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If anyone wants a quick summary of the new deal, I explained to Al Jazeera today why it’s bad for jobs, bad for prosperity, bad for supply chains, bad for rights and protections, bad for border disruption, and bad for the DUP. It’s a really bad deal.
Philip Hammond - Tariff free trade deals would only contribute a tiny amount to our GDP... so we must quash "this myth that third country trade deals will solve all our problems"
With my Brexit Twitter hat on, let me share some details on the steps involved in getting to that agreement, and why it's unwise (read mad) to expect it to be done quickly. [thread]
Yale History professor Timothy Snyder says some of today's politicians have learned propaganda techniques from twentieth century fascists.
When he arrives October 17th, I ask that our European friends give Boris NOTHING and give the British people EVERYTHING! / Let's stop No-Deal, secure an extension and give the British people a #FinalSay
Labour's Keir Starmer says No 10 briefing shows PM "never takes responsibility for his own actions", accusing him of a "reckless blame game" with the EU.
“He’s a little bit of an opportunistic person.”
"I do worry that people are starting to imagine that a trade deal with Australia is somehow a substitute for being on the doorstep of a market with 500 million people, it's not" says former Australian PM Julia Gillard.
The UK has proposed the creation of a string of customs posts along both sides of the Irish border as part of its effort to replace the #brexit backstop, RTÉ News understands.
This is absolutely disgusting and should set of alarm bells in the mind of anyone who's studied the Weimar republic. / Government Minister James Cleverly refuses to rule out simply cancelling laws passed by our elected Parliament.
"Colleagues, this is not a moment for shortsightedness. This is a moment for solidarity. With the hundreds of thousands of British citizens in the streets. They are counting on us. Let us give them the time to solve this mess."
The Operation Yellowhammer document states that medicines and medical products are ‘particularly vulnerable to severe extended delays’ in the event of a no deal Brexit - confirming our concerns as outlined in our briefing document last week
The #Yellowhammer documents show what will happen in 50 days time and the Government should be held accountable @lucianaberger tells #Peston.
If only our own government were honest enough also to communicate this clear & blunt reality to the UK public.
“assault on decency and democracy” / “political vandalism”