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Consumers could face meat, fish, fruit and vegetable shortages and higher prices.
The report by Scotland's chief economist makes a series of dire predictions.
Britain’s second largest insurer will move the money one minute before the UK leaves EU on 29 March.
Work with European countries to prevent abuse and exploitation is vital, they say.
Food and drink production will be more expensive due to a combination of higher tariffs and new regulatory checks, experts warned.
UK bank preparing of economic slowdown and rising unemployment
Nicola Sturgeon is to speak out against the end of freedom of movement - warning it will damage the workforce, our universities and health and social care.
This database contains information on only those agreements that have either been notified, or for which an early announcement has been made, to the WTO.
Click on a country or territory on the map to see its participation in Regional Trade Agreements for goods, services or both.
With fears over manufacturing costs and future investment, here’s what firms are doing.
The Good Law Project has today threatened to issue judicial review proceedings on Tuesday 26 February unless Government cancels powers to allow pharmacists to alter prescriptions for people with serious medical conditions in the event of medicines shortages.
Eighth Report of Session 2017–19
Britons face the very real prospect of food shortages if the Government fails to secure a Brexit deal before 29 March.
The European Commission has issued a fresh warning that it will not reopen the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement as Theresa May prepared for further talks in Brussels.
Both main parties are being ‘manipulated by fringe opinion’ says former prime minister as he condemns ‘extreme’ Tory MPs’ ‘intransigence’.
Some of the UK's most prestigious museums could be forced to cancel exhibitions if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal, according to a batch of secret memos.
The association said that leaving the EU without a deal would “have a highly damaging impact on: the communities that museums serve, people who work in and with museums, and the sharing of collections, ideas and expertise across European borders”.
Sector bodies warn of immediate hit to funding, touring and networks.
Fears that Britain’s flagship museums will be forced to scrap major exhibitions after Brexit can be revealed today.
Leaving the EU means a number of changes that will affect businesses and individual citizens. Use the information below to find out how to prepare and the steps you may need to take.
Criminals selling counterfeit drugs prey on the vulnerable. The threat of no deal may make anxious patients turn to them.
Brexit fears prompt more than 50 firms to move registrations away from the UK.