottish fishing representative made renewed plea for a 'grace period' and for EU customs posts in Scotland to reduce bureaucratic delays being faced by exporters.
BORIS Johnson’s “Brexit Freedoms” Bill poses a direct threat to the powers of the Scottish Parliament, the deputy first minister has warned.
YES supporters gathered in Edinburgh on Saturday to voice support for Scotland’s place in the European Union as an independent country.
France's former ambassador to the UK Sylvie Bermann tells LBC that Brexit had "no advantages" and that facts were presented as "scaremongering".
"Brexit is a huge issue for the industry right now,” she says. “We’ve all seen the headlines with perishable goods being held up at the border and confined to landfill."
Covid, Brexit and a legal wrangle have "slowed" some of the progress of the £315m Inverness and Highland City Region Deal, according to a new report.
House of Bruar, the Perthshire clothing, food and tourism emporium, has warned that the “true effects of Brexit” are still to be felt despite predicting a return to pre-Covid trading.
MUSICIANS and artists need visa-free access to EU countries to enable them to tour once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, Scotland’s Culture Secretary has argued.
MASSIVE airport queues on the continent after the EU brings in new visas for British citizens this year may contribute to a wider sense that "Brexit is not working" a report this week will warn.
The party's constitution secretary said the SNP would be pushing for a second independence referendum- despite a ruling from the Supreme Court that the Scottish Parliament had no power to hold a plebiscite.
THE “sheer scale” of uncertainty created by Brexit is proving extremely challenging for fishing and farming businesses, MSPs have been told.
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has said voting for her party in the upcoming European parliamentary elections will send a clear message that Scotland is not for Brexit.
Scottish voters are electing a new parliament this week, and again the pro-independence party SNP is expected to win. The vote could lead the way to the disintegration of the United Kingdom.
The SNP is likely to win a resounding victory in the Scottish Parliament elections. How long can London hold off a second independence referendum?
The industry may become one of the starkest examples no-deal folly, with those dependent on EU markets facing devastation.
A SCOTTISH business has ceased all international trade after its owner said the impact of Brexit led to long waiting times, missed parcels and exorbitant costs.
Data from HMRC shows that the value of Scottish exports has fallen by more than £2.2billion in the past two years.
Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson told the event an independent Scotland could be a ‘bridge’ between the EU and the rest of the UK. /
CAMPAIGNERS have vowed to step up their fight to protect the NHS after a legal bid to prevent it being “on the table” in post-Brexit trade deals was voted down by Tory MPs.
Brexit is a disaster for the United Kingdom. Given the risk that it will now lose Scotland and Northern Ireland to secession, the country seems to have accepted the idea of Great Britain turning back into “Little England.” Britain is that rare lion that chooses to become as small as a mouse.
The major Finnish newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, has published a long piece entitled “The Sixth Nordic country”. It’s about Scotland. Finnish readers learned that “gradually England and Scotland have been drifting apart, almost like tectonic plates,” and asked the question whether, after independence, Scotland’s new friends “could… be found from Finland and other Nordic countries?”
ALISTER Jack’s claim that the Scottish Border is “little more than a sign” indicates he needs to read up on the history of the country he represents, according to a leading historian.
ALISTER Jack has been told to apologise to the people of Scotland for the "unmitigated disaster" of Brexit as he faced angry MPs in the Commons.
THERE is “no desire in Scotland to have membership of the EU”, Scotland Secretary Alister Jack has claimed despite significant evidence to the contrary. / "So does it come as a surprise to the secretary of state that a poll last year showed 69% of Scottish voters want to rejoin the EU?”
The Scottish secretary claimed that 'most Scots' realised their 'home was in the UK, not the EU'. / The SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford cited a new poll which suggested almost 70% of voters wanted to rejoin the EU.
THEY say a week is a long time in politics – and this week has certainly felt it! Intent on further undermining the devolution settlement and Scottish democracy, the UK Government is pushing ahead with its flawed Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill later today.
WATCHING our new and returning MSPs get into Holyrood and start work has been great to see, and the contrast between Scotland’s two parliaments last week was thought provoking than most.
As the parliament in Westminster continues its descent into anarchy you could be forgiven for thinking that British politics has reached a state of such utter dysfunction that it may never recover. Thank God then for Scotland which - in an increasingly lunatic world - looks like it will emerge from the morass of Brexit with its dignity intact.
ANAS Sarwar has admitted that Brexit has been a "disaster" for the UK economy - but said he won't back another referendum on rejoining the EU.
Seafood sector representatives have said exports have "slowed to a trickle" amid what is described as a Brexit "export crisis".
THERE have been no advantages to leaving the European Union, the Constitution Secretary has said on the second anniversary of the end of the Brexit transition period.
The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill to scrap European laws was introduced by the UK Government on Thursday.
Already we are seeing clear signs. Businesses are once again increasingly quoting Brexit as their major challenge. Exports to the EU are down.
A “sea-change in attitude” is needed from the UK Government if Scotland is to be given a meaningful role in future Brexit negotiations with the EU, a minister has said.
A SCOTTISH commercial interior fit-out and refurbishment contractor has cited Brexit issues among the reasons it ceased trading.
North Ayrshire MP Patricia Gibson has blamed Brexit after new figures revealed the shortage of European doctors in the NHS.
A SCOTTISH business has revealed how it missed out on a whopping £50,000 worth of EU funding due to Brexit.
BBC Scotland has broken its silence as the questions around its policy of reporting on Brexit mount. / The broadcaster has come under fire in recent days after it aired an interview with the president of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Scotland, Martin Kennedy.
SOME of the biggest names in the country’s cultural scene have put their names to a “Declaration For Independence” that calls for Scotland to take its place on the world stage.
Ian Blackford suggested that the UK's proposed trade deal with Australia would send 'farmers down under'.
"The UK government’s decision to further delay the introduction of border controls on imports from the EU is a bitter blow to Scottish farmers and the Scottish food and drink industry."
BORDERS Buses is facing a “major” recruitment issue as fears mount that there will not be enough drivers to meet demand.
THE SNP have slammed Boris Johnson for “betraying” Scottish farmers over plans to go ahead with a tariff-free trade deal with Australia.
Boris Johnson has come under fire for reportedly telling a virtual meeting of Conservative MPs that devolution had been a "disaster" in Scotland.
THE number of people supporting Scottish Yes Tories, who are advocating Scottish Conservative 1 Alba 2 in the Holyrood election, appears to be on the rise thanks to the two Bs – Boris and Brexit.
BORIS Johnson said he would opt for the Union over Brexit when asked which he would choose when he was quizzed at a Tory Party hustings last night.
Leaked details show officials have drawn up early feasibility studies for two bridges spanning the Irish Sea.
The SNP is on the rise once again in Scotland and nationalist parties in Northern Ireland outnumber unionists for the first time in history.
If he refuses a referendum that Scots have voted for, there would be no lawful way to leave the UK. The implications are huge.
Boris Johnson has laughed off claims that he's planning “planning to throw our farmers and crofters under the Brexit bus” over trade negotiations with Australia.
BORIS Johnson has been accused of having his “greedy eyes” on Scotland’s NHS after he appeared to threaten the Scottish Government’s powers over it yesterday.
A couple of points are worth observing already. Nearly six years on from the Leave vote, the supposed opportunities of Brexit remain entirely conspicuous by their absence. And ramping up the rhetoric by claiming “immense opportunity” does not change this reality.
Prime minister Boris Johnson is planning to 'love-bomb' Scotland with a £5 million advertising campaign to attempt to save the union.
However, when Johnson was editor of the Spectator magazine in 2004, he sparked outrage in one part of the UK, when he authorised the publication of an apparently satirical poem describing Scottish people as "a verminous race" who should be exterminated.
Boris Johnson has formally rejected a call for a second independence referendum in Scotland, claiming such a vote would result in “political stagnation”.
Boris Johnson once called for Scottish people to be blocked from becoming prime minister because "government by a Scot is just not conceivable."
Boris Johnson has been warned his prospective free trade deal with Australia could “decimate” the British farming industry, as opposition parties unite against a zero-tariff agreement.
New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s big tour of the U.K. saw him booed by EU supporters in Wales and heckled by nationalists in Scotland. Northern Ireland’s fractious parties then told him that his Brexit plans were reopening old wounds.
Boris Johnson’s free trade deal with Australia could cause devastation on a scale with the Highland Clearances, a former Scottish Government minister has claimed.
Eight-year-old Murray Gray, from Edinburgh, must fund £1,300 in cannabis oil shipments from Holland every month to battle life threatening epilepsy seizures
Dr Philippa Whitford, MP and eminent breast cancer surgeon, shares her concerns for the future of our NHS following Brexit. Recorded in front of a live audience at Arran High School Theatre on Friday 13th September 2019.
Border checks between Scotland, England and Wales could be required because of varying food standards after Brexit, academics have warned.
North MP Jamie Stone has accused the UK government of living in a "fantasy land" over Brexit and its impact on trade with Europe.
BUSINESSES in Scotland have been branded the “least confident” in the UK after sentiment plunged from its peak at the end of 2021, a new survey has found.
SCOTLAND should have its own ferry route to the European continent to bypass the “shambles” Brexit has created on the Kent border, an SNP MP has said.
MORE than one-third of small businesses in Scotland say the long-term impact of Brexit is a more pressing concern than climate change.
In what follows, a group of leading social scientists explore these themes, explaining what has happened in the past, the situation the UK finds itself in now, and the issues that might confront us going forward. The collection is intended as a guide to the big questions confronting the country in the years to come.
Brexit and the pandemic have been blamed for a shortage of vets that is leading to increasing numbers of surgeries having to close their doors.
VACANCIES tumbled by nearly 30 per cent in Scotland’s key financial services sector last year, as Brexit, Covid and the climate emergency constrained activity.
However far less attention has been given to the considerable impact Brexit has had on devolution and the relationships within the UK between its constituent parts.
THE UK made history by leaving the European Union. Now Brexit threatens the archaeology work that links us to our past as experts are blocked by red tape, it is claimed.
Goods worth nearly £3.5 billion are awaiting completion in Scottish manufacturers’ warehouses as key parts, ingredients and materials are delayed because of supply-chain issues fuelled by the pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Brexit, a survey has found.
MULTIPLE groups are planning co-ordinated action in the lead up and on the third year Brexit anniversary. / Time for Scotland and Yes for EU both have action planned to follow the theme of light.
Animal health bodies have welcomed the government’s U-turn on its plans for scrapping swathes of retained EU legislation, which could have wiped out 44 animal welfare laws.
Philip Rycroft, the former Permanent Secretary for the DExEU ... discusses the 2016 EU referendum, the possibility of Scotland gaining independence
Leaving the EU has hardened the divisions between the U.K.’s constituent nations and there’s a growing sense that things will come to a head.
Scottish rural economy minister Fergus Ewing said the sector was being decimated by the pandemic, Brexit and tariffs.
Brexit has dealt a blow to Andrew Duff’s business. His burgeoning sales of high end Scottish beef to Europe are on hold because his business is too small to navigate the post-Brexit customs border for now.
THE UK's decision to break away from the EU cost service exports more than £110 billion over a four-year period, new research has shown.
BREXIT has made the task of rewilding Scotland more difficult, the chief executive of a leading conservation charity has said.
Keith Brown challenged pro-Union parties at Holyrood to explain how they would reverse "the dismal downwards trend" caused by the UK leaving the EU.
A FAMILY with settled status in the UK has told how confusion over post-Brexit immigration rules left them struggling to return to their home in Scotland after a Christmas break.
The SNP claimed a "triple whammy" of Brexit, the pandemic and US tariffs had hit Scotland's most valuable export hard.
The people of Scotland must be given a choice about their future given the damage inflicted by Brexit, Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson has said. / Marking two years since the end of the transition period to leave the European Union after 47 years of membership, Mr Robertson highlighted the negative impacts Brexit continues to have on Scotland’s economy.
BREXIT has impacted the performance and safety of “lifeline” aviation services on Scotland’s west coast, transport minister Jenny Gilruth has warned.
rexit is still influencing constitutional issues in the UK, with ‘Remainers’ increasingly unhappy with and mistrusting the government, an event discussing the National Centre for Social Research’s (NatCen’s) British Social Attitudes report has heard.
GDC research finds that eight in 10 of EEA-qualified dental professionals in UK are intending to leave because of uncertainty.
WELL, the cat is out of the bag. Brexit visionary Nigel Farage has finally admitted the truth – that Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster for households and businesses across these islands.
Scottish small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fear the impact of Brexit on their businesses more than firms in the UK as a whole, according to a new report.
Scots expats are worried about their right to stay there, their careers and a lack of information.
Scottish fishermen who took their trucks on a protest convoy to London this week have said they did not back Brexit - but are now paying the price.
Scotland’s constitution secretary has warned the UK government’s so-called Brexit Freedoms Bill poses a renewed threat to devolution.
Liz Truss’s pledge to review and possibly scrap all EU-derived laws by 2023 is a big threat to environmental and consumer protection, even where those measures have been put into Scots law.
THE Tories’ chaotic Brexit project has already cost Scotland £3.94 billion, according to a new report from experts at Warwick University.
As we count down to Christmas, let’s reflect on the impact Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit has had on Scotland and the UK.
In an exclusive interview with the Record, Dr Arianna Andreangeli tells how the NHS has further deteriorated since Brexit. / Scotland is facing a crisis in its National Health Service due to Covid and Tory austerity - but Brexit has caused further deadly delays in our hospitals.
A report from the Royal Bank of Scotland shows a near-record high number of vacancies with plummeting applicants.
Brexit has hit "almost every exporter in manufacturing and engineering" in Scotland, it has been claimed.
BREXIT, coronavirus and legal challenges have “slowed” progress on the £315 million Inverness and Highland City Region Deal, a new report says.
A Holyrood committee is to carry out an inquiry into how Brexit has impacted on devolution.
Work to establish the real impact of Brexit on council services has been commissioned by Midlothian Council to give ‘clarity’ to the situation.
SCOTLAND’s Remain voters are shifting in favour of independence because of Brexit, according to recent polls.
ONE-THIRD of voters are more likely to back independence in a future referendum as a result of the UK Government’s “power grab” Internal Market Bill, according to the super-sized poll commissioned by Progress Scotland.
Nicola Sturgeon described Brexit as an “unnecessary and unforgivable act” that is damaging Scottish businesses and causing food shortages.
Record View says the Tories must be punished at the ballot box for the chaos they have inflicted on the whole country.
The latest annual British Social Attitudes survey throws the spotlight on rising nationalism in both Scotland and Northern Ireland.
NICOLA Sturgeon has said Brexit is making recruitment of oncologists and radiologists "more challenging" as she was pressed on NHS waiting times by Douglas Ros at FMQs.
Significant housing and staffing problems in the tourism sector across the strath are the result of 10 years of hostile environment policy, MP Drew Hendry insists. / He has been meeting with local operators to discuss their plight, and has spoken this week about the difficulties tourism companies now face after Brexit.
Ex-PM joins fellow former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith in raising concerns over the potential break-up of the United Kingdom.
The Scottish Government has signalled its intention for Scotland to re-join the EU as an independent nation. / Brexit has been labelled as an “ongoing, cumulative calamity” – one year on from the UK cutting ties with the EU.
Accounts reveal Brexit-related labour shortages have hit business in Ayrshire and Aberdeenshire.
Powers passed to help in dealing with the impact of Brexit are being used for the first time to ensure Scotland’s drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union.
The powers ensure that Scottish drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union.
Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary Mairi Gougeon was speaking ahead of an inter-governmental meeting on the two-year anniversary of Brexit.
There is a "desperate need" to reform immigration rules to address crippling staff shortages in Scotland's food and drink sector, industry leaders have said.
STAFF shortages in the health and care sector are pushing the NHS to breaking point – and they are in part the result of a “reckless” and “cynical” decision by the UK Government to push through a hard Brexit in the midst of a pandemic.
The UK’s decision to leave the EU trading bloc has left many small- and medium-sized farm businesses struggling to cope with extra customs checks and red tape.
Salmon farmers are, like all of us, anticipating the arrival of the United Nation’s COP26 conference in Glasgow later this year and are actively engaging with the Scottish Government’s target of net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.
A Scottish shellfish firm has warned it is on the brink of bankruptcy as delays continue at ports following the introduction of post-Brexit red tape.
BREXIT has heaped pressure on Scotland’s nurseries with a third of EU staff leaving the sector since 2018, a new report has found.
Potato industry says it will take years to fill gap in Irish potato seed market following ban on UK seed.
SCOTLAND's salmon industry is facing "acute" labour shortages due to Brexit despite average salaries of £36,000, business leaders have warned.
Stockpiling ahead of Brexit was one of the main reasons for the Scottish economy growing.
The potential threats of Brexit to Scottish farmers continue to 'vastly outweigh' the potential opportunities, NFU Scotland has warned one year on from UK withdrawal.
Scottish firms have been “thrown to the wolves” over the post-Brexit trade chaos at cross-channel ports and the situation may worsen, MSPs have been warned.
Scotland’s Constitution Secretary has said trade problems in the wake of the Brexit deal are “far more than teething troubles”, as he urged the UK Government to take a more co-operative approach with the EU.
BREXIT has triggered a rise in anti-Scottish sentiment in England, according to academics who have uncovered a “surprising” number of experiences of hostility south of the Border.
Brexit is likely to impact on the cost of living, according to an Inverness-headquartered firm.
Our fundamental values of democracy, human rights and the rule of law are under direct threat. The next election has to produce a different outcome, and we'll get it by holding the prime minister accountable
THE co-founder of an arts project bringing a star symbolising the UK’s "lost place in the EU" to Scotland says Brexit is “falling apart very quickly”.
The paper, commissioned by the Scottish Government, identified 137 potential impacts.
Scotland’s rural affairs secretary hit out at the UK leaving the EU two years on from the finalisation of a deal to leave the bloc.
Some of these are hopefully short-term issues and can be recovered from. Another problem, however, is contributing to the hardship faced by Scottish households and will do so for the long term: Brexit.
NEARLY two-thirds of Scottish businesses which trade with the European Union have experienced “negative” or “very negative” impacts on this activity since the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31, a key survey reveals.
The Scottish Government paper claims Brexit is damaging business, migration and devolution itself, with External Affairs Secretary Angus Robertson (below) insisting “Scotland has to consider its future path” when the coronavirus pandemic is over.
An Inverness publican has revealed he will soon be forced to charge £5 for a pint of Guinness – but not by choice.
The European Commission report says this is “likely the result of honey produced in other countries and further blended in the UK before it is re-exported to the EU”.
THE Scottish Government will not be asking its staff to stop using the word Brexit after the UK Government introduced new rules.
UK hauliers of perishable goods are wanting to be prioritised at the port crossing into Europe, complaining that long wait times are causing products to go bad.
A NEW interactive map detailing how each area of Scotland will be affected by Brexit has gone live.
Here are five of the outcomes that have been in the news so far this year.
The British economy is beginning to understand what it is to be tipped over the cliff edge. Cries of alarm and distress flares are going up across the length and breadth of the country, and from industries as diverse as fishing and finance and from pigs to paint.
In January 2020, as Britain was about to exit the EU, a post appeared on the London School of Economics (LSE) blog musing about the mechanism and conditions that might apply if Britain ever wanted to re-join.
Brexit has led to an expected loss of £3 billion a year to public revenues in Scotland, the Scottish Government has claimed.
Panelists discuss the ongoing challenges in the post-Brexit process, the prospects that Northern Ireland and Scotland could leave the United Kingdom via referendums, and the possible implications for U.S. foreign policy in the United Kingdom and Europe.
So how is it going? In economic terms, the past year has helped differentiate the impact of Covid from the impact of Brexit. / Doing so has exposed a hefty price being paid by many firms, as well as public service employment, for dislocation of Britain from its nearest neighbour's trading bloc.
Under the government's Brexit plans, thousands of laws and regulations are to be scrapped or rewritten by ministers with no proper scrutiny.
ONE of Scotland’s staunchest Brexiteers has blasted Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit immigration plans, warning they will be “catastrophic” for fishing industry.
BREXIT is already having a “tangible and harmful impact” on people’s quality of life and on businesses, according to a new Scottish Government analysis.
It's seven years since the Brexit vote cast a shadow over Scottish farming and the absence of a new domestic agricultural policy means many of the worst fears are being realised.
This is an edited version of the Julian Priestley Memorial Lecture delivered by the author on 7 May 2021.
With its economy in tatters, England is not having its finest hour. It is a time of transition for the United Kingdom... /
THE concept of Britishness has becoming increasingly fragile after Brexit and the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the prospect of the UK remaining united is “pretty poor”, according to an academic.
The impact on hard-pressed Scottish businesses - already reeling from covid lockdown - that has emerged as the biggest Brexit fail.
THE European Commission is to explore ways for Scotland and Wales to stay in its ground breaking Erasmus student exchange programme, The National can reveal.
Business owners have blamed Brexit for a staffing crisis on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile as the tourist season is set to get under way.
Some food and drink companies have seen their income shrink by as much as half. / Scottish businesses are losing millions of pounds because of the soaring cost of exporting to the EU in the wake of Brexit.
An Ipsos poll suggests that most people think Brexit is going worse than expected.
SCOTTISH ministers have halted the construction of a customs checkpoint started as a consequence of Brexit because they say Westminster has so far declined to pay for it.
A Caithness fish exporter has revealed how post-Brexit bureaucracy has resulted in shipments of fresh produce taking up to three days longer to reach vital European Union markets.
This week, Steve and Chris are in conversation with Alyn Smith MEP about Brexit, devolution, subsidiarity, federalism, nationalism, and sweeties.
Scotland’s engineering sector is being battered by Brexit fallout and “urgent” action is required to avoid further damage, industry leaders warned today.
A Scottish customs clearance house that would allow seafood and fish exports to flow faster into Europe should be established at ports, MSPs have been told.
UK Government urged to set out how much money will be made available to Scotland as part of Shared Prosperity Fund.
The future of the Erasmus programme in Scotland is under threat with fears the UK’s participation could end once it leaves the EU.
ONE third of Scots say empty supermarket shelves and closed petrol station forecourts boost the case for Scotland to restore freedom of movement with the EU as an independent nation.
David Macdonald says he is ‘doing the unprecedented’ to shore up the remain vote. / The top Change UK choice in Scotland for this week’s European elections has written an open letter to his fellow party candidates urging them to consider following his lead and voting for the Liberal Democrats or other remain parties.
'If things continue as they are the remain vote will split in Scotland', he says. / One of Change UK's lead European election candidates has quit to back the Liberal Democrats over concerns the new party could split the Remain vote in the upcoming contest.
Scotland farmers say the festive tradition could be the latest casualty of supply issues caused by Brexit currently plaguing the nation.
Action to turbo-drive pro-Europe campaign gets enthusiastic reception from big audience in Glasgow.
‘Scottish public have shifted even further towards supporting an independent Scotland, with record numbers now saying they would vote Yes’
A year after leaving the EU, the real costs of Brexit are becoming clear to many West Lothian businesses. / SNP group leader, Councillor Janet Campbell, has told how Brexit costs are adding to every facet of daily life, from medicines to door locks.
Scottish and Welsh governments seek answers about programme’s future from UK education secretary. / The Scottish and Welsh governments have written to the UK education secretary to raise concerns about the future of the European student exchange programme after Brexit.
The UK construction industry has been one of the major losers from Brexit according to the president of Dundee Institute of Architects.
BREXIT secretary Michael Russell says failing to halt the exit from the EU during the coronavirus pandemic will leave the UK facing an “economic Stone Age” while the rest of Europe recovers.
UK fishermen started the year in buoyant mood believing EU quotas would soon be scrapped. But coronavirus has dampened spirits. With Europe — their biggest market — in lockdown, the industry faces oblivion.
Exports of Scottish salmon fell sharply last year after being hit by the Covid pandemic, according to new figures.
The artisan brewing business based in Kinloss, Morayshire, founded by Heather McDonald, has suffered “unsustainable cash flow problems” arising from the rapid contraction of the global hospitality and licensed trade industry and problems and costs for exporters arising from Brexit.
SCOTLAND is suffering a shortage of up to 48,000 hospitality workers as a result of the impact of Covid and new immigration rules following Brexit, according to an industry body.
MOST of Scotland’s visitor attractions still have “survival” and not “recovery” as their priority, with a “staffing crisis caused by Brexit” compounding challenges arising from a lack of international visitors, a key survey shows.
No matter how much the UK Government tries to make a virtue of Brexit, the decision to quit the European Union and so curb the freedom of people from the bloc to live and work on these shores continues to haunt one of Scotland’s most important industries.
The owner of Crieff Hydro said a recruitment crisis exacerbated by Brexit is harming the hospitality sector’s recovery as he seeks to fill 75 jobs.
The transport secretary is urging the UK Government to ensure that time-sensitive exports such as Scottish seafood can still reach mainland Europe if there is a no-deal Brexit.
A HAUNTING tale of Brexit and rising energy bills has left a Dalgety Bay firm in need of a helping hand to secure its future.
The harm done to Scotland’s economy, trade, population, education and governance by Brexit is becoming increasingly clear, a new paper finds.
DANISH broadcasters have said “vi elsker dig” – we love you – to Scotland in a special Valentine’s Day message.
THE UK Government has been accused of “clumsy control-freakery” after a letter sent to the devolved nations insisted that London be informed of all contact with the EU.
Brexit is now a reality: since the start of this year, the United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union. In Scotland, which voted against leaving the EU in 2016, there are intense debates about when and how the Scots can re-join the continental bloc. However, Scotland could only do that by becoming an independent country, a prospect that could be closer than we think.
Scottish politicians react angrily to PM calling it Tony Blair’s ‘biggest mistake’
RURAL affairs ministers from Scotland and Northern Ireland have written to the UK Government raising concerns about the impact of the Australia trade deal on domestic farmers and producers.
Policy on devolved issues should return to the Scottish Parliament on the day the UK leaves its Brexit transition period with the EU, according to a committee of MSPs.
“If these proposals involve changing the law in devolved policy areas, then pressing ahead without the consent of the Scottish parliament would demonstrate yet again the UK government’s intent to undermine devolution," a senior Scottish minister has said.
A Scottish Government ban might be hamstrung by post-Brexit UK internal market regulations which it's claimed would be a 'democratic outrage'.
uthorities fear that new border checks introduced following a no-deal Brexit will slow down traffic through the nearby port of Cairnryan
Donald Trump was a staunch supporter of Brexit. But his Scottish golf resorts is where he draws the line. / The former president’s U.K.-based golfing havens have lost more than $5 million in the last financial year.
Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says there is still work to be done after Brexit – but does not see it as an “electoral issue”. / Since the UK officially left with a deal this year, key sectors such as seafood have been caught up with delays and red tape.
DOUGLAS Ross has been heavily criticised for “betraying” the Scottish fishing industry after he took part in a leaders’ phone-in earlier today.
SCOTLAND'S salmon industry has called for urgent action to tackle Brexit-related delays at Dover, with concerns over fresh fish being left to “rot in lorries”.
Although a narrow majority UK-wide (not, of course, in Scotland) voted for Brexit, many have already realised it was a grave mistake. It is the biggest economic, diplomatic and ­constitutional mistake in the history of the ­United ­Kingdom. It is likely to be proximate cause of the ­United Kingdom’s ultimate ­collapse.
“If Westminster maintains its control, recent history shows what Scotland can expect: an economic recovery hindered by a hard Brexit that is already taking a significant toll and the continued, systematic undermining of devolution, which is weakening our parliament’s powers to maintain food and environmental standards and protect the NHS from post-Brexit trade deals."
An award-winning East Lothian chocolatier has warned that his family business is being devastated as he tries to deal with Brexit rules during the coronavirus pandemic.
Brexit and a lack of drivers has forced a local authority to delay introducing a new recycling scheme after bags were held up in port.
A council officer said projects where contracts are yet to be agreed are "more at risk" as councillors heard how 'increasing numbers of goods and services are proving challenging to procure'.
Shona Campbell, insolvency partner at business advisory and accountancy firm Henderson Loggie, has been appointed as liquidator of Holoxica, the holographic 3D visualisation company. / "Global supply chain issues, changes in trading conditions because of Brexit and the pandemic have created cashflow challenges for the company," the liquidator said.
An Edinburgh restaurateur has blamed Brexit and lockdown struggles for the “heart-breaking” decision to permanently shut a popular Morningside restaurant.
A STRIKING torch-lit procession will lead protesters to a rally at the Scottish Parliament to mark the third anniversary of Scotland’s forced removal from the EU.
Toy shop owner Donald Nairn has been warned to expect stock shortages in the run-up to Christmas.
A NEW poll has indicated that almost half of Scots think Brexit has “gone badly” and has pushed some towards supporting independence.
EU citizens and their family members have less than 50 days left to apply for their pre-settled and settled status to continue residing legally in the UK after June 30, 2021.
The acclaimed artist's new work, Song Of The Union, is a constantly changing, seven-channel sound piece intended to "give voice to EU citizens living in the UK who were unable to vote in the 2016 Brexit referendum," according to the press release.
A former military airfield in Dumfries and Galloway will be used as an emergency lorry park if Brexit causes disruption at Cairnryan.
THE chair of a major campaign to get Scotland back in the EU has pledged to work to make sure the “complete disaster” of Brexit will not be “brushed under the carpet” at the next General Election.
Constitutional Relations Secretary Michael Russell has called for an investigation into reports that EU citizens were unable to vote in the EU Parliament elections.
EU nationals, living in Scotland, discuss having to register to stay in the country they call home.
EU citizens experienced a ‘less hostile’ atmosphere in Scotland during referendum.
A toolkit to support EU citizens who wish to stay in Scotland.
FINGERPRINT checks set to be introduced on the EU border could cause significant disruption to holidaymakers, industry experts have warned.
SCOTS have bid farewell to the European Commission's Edinburgh base after it posted a video showing the removal of its EU flag. / While the European Parliament is set to keep its Scotland office beyond Brexit, the Commission will no longer operate from Edinburgh's Alva Street.
SCOTLAND was big news across Europe. Major media outlets from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and other EU countries headlined with comments by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and the latest opinion poll which confirmed growing majority support for Scottish independence.
A SENIOR German politician has given her support for an independent Scotland joining the EU – further undermining a plot by UK Tories to block the new state from being a member.
A TOP European economist has said it would be “inconceivable” for the EU to reject an independent Scotland’s membership.
'UNRELIABLE, unpredictable, and untrustworthy" – that's the way Europe now views the UK, according to a new expert report.
Campaigning for Aberdeen's future in Europe. We're stronger, safer and more powerful together.
Europe for Scotland 29/04/2021
We are Europeans from across the continent and around the world. / We want the people of Scotland to know that Europeans everywhere would welcome them back in the European Union if this is still their democratic wish.
Presiding officer Ken Macintosh said the flag will come down at 11pm on January 31, when the UK leaves the EU.
Our goal is membership of the European Union. We campaign to promote the European Union and Scotland’s fullest possible participation now and for the future.
If you are as appalled, as we are, by the continuous deluge of half-truths and misinformation served up by the Eurosceptic press and political parties come and support us!
The European Parliament has decided to retain an office in Scotland after Brexit.
The agreement on management of key shared stocks secures the fishing rights of both the EU and the UK fleets until the end of 2021.
All EU Member States make contributions to and receive funding from the European Union budget. This process is governed by an agreement called the Multi-annual Financial Framework (MFF). The current framework covers seven years, from 2014 to 2020.
EUROPE will welcome back Scotland with open arms – that’s the message of a stirring new video that has captivated social media users.
SCOTS business owners, academics, trade unionists and anyone with an interest in the matter have just a few days left to make their feelings known formally about the UK Government’s determination to ride roughshod over devolution.
BREXIT triggered a “culture of lying and corruption” which will not go away even if Boris Johnson is no longer Prime Minister, according to a former UK Government civil servant.
IT'S one of the most commonly trotted out Unionist scare stories – claims that an independent Scotland would not be permitted to join the European Union. It just became even harder for Unionists to pretend that this is really the case.
A DEAL for Scotland to access the EU single market is “not in the least bit likely” despite the new post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland, experts have said.
THE CLAIM: "Any country joining the European Union must have a fiscal deficit at 3% or below. With the Scottish deficit at almost 8% the SNP must outline how Scotland could join the European Union as an independent country."
BREXIT is to blame for conditions that caused a Scottish blueberry farmer to donate his £3 million crop to charity, according to an SNP MP. / Peter Thomson, who has around 60 acres of blueberry bushes on his farm in Blairgowrie, announced that it was no longer economically worthwhile for him to harvest the crop due to the value of the fruit falling by around £1 million this year.
Increased costs and delays to paperwork are being blamed for discouraging Eastern European workers coming to Scotland.
Scottish farmers could lose £170m by 2025, with Welsh and Northern Irish ministers also critical of new regime.
Farm incomes could fall by more than a half because of post Brexit trade deals, according to a new report. / The Scottish Government have published figures revealing the impact of Free Trade Agreements the UK Government have signed with countries like Australia and New Zealand in the agricultural sector.
A HIGHLY criticised Brexit consultation that has raised fears Scotland will be flooded with so-called Frankenstein foods ends on Wednesday.
The post-Brexit collapse in EU student recruitment is threatening course sustainability at world-famous institutions such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), according to higher education (HE) leaders.
UK GOVERNMENT plans threatening nuclear and radiation safety laws in a “Brexit bonfire” have provoked resistance from regulators and trade unionists, opposition from Scottish ministers, and alarm from campaigners.
CAMPAIGNERS have raised concerns the UK Government’s plans for replacing European funding will fail to deliver for Scotland’s rural and island communities.
Depopulation has become a “significant” problem in areas from the islands to rural areas all over the country outside the central belt. / Poor ferry services, ongoing road issues, Brexit and immigration were all blamed during a Holyrood debate on Wednesday.
A Fife man named the UK’s best champagne retailer says the impact and commercial challenges of Brexit is leaving the company feeling flat.
BREXIT and the pandemic have left Fife Council short of everything from timber, bricks and plastics to food, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and microchips – and the disruption is "likely to get worse".
Working to help keep Fife in the EU. Non partisan, any Brexit is not as good as no Brexit.
Officials on the Orkney Islands, a corner of Scotland with Viking roots and an independent spirit, seized a moment in the global spotlight on Tuesday and voted to explore ways of seeking more autonomy — or even independence — from neglectful U.K. governments.
He was booed in Scotland. In Wales, a chicken submitted to his embrace, but politicians held him at arm’s length. And in Northern Ireland, there were rumblings of Irish unity — which could only come at the expense of its ties to the rest of the United Kingdom.
NICOLA Sturgeon has said she will request UK Government consent for another referendum on Scottish independence before the end of the year.
The Welsh and Scottish governments have said they will work together to try to keep the UK in the European Union.
Between Rockall and a hard plaice: Fishing rights are at the centre of a post-Brexit fight for maritime territory.
Boris Johnson’s “sea of opportunity” promise to fishermen has turned into a “nightmare”, with hundreds of thousands of pounds of sales lost due to new red tape, the SNP’s Westminster leader has said.
THE UK Government has been told it must take urgent action to address the “very real, practical” problems facing the Scottish fishing industry in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.
SALMON producers are calling for the creation of a cross-Border government task force to stop Brexit buckling business.
This year, a new demand will be popping through the national letter box – the cost of Brexit. As parts of the UK are already finding out, the Prime Minister’s promise to “Get Brexit Done” has become, “Get done by Brexit”.
ON June 24, 2016, global markets were in turmoil, David Cameron was resigning, Trump was emboldened, and three million EU nationals in Britain were facing an uncertain future in a country that had just told them via the Brexit referendum they were no longer welcome. We were two of them.
NICOLA Sturgeon was completely unimpressed as a Tory MSP suggested Brexit has nothing to do with the Scottish Parliament during FMQs.
Food shortages caused by Brexit give boost to the case for Scottish independence, according to polls.
Scotland's food and drink industry is warning of price rises and potential shortages when new Brexit rules on imports come into force in April.
I WAS struck last week how little notice was paid to the fourth anniversary of the Brexit referendum which took place last Tuesday.
A FOUR-NATIONS fightback against Boris Johnson’s proposed trade deal with Australia is to be hammered out next week.
A SCOTTISH firm which has been sending gifts worldwide for the past eight years has lost a tenth of its business because of Brexit.
The SNP has branded the Tory UK Government as 'dangerously out of touch with Scotland's fishing sector' after the Tory Prime Minister refused to accept the damage Brexit has inflicted on the industry.
Export firms point to post-Brexit delays around health certificates, IT systems and missing customs papers.
It's a long old way from Scotland down to London...and it can be expensive to get there too. We would like to get a good presence to the march on 23rd March but some are unable to afford the journey even though they are desperate to go. It is really important that Scotland is represented especially as WE VOTED REMAIN!
The UK Education Secretary has refused to rule out the possibility Westminster will use its post-Brexit powers to impose tuition fees on Scots students.
INCREASING support for independence, the upcoming Holyrood election and Scotland’s removal from the EU are the focus of several news stories across Germany this morning.
Gibraltar is in talks with Scotland about a plan to keep parts of the UK in the EU, BBC Newsnight has learned.
Billy Coull, co-director of the Gowanbank Crisis Support Centre, said he is "very concerned" about the effect of Brexit on supermarket stocks and the upcoming cut to Universal Credit.
Black Hearted Press (BHP), which which was set up in 2011, became one of the countries leading publisher of comic books and graphic novels. It has now announced its sad closure.
A JEWELLERY maker has told how Brexit has made it harder to sell to customers in Ireland than those 4000 miles away in America.
Concern has been raised by the boss of a Glasgow firm that a lack of information is preventing the kilt being hired by ex pats living in the European Union.
Touring musicians coming to Scotland are still struggling with "massively damaging" visa issues in the wake of Brexit, Labour's shadow culture secretary has claimed.
A GLASGOW restaurant has said that Brexit is one of the reasons it has been forced to close.
A sheriff has ordered the Brexit Party to pay just over £22,000 in unpaid invoice expenses to an advertising company based in Glasgow.
Bloc manager Chris Cusack has warned that Scotland is "haemorrhaging touring acts" due to Brexit rules and complications with documents that are leaving them out of pocket.
Non-partisan Glasgow-based group working for retaining closest links with EU. An affiliate of European Movement in Scotland.
GLASGOW'S music scene has been recognised as one of the world’s best and has birthed some of the finest musicians, from Simple Minds and Wet Wet Wet, to Mogwai, Deacon Blue and Belle and Sebastian.
The UK government hopes to "unpick" Scottish devolution "under the cover of Brexit", according to the country’s Constitution Secretary.
THE Scottish Greens have said they want to work with ferry bosses at Calmac to set up new links between Scotland and Europe.
Richard Haass, president at Council on Foreign Relations, discusses the state of Brexit amid a change of leadership in the U.K.
Votes set to take place at Westminster after Holyrood backs revoking Article 50.
NICOLA Sturgeon has been urged by one of her predecessors to make a direct request to the European Union for a Scottish-only extension to the current transition period in order to protect the country from dealing with a No-Deal Brexit while fighting the coronavirus pandemic and an economic recession.
THE value of Scotland’s exports to the EU has fallen by billions since Brexit, with every one of the country’s 32 local authorities being affected.
HOME Secretary Priti Patel is being asked to visit businesses in the Highlands to see first-hand the recruitment crisis facing tourism and hospitality as a result of Brexit.
AS the Highland tourist season comes to an end, some hotels are closing early due to lack of staff. If the effects of Brexit are not mitigated by seasonal visas, next summer could be even worse, say workers.
Highlands & Moray group. We believe that the EU is a force for good & UK & Scotland should be full members of the world’s most successful grouping of nations.
THOUSANDS of construction workers are needed in Scotland, according to new figures from the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).
Bosses at one of Scotland’s oldest smokehouses have accused the UK Government of “gross incompetence” in a furore over post-Brexit exports of Scottish seafood.
First poll would be on principle of independence - with second ‘yes’ vote on outcome of negotiations required before Union is broken up.
Scottish and Northern Irish parliaments condemn deal in symbolic votes as Westminster backs it
On the first official day of campaigning in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections, polling expert Sir John Curtice considers the "intense" battle for every vote ahead of polling day on 6 May.
SNP MSP Jim Fairlie will lead a Members’ Business Debate today on the threat a tariff-free trade deal with countries like Australia will pose to Scotland’s farmers and agriculture sector.
SCOTTISH Tory MSPs refused to recognise the impact of Brexit on Scotland during a Holyrood debate yesterday – and defended the UK Government’s decision to leave the Erasmus scheme.
THE Home Office has blocked Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish visa pilot which would have allowed businesses in remote and rural communities an exemption from UK immigration rules over hiring EU and other foreign nationals.
SCOTTISH and Welsh government ministers have today revealed how the Home Office has kept them waiting for 15 MONTHS for urgent Brexit talks.
SNP ministers are opposed to a third “home rule” option in a future independence vote.
One of Scotland’s top cancer experts is considering moving a major research project abroad amid political turmoil and warnings that a Brexit-linked impasse over EU funding will starve universities of talent.
Plant supply has been tough, while Glendoick's field-grown ericaceous plant exports have been hamstrung by post-Brexit rules not allowing plants with soil on them to go to EU countries. However, Northern Ireland is back in the market after Westminster decided to break EU rules and allow exports.
From antibiotics to cancer drugs, The London Economic can reveal the full extent of the medicine supply crisis gripping Britain.
A thriving fishing industry in Scotland has quite suddenly stopped functioning, and the catalyst is unarguably Brexit.
We’re still only seeing the start of the changes Brexit will bring to the seafood industry (and, in truth, the entire food and beverage sector). In the coming years, there will be continual changes as we adjust our operating model and there’s no clear view on when it will settle down.
As A&E wait times seem to hit new record highs with every passing week, the issue of blocked beds (or delayed discharge) comes more and more into focus. But what is often excluded from the picture is Brexit, which experts say has exacerbated the problem.
A road trip through the ancient past and shaky future of the (dis)United Kingdom. / The grim reality for Britain as it faces up to 2022 is that no other major power on Earth stands quite as close to its own dissolution.
With political chaos brewing in Northern Ireland because of trade rules, a related threat means that post-Brexit UK market rules could stop Scotland setting higher environmental standards than other parts of the UK.
Even the best-prepared companies with solid export and import experience have had to contact Scottish Engineering for advice on a raft of complex issues arising from Brexit, the industry body’s chief executive has revealed.
Losing access to European security arrangements post-Brexit "will only benefit criminals", Scotland's justice secretary has said.
Ian Blackford has claimed the proposed trade deal with Australia could see farmers and families “driven off the land”.
LOUD were the cheers of the pro-Brexit media and the Brexiteering public on social media when Lord Doherty pronounced yesterday morning that he was not prepared to grant an interim interdict that would have effectively suspended the Queen’s prorogation of parliament.
Nobody should pretend that the damage of Brexit can be fully mitigated, according to Nicola Sturgeon.
Scottish independence offers the only way back for the country to rejoin the European Union, the Scottish Greens have claimed.
ACTIVISTS in Edinburgh have kicked off the third anniversary Brexit events with action outside the UK Government Hub.
THE SNP have said “independence is the only way to keep Scotland safe from the long-term damage of Brexit” as new figures show UK food and drink exports to the EU almost halved in the first quarter since Brexit.
Neil Gray’s comments came after Nicola Sturgeon unveiled her plans for the economy in an independent Scotland on Monday, with the third in a series of papers designed to refresh the prospectus for an independent Scotland.
SCOTS may face a referendum on the European Union post-independence under plans currently being considered by the SNP, according to reports.
AN independent Scotland would be first in line to rejoin the European Union, according to an expert from the London School of Economics.
A vote for Scottish independence would automatically be a vote to rejoin the European Union, Scotland’s constitution secretary has said.
A no-deal Brexit could “break the backbone” of Scottish fishing, industry insiders warned as they revealed contingency plans were still being drawn up with just six weeks to go before the scheduled departure date.
Four months ago, Alasdair Hughson issued a stark warning about the impact of Brexit on Scotland’s seafood industry.
A protest against the UK Internal Market Bill will be held outside the UK Government’s headquarters in Edinburgh today.
An international petition has been launched aiming to secure Scotland's European future. / The new project is calling for Scotland to be part of the conversation around EU enlargement ahead of the European elections next May.
Crippling import costs faced by an Inverness retailer were raised during an exchange at Westminster. / Inverness SNP MP Drew Hendry highlighted the costs faced by Oil and Vinegar importing goods from the EU during the exchange with UK Trade Minister Andrew Griffith.
Irish Consulate returns to Cardiff as Brexit looks set to kickstart new and diverse relations.
SEet up offices in every European capital to prepare for independent Scotland's re-entry into the EU, a leading Irish politician has urged the Scottish Government.
The case for Brexit largely rested on the assumption that the United Kingdom is a unitary nation-state in which the people give effect to their will through a unitary and all-powerful Parliament. In this post, Michael Keating (University of Aberdeen) uncovers the shortcomings of such an approach and asks whether Brexit marks the end of the first of two unions?
Business leaders have called for greater support for Scotland’s stricken high streets as a famous clothing retail brand trading for 189 years is to close.
The First Minister is to speak with Italy's Ambassador Raffaele Trombetta this morning in Edinburgh at the start of his two day visit.
We are stuck in the Tory game of make-believe that everything is coming up roses in an English country garden. The reality is that following Brexit the rest of the world looks at England with a mixture of perplexity, pity, and amused contempt.
Hotel and restaurant staff are travelling hundreds of miles to pick up produce as Britain’s lorry driver shortage leaves supplies stranded in warehouses, industry leaders say.
Jeremy Hunt has been accused of trying to boost his Conservative leadership campaign by withdrawing Foreign Office (FCO) support for Nicola Sturgeon’s overseas visits.
"We had a bad leak which means kitchen, pub etc needs refurbished and builders being held up with supplies due to Brexit so we are are at the mercy of this so please bare with us."
JOANNA Cherry has accused Boris Johnson's Government's of a "power grab" over plans to limit the use of a legal procedure successfully used by Brexit opponents.
A “RECORD high” number of people believe Brexit was a mistake, according to the latest polling.
THE UK’s leading election expert has predicted Brexit could provide the crucial moment for renewing the drive for indyref2 in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.
Devolution is being “hollowed out” by Boris Johnson, who secretly wants to take back powers from devolved parliaments, John Swinney will claim.
Documents seen by Channel 4 News reveal that the Treasury and Department for Transport have been asked for advice on possible costs and risks.
Last week, Scottish ministers warned that Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill contained a “loophole” that could decimate the country’s ports and fish processing sector.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Monday that Britain would be weaker if the union that binds its four nations were broken - his latest rejection of a growing push for Scottish independence.
Experts says PM’s proposal for bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland fraught with problems.
Boris Johnson was responding to SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford's call to respect the convention that UK legislation which affects Scotland should have Holyrood's consent.
Alf Young, the distinguished Scottish business and economics journalist, writer and broadcaster, is to chair a workshop on 21 October looking at the challenges Scotland’s hospitality and culture sectors face in the wake of Brexit.
The next instalment from Phantom Powers Journey to Yes series features philosophy professor Anthony Grayling who campaigned for the No argument on 2014.
ONLY a quarter of Scottish farmers are optimistic about the impact Brexit will have on the industry, a survey has found.
Ex-Scottish Labour leader to focus on restoring faith in fact-based politics.
Former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale has quit the party over its stance on Brexit, the BBC has learned.
The party’s former leader in Scotland is expected to confirm her decision within days. / Kezia Dugdale, the former Scottish Labour leader, is expected to quit frontline politics after becoming increasingly disillusioned with the party’s stance on Brexit.
A Kilmarnock-based interior fit-out and refurbishment contractor with a 24-strong workforce has gone bust.
The major Adam Smith Theatre renovation in Kirkcaldy has gone £1.7 million over budget due to Covid-19 and Brexit.
RECENT polls have suggested that opinion on independence versus staying in the UK is split almost 50:50. And once Boris Johnson and a possible "no-deal" Brexit are added into the mix, support for independence moves into the lead.
MORE than a year after the UK fully withdrew from the EU, an Edinburgh business owner has revealed he still spends countless hours on admin just trying to get items to and from Europe.
A SCOTTISH hotelier has flagged fears in the sector over a fall in visitors from mainland Europe during the crucial summer period – blaming Brexit uncertainty.
A SCOTTISH firm has revealed how it was forced to abandon all trade with Europe after Brexit hammered the “nail into the coffin” of its export business.
BUDDING Largs businessman has revealed how Brexit red tape left his new venture in tatters - and pushed him to the brink of a mental breakdown.
The Withdrawal Agreement Bill is set to be the first time in the history of devolution that both Scotland and Wales refuse to give consent.
The UK Government has been accused of a "deliberate and premeditated attack on devolution" after leaked documents appear to show it hid key parts of Brexit planning from the Welsh and Scottish governments.
Glasgow Loves EU invite you to come and join us to mark the sad occasion of our official leaving time from the European Union.
Scottish ministers are under fresh pressure to boost student exchange links with the EU as frustration grows over Britain’s post-Brexit Turing Scheme.
A DUTCH city has marked its solidarity for post-Brexit Scotland by replacing the Union Jack flag with a Saltire.
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has today written to the Prime Minister about the role of the devolved administrations in talks on the future trade relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.
Peers will launch bid to block legislation until it’s been approved by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
THE UK Government failed to heed warnings over the damage Brexit would do to Scotland’s food and farming sectors, despite “clearly being aware of the consequences”, a Scottish minister has said.
Eligible farmers will be able to borrow up to 95% of their Basic Payment Scheme 2019 payments.
The Scottish government has launched a loan scheme aimed at helping crofters and farmers recover from the impact of Brexit and the Covid pandemic.
This research identifies areas of Scotland that are expected to be most vulnerable to the consequences of Brexit, and what drives those risks to support local authorities and other organisations in understanding local risks around EU exit.
The cracks across Britain that appeared at the start of Brexit have begun to widen over the past few days. Scottish leaders are renewing a push for independence, the fragile agreement over Northern Ireland is falling apart, and Britain is reeling under price rises pushed up further by Brexit.
A TORY peer has said that Scotland will “almost certainly” become independent in the next decade, which he claimed would be a “constitutional and political tragedy”.
Scotland’s Rural Affairs Secretary has called on the UK Government to engage more on future trade deals as the pact with Australia and New Zealand comes into force.
The head of a major seafood company in the Scottish Borders says Brexit has "more or less finished" his business.
New polling conducted by Lord Ashcroft finds first lead for independence since March 2017.
MOST SCOTTISH voters believe the UK is “no longer a fully democratic country” because of Westminster’s refusal to allow indyref2 under any circumstances.
A majority of Scots would vote to rejoin the EU in a future referendum, a new poll has revealed.
As we recover from the pandemic, the impact of Brexit – which we voted resoundingly against in Scotland – is becoming clearer by the day.
A MAJORITY of voters would now back Scottish independence, according to a landmark new poll carried out for the Scot Goes Pop blog and backed by The National.
Mike Russell wrote to Michael Gove, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, requesting a halt to the withdrawal process during the coronavirus pandemic.
IT should give nobody any satisfaction to say of the current deeply troubling disorder in Northern Ireland that it was, alas, not only utterly predictable, but constantly predicted.
Those of us who have been involved with Brexit almost since that fateful day, five years ago next month, when England and Wales voted to leave the EU, sometimes feel as Cassandra must have.
AS another Friday copy deadline goes past without an outcome from the EU/UK talks I have been reflecting on four and a half years of Brexit battling and preparing myself for the inevitable deep feeling of disappointment when the UK finally leaves transition in just under two weeks.
"THIS was the week when the EU stubbornly refused to collapse, yet again. Two much-publicised EU crises did not turn out as the hardline Brexiteers fervently hoped."
The impact of Brexit is beginning to be felt among the population of Midlothian, which is expected to be the fastest growing for the next ten years in Scotland.
Rural affairs ministers from Scotland and Northern Ireland write to the UK Government expressing their concerns.
MINISTERS have today unveiled plans to pilot a Scottish visa scheme to allow some businesses to recruit EU citizens and other foreign nationals following a shortage of workers in certain sectors post Brexit.
The company was set up in 2015 by businesswoman Heather McDonald and specialised in "100% natural, vegan-friendly beers".
An online study by Citizens Advice Scotland indicated 82% have concerns over the impact of Brexit.
Local MP Richard Thomson has highlighted a report from an All-Party Parliamentary Group which has found “unwelcome detrimental impacts on livelihoods” as a result of Brexit.
Drew Hendry stages protest as he warns controversial legislation will ‘demolish devolution’
24 MPs representing all four nations of the UK have written to Trade Secretary Liz Truss demanding proper parliamentary scrutiny of the upcoming trade agreement with Australia, amid concerns that the deal could put farmers around the country out of business.
Highlands & Islands MSP Maree Todd has spoken of the ‘devastating impact’ of Brexit on fish and seafood exporters across the region, which is leaving businesses on the ‘brink of collapse’.
Social security secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has urged the UK Government to be “sensible” and put tackling coronavirus before forthcoming Brexit talks.
BREXIT has caused the UK economy to spin in a "downward spiral", a north-east MSP has said.
A majority of MSPs today backed a Scottish Government motion demanding that Theresa May rule out a No Deal Brexit as the clock counts down until the UK departs from the European Union.
MSPs have refused to give legislative consent to the UK Government’s post-Brexit subsidy bill which would cause “further erosion of the devolution settlement”.
MSPs are set to pass legislation which would allow ministers to keep Scottish law in line with future EU regulations.
HOLYROOD has been urged to withhold consent to the UK Government's so-called Brexit freedoms bill. / The plans to scrap at least 2,400 laws carried over from the UK’s 47-year membership of the EU have proved controversial.
HOLYROOD has passed a motion calling on the UK Government to withdraw its plans for an internal market regime following the end of the Brexit transition period.
MSPs have voted to reject the post-Brexit trade deal agreed between the UK and the EU, calling instead for a "pause" in the process to reconsider.
A music festival due to make its debut in Perthshire this summer has been postponed for a further year.
A SCOTS musician and entrepreneur has told how the nightmare of Brexit has been a “bomb” in his life – leaving him unable to tour and posing huge problems for his online merchandising business.
"Hard facts rarely support the argument, common in the domestic fishing industry, that leaving the EU will somehow liberate the seas around the UK for the exclusive use of English and Scots vessels."
SCOTLAND'S two chief medical officers has issued a new warning of shortages to the supply of medicines in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit.
THE SNP have said new export figures should serve as a “wake-up call” that the Tories are not interested in securing a strong recovery for Scotland or the rest of the UK – as the reality of their hard Brexit continues to unfold.
MSPs said the deal should be a ‘first step’ to addressing the impacts of Brexit on devolution. / A Scottish Parliament committee has called for a new memorandum of understanding between the UK Government and devolved administrations following Brexit.
NEW data from the Office for National Statistics reveals the true extent of Brexit’s devastating impact on the Scottish food and drink sector.
Brexit and the pandemic has been blamed for the soaring cost of a new pedestrian bridge in Glasgow.
Support for Scottish independence has surged after Boris Johnson and fellow ministers visited the country to shore up support for the union.
An MPs’ report on the impact of Brexit on fishing has reignited a fierce debate over whether the UK’s departure from the EU was good or bad for the sector.
An independent environment watchdog has been established to make sure Scotland is meeting the highest standards on everything from pollution to wildlife conservation.
Whitehall is to bypass the devolved administrations and replace European structural funds with a centrally-controlled fund.
A NEW Unionist party has been set up in Scotland with the primary aim of abolishing the nation’s devolved Parliament.
Currently, seed potato exports from Scotland to the EU are not permitted due to the 2020 Brexit agreement failing to agree safety regulations for the product.
Northern Ireland's fishermen say they have been short-changed in a UK share-out of extra Brexit fish.
NI's fishermen fear they are going to be "mugged" by the government when it comes to the share-out of extra Brexit fish, it has been claimed.
‘To leave this successful developing market place makes no economic sense whatsoever,’ Scottish first minister says.
First minister says country needs strategy to tackle falling birth rate and Brexit impact.
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has held talks with European leaders as part of a visit to Brussels.
THE First Minister has marked Migrants Day 2020 with a “special message” to EU citizens living in Scotland.
Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon has ordered officials at the Scottish parliament to keep the European flag flying after the UK leaves the EU on Friday.
Nicola Sturgeon said there was "growing urgency" for Scotland to become independent "sooner rather than later".
“As is becoming clearer by the day, achieving independence is not now just desirable, it is essential if Scotland is to escape the disaster of Brexit.”
SNP leader claims PM’s refusal of second Scottish referendum shows contempt for democracy.
The agreement solidifies the pro-independence majority in Holyrood and says a new Scottish independence referendum will be sought in the first half of the parliamentary session - if the COVID-19 pandemic is over.
NICOLA Sturgeon has suggested that there may be “room for discussions” with leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak after it emerged that he backed holding indyref2 after Brexit.
During a Commons debate on the Tory Brexit deal, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon got stuck into the Conservatives over their broken Brexit promises to Scottish fishermen.
Support package launched amid concerns many in rural areas do not know they must apply for settled status.
First Minister announces 'biggest campaign on the economics of independence' in party's history.
NICOLA Sturgeon has told leaders in Brussels that she will use the powers of Holyrood to ensure Scotland keeps a close relationship with the EU.
NICOLA Sturgeon will tell Westminster to hand over the keys to indyref2 and put the vote “beyond legal challenge”, Holyrood has heard.
NICOLA Sturgeon will this morning unveil her “next steps” in a major address to mark Brexit and launch her bid to regain EU membership for Scotland as an independent country.
NICOLA Sturgeon says the appointment of hardline Brexiteer Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader underlines the need for Scotland to "have the right to determine our own future".
Five years ago today, a vote took place which sent shockwaves around the world. I’m talking, of course, about the Brexit referendum.
NICOLA Sturgeon has insisted that the HGV driver and fuel shortage crisis is a result of Boris Johnson’s “reckless” Brexit policy – and has called for the UK Government to “urgently revisit their entire post-Brexit immigration policy”.
We speak now to Scotland’s First Minister and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon. During this European election campaign Channel 4 News has asked to speak to the leaders of every main British political party.
Record View says the blame lies with Boris Johnson’s government, which was determined to push through Brexit whatever the cost.
The report by Scotland's chief economist makes a series of dire predictions.
SIXTY percent of Scottish voters believe support for independence will sky-rocket if the UK crashes out of Europe with No Deal, a new poll has revealed.
DESPITE promises of sunny uplands, no Scottish companies which export to Europe have benefited from Brexit, according to industry chiefs.
Scotland's public health minister, Joe Fitzpatrick, also described the lack of guarantees over medical supplies in the event of a no-deal as "completely unacceptable".
THE Scottish Government has requested several changes to benefits from Westminster to prepare for a No-Deal Brexit.
Gordon MP Richard Thomson has urged Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack to intervene on his Cabinet colleagues to force a change in the UK Government’s post-Brexit policies which he outlines are causing issues for food and drink sectors.
Aberdeenshire East MSP Gillian Martin has urged UK Government to involve Scottish agriculture and Scottish Government on trade decisions affecting the sector.
TEARS defined a day and evening of emotion as people from all over Scotland turned out in dreich weather for vigils marking the country’s unwilling exit from the EU.
THE number of EU students accepted on to a university course in Scotland has more than halved in a year, figures reveal.
The number of students from European Union countries in Aberdeen fell by 40 per cent after the UK left the bloc three years ago.
Businesses in Oban are struggling to find staff, causing a growing concern as the summer season approaches.
The EU accounts for more than 30 percent of Scotch whisky sales and some distilleries source inputs from member states.
“We were sold a lie by Westminster,” he said in a break in bidding at the market, one of Europe’s largest, but operating at less than one quarter capacity when The National visited.
BREXIT has slashed Scotland’s exports to the EU, pushed large and small firms to the brink of bankruptcy, created job losses, cost millions in lost orders and left fresh produce rotting in queueing lorries unable to get to European markets in time. And ironically the area of the UK to suffer most from Brexit is the area which wanted it least: Scotland.
A long-established Orkney seafood co-operative laid low by a number of factors including Brexit and supply issues has been rescued in a deal that saves 55 jobs.
Scotland’s finance secretary, finally, received a response from the UK government regarding replacement funding, lost due to the UK’s exit from the EU.
Downing Street has been forced to disown comments attributed to a senior Number 10 insider after they sparked outrage by questioning the impartiality of the Scottish judiciary.
THE damage of Brexit, widely anticipated in Scotland where it was soundly rejected, is now unleashing an avalanche of bad news for farming, the heartbeat of our rural community.
A Perth restaurant owner says Brexit and Covid related staff shortages has left him with no other choice than to close his business.
Perth for Europe is a local group established in January 2017 to campaign against Brexit.
A hotel had to close temporarily and lose potential income when there were not enough staff and all over Perth and Kinross there is a big demand for people to take up vacant positions.
The north-east fish processing industry could be relocated to Poland after Brexit, a trade expert has warned.
The charity behind the world-renowned Fair Isle bird observatory has been forced to return to the drawing board in its attempts to rebuild the centre, which was destroyed in a devastating fire nearly two years ago.
Ministers at Holyrood are still trying to find ‘additional space’ in the event that freight traffic bound for Northern Ireland had to be ‘stacked’ due to border delays.
Scottish first minister tells Guardian fresh poll impossible to resist should her party land majority next month
The SNP leader in the House of Commons tells Boris Johnson his plans are unworkable, unacceptable and undeliverable. He says that if the Northern Ireland assembly can have a veto on the Brexit plans, Scotland should get one too.
A UK-Australia trade deal would be the “final nail in the coffin" for Scottish crofters, Ian Blackford has said.
The SNP’s leader at Westminster said the Government will cut EU student visas to three years and that this would have a negative effect on people studying in Scotland as Scottish university courses often run for four years.
Emergency services to work with government agencies and councils to test readiness.
The figure has been released in a Brexit contingency planning report due to be discussed by the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) this week.
A new poll has found a majority of 52% in favour of Scottish independence. / The Lord Ashcroft survey also found a slim majority support holding indyref2 by 2021.
A MAJORITY of voters across the UK expressing a view support an independence referendum being held within the current term of the Scottish Parliament, according to a new poll.
Sir John Curtice warns Boris Johnson that "the pursuit of Brexit is indeed costing you support in Scotland".
A popular Glasgow coffee shop is closing, with its owners citing problems with Brexit, Covid-19 and rising costs.
Farm incomes could fall by up to 60% with job losses also predicted, a report looking at the impact of the UK’s post-Brexit trade deals on Scotland’s agricultural sector has warned.
Bureaucracy, paperwork, delays and confusion leaves Scottish producers counting the cost.
Scotland’s “blue economy” is set to lose out under the new funding regime brought in to replace support from the European Union, according to the Scottish government. Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing said the £14m annual budget allocated to Marine Fund Scotland (MFS) falls short of the £62m which would have been available under EU funding.
THE owner of an award-winning sustainable luxury fashion business has said she fears for the future of small firms as the impact of post-Brexit import tariffs begin to bite.
A NEW report has shown that the UK government’s prospective Free Trade Agreements are projected to only add between 0% and 0.16% to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product, up to fifteen years after their implementation.
Post-Brexit red tape is causing some UK exports to the EU to grind to a halt, industry bodies have warned, as the new rules that came into force at New Year begin to bite.
THE “Brexit effect” that resulted in empty shelves in shops last month and which was blamed on a lack of HGV drivers, could hit Scotland this coming winter with a shortage of drivers for gritting machines.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the “strength of the union” on Thursday, using a visit to Scotland to dismiss the possibility of a new independence referendum for a nation that is increasingly at odds with his government.
ADVANCE notice is given of an important online event to discuss how an independent Scotland could make its way back into the European Union.
THOUSANDS will gather outside the Scottish Parliament on “Brexit Day” – a week today – in protest against Scotland being dragged from the EU and to call for a second independence referendum.
NICOLA Sturgeon said the SNP is offering a message of “hope and optimism” as she launched the party’s European election campaign. / The First Minister also condemned the UK Government’s contempt for Scotland and urged Scots to send Theresa May a message with their vote.
He was leading the SNP's response in the debate on the meaningful vote. Wishart described the "isolating ugliness" of Brexit, and showed how Scotland has been shamefully sidelined.
AN independent Scotland should set a target of four years to get the country back into the European Union, according to a major report being published today.
Rishi Sunak claimed the UK offers a “very special status” to Scotland when challenged to replicate Northern Ireland’s “special” EU single market access for other home nations.
RISHI Sunak suggested holding a Scottish independence referendum after Brexit as he admitted it would be “hard” to block another ballot, unearthed comments from just five years ago have revealed.
Scotland's licensed trade sector has condemned sweeping alcohol tax changes brought in today under the Conservatives "Brexit Pub Guarantee" as "naive and fanciful".
A direct ferry link between Rosyth and Belgium would revive Scotland’s ties with Europe after Brexit, the SNP conference heard.
John Swinney accused the Tories of "no prior consultation, no engagement, no dialogue" on the issue.
RURAL tourism and hospitality businesses in Scotland face a “double whammy” of Brexit and Covid exacerbating labour shortages, MSPs have been warned.
The move will affect 500,000 passengers, with more than 300 jobs also expected to be lost at the airport. / Citing Brexit uncertainty and the subsequent threat to the Scottish economy - particularly within the aviation industry - the airline has advised it will cut 20 of its 23 routes out of the airport from November.
Aberdeen-based exporter John Ross says the last few months have been the company's hardest in 30 years.
Scotland’s salmon farmers have written to Conservative Party leadership contenders Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak ahead of tomorrow’s Perth hustings to highlight government action needed to support growth of the sector.
A Scottish seafood processing firm, which supplies fish to the Queen, says it is losing business because of labour shortages blamed on Brexit.
Walkers and climbers have picked Dundee to highlight a campaign to save Scotland’s hill paths after Brexit put an end to EU funding for trail maintenance.
Irish consumers and retailers have reported difficulties obtaining Scotch whiskies, as several distilleries and UK retailers pause EU sales post-Brexit.
THE SNP have accused the Conservative government of “shafting” Scotland as it emerged the European Union has awarded Ireland almost €1 billion (£850m) for compensation for Brexit, while Scotland has been given just £172 million from a UK fund set up to succeed a major Brussels scheme.
THE Scottish Government has warned the nation could be set to miss out on hundreds of millions of pounds if the UK Government breaks its promise to match EU funding post-Brexit.
SCOTLAND and Wales are to boycott a ministerial video conference with the UK after a Brexit extension was refused before a letter from the Scottish Government had even reached No 10.
Alternative programme is ‘lesser imitation of the real thing’, ministers claim.
“We declare that Scotland is a European country, embracing our common values of peace, democracy, human rights, equality, sustainability and solidarity. The clear wish of the great majority of the Scottish people is that Scotland should be within the European Union. We commit to working to bring this about, whatever Scotland’s constitutional status”.
An independent Scotland could act as a "bridge between the EU and the UK" and be a "magnet for global investment", Nicola Sturgeon is to tell SNP members.
Scottish Finance Secretary said a no-deal Brexit was 'utterly unacceptable'.
FEARS have been raised over the damage which could be caused by Brexit in less than two weeks’ time, as the clock ticks down on the chance for the UK to strike a deal with the EU.
A LEADING academic think tank will tomorrow release a report which shows that Scottish consumers will suffer “considerably greater losses” than those in London as a result of the impact of Brexit on the country.
Welcome to Scotland in Europe, a resource which I hope will inform the discussion over Scotland’s current and future relationship with our wider continent. It has never been more important to be well informed about matters European.
Welcome to Scotland in Europe, a resource which I hope will inform the discussion over Scotland’s current and future relationship with our wider continent. It has never been more important to be well informed about matters European.
A majority of the UK public now believe Brexit is causing more problems than it solved, according to a new survey.
THE Scottish Government could expand its presence in the Nordic and Baltic region with a new “Scotland House” hub, it has been reported.
Brexit is also impacting the tools pest controllers have readily available to tackle vermin as less companies opt to pay to put their products through UK-specific regulation processes.
SCOTLAND has received around £14 million less under the UK Government’s post- Brexit student exchange programme compared to the EU’s Erasmus+ scheme.
SNP leadership candidates faced off in the first of 13 hustings events to take place in the campaign on Wednesday in Cumbernauld.
John Swinney has blamed Brexit for causing a recruitment crisis in Scotland which he claims is impacting every sector of the economy.
SNP MP John Nicolson said Scotland is the only country that hasn’t got what it wanted after the Northern Ireland Protocol was finalised as he slammed "porkies" told by the Tories about Brexit.
Scotland will continue to have "direct" relations with EU states as the country seeks to re-join the bloc as an independent nation, Constitution Secretary Mike Russell has told MSPs.
SCOTLAND can expect Liz Truss's "hard-line" approach to the EU if she becomes prime minister, a Tory MP has suggested.
The Scottish government is using devolved powers to secure the rights of EU nationals beyond the end of June, as new figures suggest thousands of Scottish residents are likely to miss a crucial Brexit deadline to continue legally living and working in the UK.
Thousands risk having their lives ‘turned upside down’ as 30 June cut-off looms and backlogs remain.
POWERS passed to help in dealing with the impact of Brexit are being used for the first time to ensure Scotland’s drinking water aligns with standards set by the European Union.
With the change of leadership in the United Kingdom making a no-deal exit from the European Union seemingly more likely, Scottish authorities are fearful local products will lose their protected status under the bloc's rule.
‘If you ask me about our emotions, you will witness I think always empathy,’ says former European Council president.
COFFEE roasting is an industry that has been growing rapidly in Scotland over the last decade, but recent years have presented a series of challenges that have left businesses struggling to make ends meet.
Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop has requested an urgent meeting with the UK Government to discuss the impact of ending EU free movement on culture and creative sectors.
SCOTLAND's economy has taken a major hit while Northern Ireland has outperformed the rest of the UK while staying in the EU’s single marker, Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show.
A trial system designed to limit post-Brexit paperwork for fish exporters has been halted in a blow to Scotland’s salmon industry. / The digitisation of paper health certificates required for all fish and chilled food being exported to Europe was intended to save traders time as well as up to £3 milllion on paperwork.
A no-deal Brexit could threaten safe and effective patient care, a major Scottish health board has warned.
"EVEN before Brexit was official we were suffering the consequences of it. It was just like one great big negative PR for the UK.”
Scotland’s farm-raised salmon is renowned across the globe and here at home for being one of the most nutritious and sustainable products we can eat.
The unexpected outcome of the 2017 UK general election means that the UK Government lacks a clear mandate on Brexit and also that the Scottish Government lacks a clear mandate on holding a second Independence Referendum consequent to the material change in circumstance which will be brought about by Brexit.
In a symbolic, non-binding vote in Holyrood, Scotland's devolved parliament overwhelmingly rejected UK Prime Minister Theresa May's plan to exit the EU.
Scotland’s biggest firms have seen their share of UK innovation shrink by more than a third since the Brexit vote, despite a wider rise in research and development spend, new analysis suggests.
James Withers, chief executive of Scotland Food and Drink, said the situation is a ‘real crisis’ for exporters.
Tattie growing is a must for most veg growers and the quality of seed potatoes is pivotal. It’s long been recognised that Scottish seed potatoes produce more vigorous crops with higher yields than those produced almost anywhere else in the world.
The ripple effects are being felt across a wide range of sectors, from farming and construction to retail.
EXPORTS to the EU from Scotland have slumped by over £2.2bn since Brexit.
THE Scottish economy is “running on fumes” as the protracted uncertainty over Brexit continues to cause firms to put business investment on hold, a key survey has found.
As part of a week-long series on the disastrous impacts of Brexit in Scotland, the Daily Record visited fishermen in Peterhead who feel they were 'sold down the river'.
THE UK minister responsible for fishing rights has been urged to explain why a Scottish vessel was detained in France.
SCOTLAND is losing millions in funding as a result of Brexit, a Scottish Government minister has said.
SEAFOOD exporters are starting to lose hope in the face of post-Brexit red tape, MSPs have been told, while meat exports may never return to normal.
The Ethical Shellfish Company (TESC), based on the Isle of Mull, claimed they had been left with no choice after a period of poor trading.
CUSTOMS arrangements in the wake of Brexit are causing delays as “entire trailers” need to be checked rather than samples, members of the Scottish seafood industry have said.
SEAFOOD producers in Scotland have voiced disappointment as the UK Government launched its £23 million support scheme for the sector.
Chris Cusack, who manages Bloc in Glasgow, spoke out after German punk band Trigger Cut were blocked from entering the UK by border guards who ordered them to produce documents no one had previously informed them about.
SNP ministers have clashed with their counterparts in London in a row over Levelling Up and a £300 million shortfall. / Richard Lochhead said the post-Brexit Shared Prosperity Fund (SPF) would deliver just £212m to projects north of the border over the next three years.
Nicola Sturgeon says exiting the Brexit transition period at the end of the year would be "extraordinarily reckless".
The First Ministers of Scotland and Wales have written to Boris Johnson to request an extension to the Brexit transition period.
Unprecedented event will send 'strong message' to Westminster, minister says.
Shortage of vets is creating problems, industry group says. / Fish exports face extra red tape due to Brexit changes.