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We asked EU law specialist Professor Michael Dougan, about the frequent claim that remaining in the EU would mean getting involved in an "EU army".
I rebutted @DCBMEP's original thread. He deleted most of it and retweeted it here. So here's my original rebuttal thread on why he's wrong, slightly elaborated.
In this thread Steve Analyst reviews submissions from US businesses on their requirements for a US-UK trade deal including: lower food, contamination and safety standards; removing labels for traceability; admission of GMO; ...
The Attorney General explains in parliament that though there is no obligation in EU law to honour the £39bn commitment, there is in international law.
"Blame us. Blame Westminster. Do not blame Brussels for our own country's mistakes and do not be angry at us for telling you the truth. Be angry at the chancers who sold you a lie."
UK Govt say #SeaborneFreight contract awarded outwith normal procurement rules because of “extreme urgency” brought about by “unforeseeable events”. But Minister confirms #NoDeal #Brexit was foreseen ages ago & can’t say what unforeseen events were #ferrygate
One of the few times I've seen a Brexiter corrected on this issue. From 10 December. @AdamBoulton corrects Martin Howe QC from @lawyers4britain on his claim that most of our trade is done on WTO terms. He gets pissy. Note his final "yes it is, it's true!"
"I think you would mess it all up for us, the way you have messed it all up for yourselves."
1. The Withdrawal Agreement (WA) is not up for renegotiation / 2. The Political Declaration (PD) might be tweaked cosmetically / 3. The future relationship will be negotiated during the transition period / 4. There will be no transition without the WA 5. / The will be no WA without the Financial Settlement / 6. A backstop cannot be unilaterally ended or it is not a backstop ...
US Embassy staff discussing Brexit. They know Brexit is a disaster and that the British Govt are not telling the public that 52% voted for something that's likely to be "very very bad".
This thread examines claims made in this BrexitCentral article by Kevin Dowd regarding an alleged quintupling of tariffs on oranges from South Africa imported into the EU.
On @SkyNews yesterday: Single Market and Customs Union is what virtually every sector, organisation, university, NGO, hospital, trade union says they need.
Normally I do threads on official documents like legislation, or think tank papers, but today I have been asked to debunk viral online claims about the scary "Lisbon treaty 2022".