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Sajid Javid says existing technology can solve the Irish border problem - there are no examples of borders with the EU where technology has eliminated the need for any physical checks though.
After a question about Brexit, trade and the Irish border, Boris Johnson says there wouldn't be tariffs with the EU because the UK could rely on GATT 24 allowing tariff free trade. That's wrong - both sides need to agree a trade deal first.
It did not take much more than a basic level of scrutiny to expose his rhetoric for what it is - scaremongering.
"That's simply not going to happen. It's just so blindingly obvious" Commons Speaker John Bercow rejects the suggestion a future PM could try to end the current session of Parliament in order to push through a no-deal #Brexit.
I've been tagged in this because I was on #Newsnight on the same panel, but I wasn't asked to respond to this claim about Dominic Raab. So I thought it might be helpful to share the actual clip from the Panorama documentary referenced, showing Barnier talking about Raab.
I’m sad to say I predicted the #DeniedMyVote scandal months back, here I am in Strasbourg saying so. A group of MEPs is working on this now.
itizens from EU countries living in the UK are being turned away at polling stations across the country. #DeniedMyVote
Brexit Party candidate Mike Greene after a long pause: "I haven't gone into the detail of specific laws."
A no-deal Brexit will mean checks somewhere on goods travelling across the Irish border and a change of UK leadership won't change things. "Realities do not change. This is not a personality based issue"
It will be much harder for the UK to seek a US trade deal with a Trump administration that's more focused on trade wars."
"For us in those days, Europe really was a symbol of freedom, high standards, prosperity, modernity and security. And we have never been disappointed."
A few clips from this morning's @CommonsEUexit.
US House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi says that the prospect of a post-Brexit US-UK trade deal rests on maintaining the Good Friday Agreement.
"That is not true." @KrishGM challenges Conservative MP John Redwood's claim that "most of the public" want a no-deal Brexit.