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US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi says that the prospect of a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal rests on maintaining the Good Friday Agreement.
"That is not true." @KrishGM challenges Conservative MP John Redwood's claim that "most of the public" want a no-deal Brexit.
Our Economics Correspondent @HeliaEbrahimi explains how no-deal Brexit preparations are impacting the UK economy.
Milestone hit a day and a half after Britain was originally meant to have left EU
They blame everyone but themselves: the very people who cooked up Brexit, sold it as all things to all people, and now cry betrayal when reality intervenes.
#Brexit stands as a cautionary tale to the people of Europe. We must never take peace and prosperity for granted. Value it, fight for it and defend it every day.
Channel 4 economics correspondent describes the consequences of a No Deal exit.
Latvian Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs says Leave voters were told "empty lies" during the referendum campaign.
[Theresa May] has allowed hardliners in the ERG group to hijack the government and hijack the country." Labour's Yvette Cooper says that "instead of reaching out", Theresa May has allowed Conservative Eurosceptics to set the Brexit agenda.
Please listen to Beate, who raised her family by basing their lives on the Freedom of Movement the EU provides. “The freedom to spread your wings” she says, “But when family needs you, you come home.” Now Brexit is blocking the way back and her family is #InLimbo.
Here is a FULL list of all the EU laws we were forced to adopt against our will since we joined the EU, all 72 of them, including such gems as listing Aspartine as a food ingredient and banning certain growth hormones linked to cancer.
'Do you think it's practical for us *the UK govt* to require/request multiple extensions?' / What does A50 have to say on the possibility of multiple extensions? / 'If you leave with no deal, you are no longer a member of the EU and you're treated as any other non member state.'
Please listen to Corinne, the “proudest non-British Brit you can imagine” as she describes herself before the referendum and hear about her struggles now and how she lost all sense of belonging since that vote.
I heard the debate on your show between @CatherineMEP and @Nigel_Farage this morning. Mr Farage falsely stated that we can "apply Article XXIV of GATT", and trade as now for two years.
Former European Commissioner Viviane Reding MEP calls out the false claims of the Brexiters. She absolutely nails it. We need more of this from our UK politicians.
"People have been thoroughly misled, over a long period of time, by a form of propaganda that believes the EU is evil" Conservative MP Dominic Grieve says many people calling for a "catastrophic" no-deal #Brexit have been led to believe "mad fantasies"
Another day, another Brexit blunder. This time all eyes are on Julia Hartley-Brewer who took the time out of her skiing holiday in Switzerland yesterday to tweet about free movement – and it backfired badly.
Terrifying ignorance by the ERG’s @ABridgen, saying UK can get ten years on zero tariffs to agree an FTA by “instigating GATT24”, being told by @NickBoles the WTO have already ruled out that option...