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"The reality is that half of your trade goes to the EU. Britain’s trade with Australia is a very small percentage.”
Steve Barclay accused of "confusing" Europeans worried about their right to remain in the UK after Brexit.
London has been my home for more than forty years, but the emotional and financial drain of the last three years almost made me throw in the towel, writes Baboule.
The UK government says Gibraltar cannot independently negotiate a passport-free travel deal with the EU after Brexit.
Malcolm Turnbull said a UK trade deal with Australia would not replace the benefits of being inside the world's largest trading bloc.
New Frontiers Foundation blog described public broadcaster as ‘mortal enemy’, internet archive reveals.
European Court of Justice would also be involved.
Hard-fought EU withdrawal legislation now needs only Royal Assent to become law, clearing path for Brexit on 31 January.
The UK’s access to the single market will be weakened if it does not continue to sign up to EU rules after Brexit, Ursula von der Leyen has said.
As Layla Moran has said, ‘staying in Erasmus should be a no-brainer’ – but the people in charge of our country seem to have no brains
British Ceramic Confederation open letter to MPs with ceramic manufacturing sites in their constituency.
A review of evidence about opportunities, challenges and risks to the North East economy and its key sectors with recommendations for action.
The UK must ensure that it retains access to the Single Market, has an open trading regime and maintains a stable regulatory framework with the European Union to minimise the impact of Brexit on the North East economy. This is the key conclusion of ‘Leaving the European Union’, a report by a powerful regional economic group says today.
British PM is now more likely to push for 'harder' divorce from EU.
New Tory MPs have promised to transform the region, but its greatest threat will come in days, when Britain leaves the EU.
The Scottish National Party is making a last-ditch bid to block the bill taking the UK out of the European Union from becoming law, on the final day of its passage through parliament.
This small sector has been promised benefits that will not materialise.
Leaving the EU confronts my former colleagues with a greater challenge than Whitehall has faced for generations.
Digital services levy due to be imposed on web-based firms like Facebook and Amazon from April.
A formal division was not required as there were no dissenting votes.
Decision by Northern Ireland’s MLAs will not affect UK’s departure from EU at end of month.
Report finds EU citizens fear discrimination and loss of identity living in post-Brexit UK.
The Northern Ireland Assembly has passed a motion withholding consent for the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.