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Liz Truss has told six MPs she will not answer their questions in Parliament next week because they want to ask about the problems facing British exporters trading with Europe. I’ve led a cross-party group to tell Liz that sticking her head in the sand is just not good enough.
European Commission Maros Sefcovic has told @michaelgove that sweeping changes to the Protocol will not be possible, and that any flexibilities require the UK for its part to implement the terms of last December's NI Protocol.
“We’re in fits of despair.” Alistair Sinclair, of the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation, says his industry is struggling after the Brexit transition period came to an end and Boris Johnson needs to act.
'Sadly we need to suspend accepting orders for delivery to Northern Ireland with immediate effect. We know this will be disappointing for our NI customers. We just don’t have the resources to undertake the paperwork required. We are so sorry.'
Before Brexit, the owner of Cheshire Cheese Co was planning to invest £1 million and dozens of jobs in a Northern town. Because of Boris’ Brexit deal, he’ll be investing in France instead. So much for a ‘Brexit boom’.
Irish Foreign Minister @simoncoveney tells @Peston that checks required on goods coming into N.Ireland are causing disruption.
Vote Leave promised to “cut red tape” for the fishing industries. Now, one Oyster farmer tells @mikegalsworthy he can no longer export to Spain because of extra bureaucracy caused by Brexit.
So many stories coming out revealing that Brexiteers sold Brexit on lies and that reality of Brexit is turning out - just as experts had warned - to be a fiasco and an enormous act of economic self-harm for UK. I’ll keep track of some in this Brexit reality thread.
Welcome to the Modern world of BREXIT and the mess it brings , unbelievable that we find ourselves in this position, we need governments to cover our claims this week, we have lost thousands of pounds by doing nothing wrong.
"We're stuffed" - Brixham fish merchant Ian Perkes says he's unable to export his fish to France now the new post-Brexit rules and regulation have come into force.
UK tariffs on exports from Ghana were effected today due to Brexit. While both countries try to work out a trade deal, George Kporye, Corporate affairs manager of banana exporting firm, Golden Exotics tells me how the business is being affected.
"Europe has clearly won the battle for its own share trading" / Aquis CEO Alasdair Haynes, from London's second-biggest venue for trading European shares, says 99.6% of trades shifted to the EU overnight — "a spectacular own goal" for Britain post-Brexit
Here's Boris Johnson disagreeing with Boris Johnson about everything to do with the #BrexitDeal. We've got to get better at spotting dangerous liars.
Kevin Rudd (former Australian PM) - The idea the U.K. could do a quick FTA with India post #brexit is “the biggest bucket of bollocks” I've heard from the brexiteers so far.
Deal or no-deal, the cost of food is going to rise for businesses and very possibly consumers. Our business correspondent @pkelso explains why ingredients we take for granted today may become a little harder to come by if there is no #Brexit deal.