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With a wave of strikes this summer and inflation at 10%, the UK seems to be in a febrile mood. Mapping the World examines the state of the British economy after several overlapping crises: the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and Brexit. How is the decision to leave the European Union affecting the island nation?
Study by British Chambers of Commerce reveals flagship bill to purge EU laws is low priority for firms.
MONEY Saving Expert founder and host of ITV's The Money Show Martin Lewis has said he was "sent death threats" after pro-EU campaigns featured him on their leaflets.
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is shifting some of its euro swaps trading desk to Milan from London, the latest example of roles moving to the continent after Brexit.
The U.K. has missed out on recruiting thousands of European doctors since voting to leave the economic union in 2016, research from a health thinktank suggests.
Brexit has certainly not helped UK science and technology and in some ways has damaged it. The UK’s participation in Horizon Europe, the EU’s research and innovation fund, remains uncertain.
The issue arises when teenagers turn 18. One mother said; 'It's getting beyond a joke'.
Every now and again the full, ongoing Brexit disaster is illustrated in technicolour. New evidence has been published showing how appalling it is for the economy, exports, jobs and the health service.
The government’s plan to remove all remaining EU regulation could do even more damage to the UK’s weakened economy, say businesses.
Government’s new trade red tape likely to hit long-term productivity, trade economists warn.
Entry-Exit System that UK asked to be subject to could cause serious snarl-ups at ports and airports.
Just when we breathed a sigh of relief that the lettuce had won the battle of shelf-life with Truss, we find that a Bill originally sponsored by arch-Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg, is being rushed through Parliament, and is set to ‘double down’ on the economic and societal damage already inflicted on this country by Brexit. 
FUW President Glyn Roberts has described Brexit as a “mess” and says the exit from the EU is one of the factors responsible for the hardships now being faced by farmers across Wales.
"Good to see the BBC wading into the fray at last, now that the damage it's causing is too great to conceal", one person said.
It comes as figures from the NHS show there are 10,582 FTE medical vacancies across England alone. / More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, research has revealed.
Brexit has worsened doctor shortages in the UK, according to a study published on Sunday.
More than 4,000 European doctors have opted not to work in the NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, research has revealed.
As the economy falters, Brexiteers blame Remainers and still deny leaving the EU was a bad decision. They need help.
Britain's trade agreement with Japan - the first major such deal announced after Brexit - has been branded a failure as new figures show exports have DROPPED.
How have the numbers of doctors in the NHS who come from the EU and the European Free Trade Association changed since the Brexit referendum in 2016? And do certain specialties face particular problems? Martha McCarey and Mark Dayan take a closer look at what’s happened since the vote.
The first major free trade agreement signed by Britain after Brexit has been branded a failure.
A billionaire former Conservative donor has urged Rishi Sunak to come clean on Brexit. / Speaking to the I, he said he would consider backing the party again if the PM renegotiated Britain’s trade deal with the European Union.
Liz Truss had described the deal with Japan as a "landmark moment for Britain" that would boost trade by billions of pounds.