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US Congressman @RepBrendanBoyle tells #newsnight
"There’s about 10 days of food in total. The kind of disruption the government is talking about today… will lead to gaps on the shelves within a week.” / Former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King tells @Emmabarnett why he thinks we should be worried about a no-deal Brexit
Dominic Grieve - Dominic Cummings is "simply wrong" about Parliament being able to stop a #NoDealBrexit on October the 31st.
Dominic Grieve says suspending Parliament to force through a no deal Brexit against the wishes of MPs would be "the end of parliamentary democracy" and "should be denounced".
"We've thrown away 50 trade deals (totalling 70 countries). That sort of thing is what makes us prosperous, greatest in world"
The Attorney General confirmed that in a No Deal Brexit, article 24 of GATT cannot be invoked unilaterally by the UK; and the EU can't and won't participate bilaterally. No Deal means the end of tariff free trade between the UK and EU - #Boris is wrong.
Here’s the clip of my intervention today in the European Parliament, #StopBrexit
“I’ve always argued that the only way you can get frictionless trade is to actually be in the Single Market.”
Marr: "Are you really prepared to look those people in the eye and say you're going to lose your job because I am going for a no deal?"
"EU is the most important defender of liberal democracy left in the world. This won't change just because Britain has a new PM"
Beyond Andrea Jenkyns' sound bites ... reality bites back: "The only countries that do trade with the EU just solely on WTO rules are Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus, Kazakstan, Russia and North Korea."
“A no-deal Brexit is a catastrophe and I will not go down in history as an MP who has facilitated it.” Conservative MP Dominic Grieve says, “It’s the moment when the national interest goes clearly in front of any party political consideration”
Emma Barnett interviews Daniel Kawczynski on Boris Johnson's claim about GATT Article XXIV. He doesn't know what it is but he's sure that Boris or Peter Lilley is right about it.
Sajid Javid says existing technology can solve the Irish border problem - there are no examples of borders with the EU where technology has eliminated the need for any physical checks though.
After a question about Brexit, trade and the Irish border, Boris Johnson says there wouldn't be tariffs with the EU because the UK could rely on GATT 24 allowing tariff free trade. That's wrong - both sides need to agree a trade deal first.
It did not take much more than a basic level of scrutiny to expose his rhetoric for what it is - scaremongering.
"That's simply not going to happen. It's just so blindingly obvious" Commons Speaker John Bercow rejects the suggestion a future PM could try to end the current session of Parliament in order to push through a no-deal #Brexit.
I've been tagged in this because I was on #Newsnight on the same panel, but I wasn't asked to respond to this claim about Dominic Raab. So I thought it might be helpful to share the actual clip from the Panorama documentary referenced, showing Barnier talking about Raab.