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A web page linking Leave.EU to Cambridge Analytica has been leaked online after being deleted in the wake of the Facebook scandal.
Boris Johnson will be remembered as a “pound shop Nigel Farage” if he votes against Rishi Sunak’s Brexit deal, Steve Baker has said.
Jeremy Hunt’s budget shows that leaving the EU is only paying off in a parallel universe.
At least £466m was spent constructing and running seven Inland Border Facilities – but Government then ripped up its policy amid fears of food shortages.
Swathes of the UK economy including health, warehousing and packing are being propped up by migrant workers – casting doubt on the prudence of the Conservative Party’s promise to tighten immigration policy.
PM Rishi Sunak should not go back on his pledge to re-join the EU's science research programme, the President of The Royal Society has warned.
The Democratic Unionist Party will vote against the Government in this week’s first parliamentary vote on the new Windsor Framework Brexit deal, party leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson revealed on Monday.
DUP leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said party officers had today voted unanimously to oppose the Windsor Framework when MPs get a vote in the Commons on Wednesday - and right-wing Tories could also rebel.
THE Bailiwick is increasingly looking to Kenya to fill critical gaps in the job market.
Three years on, Brexit is still impacting both U.K. and Europe-based brands in luxury fashion. Niche and young brands, in particular, are having a hard time with the fallout, though many have secured manageable workarounds.
A UK Government “propaganda” blitz is attempting to “gloss over” the “mayhem and disruption” caused by Brexit, it has been claimed.
The Liberal Democrat leader accused the two main parties of avoiding confronting the economic impacts of Britain’s departure from the EU.
Sir Ed Davey said the UK must repair its "broken relationship with Europe" to boost the economy as the Lib Dem leader set out his party's main arguments for winning seats at an election during the spring conference.
Nobel laureate says prime minister may not have “had the best advice” on EU programme. / Paul Nurse has said that the government’s alternative plans to joining the EU’s Horizon Europe R&D programme will be “utterly inadequate”.
Confrontation between London and Ottawa at talks led to other countries ‘basically throwing their hands in the air.’
Having cut Britain adrift of Europe, Brexiters are indulging in an old fantasy about a new national role in the world—as the hub of a far-flung Anglosphere.
The political decision to leave the European Union has had the unintended consequence that the UK may not be able to access funding from Horizon Europe, the EU’s highly regarded principal funding programme for research and innovation, and the involvement of UK-based researchers in European research consortia has already been damaged by this.
In this week's Word on the Ground column, Tony Gent hits out at Brexit and what he sees as 'totally irresponsible' Government policies...
She points to Brexit as part of the problem – leaving the European Union has introduced numerous complications, particularly around customs charges. In the UK, farmers saw an exodus of Eastern European workers... / “I could go on a whole political rant about the fallout of Brexit and [how] that relates to food, music, gigs, all kinds of things,” she says, her brow knitted.
A NEAR-£200 fee is to be introduced for Pembrokeshire fishing businesses that wish to export food to Europe from county ports post-Brexit.
After the Brexit referendum in 2016, European jurisdictions began to create their own specialist commercial courts, given the potential impact of leaving the EU on the UK’s own courts.
‘President Biden has said all the right things from our point of view in the past couple of years,’ the Irish premier said.
Brits want mutual free movement restored. 79% of us in a recent Omnisis poll believe we should have freedom to travel and work across Europe (88% after removing ‘don’t know’), and 73% believe, there should be ‘mutual free movement’ (84% after removing ‘don’t know’).
Rotating Audi Group staff takes as much effort as hiring someone for three to five years, complains CFO.
Operators are both baffled and annoyed with the chancellor's supposed assistance. / "To conflate this with Brexit is complete nonsense. They either want to help the pubs or not. If you want a link to Brexit, the damage done is far worse than the freezing of some duty."