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The £2.4bn fall driven by decline in exports of perishable goods due to red tape and costs.
Sylvie Bermann, former French ambassador, puts PM’s handling of pandemic alongside Donald Trump’s.
Hospitality industry blames Brexit for lack of available workers.
PORTSMOUTH’S newly built £25m, two-acre border control post has been dubbed a ‘white elephant’ by port bosses following an ‘appalling’ government U-turn.
Portsmouth City Council, which operates the Portsmouth International Port, is still footing the bill despite delayed customs checks. / Boris Johnson’s government has left Portsmouth’s local council holding the bag on a nearly £8 million loan it took out to build a giant warehouse to conduct post-Brexit border checks that may now never be used.
Portsmouth International Port said it was required by the Government to create the £25 million site which remains unused.
Cross-party international trade committee says agreement unlikely to be detectable at supermarket tills.
Boris Johnson’s planned cuts will worsen delays on passports and driving licences, union warns.
A cross border group of zoos and aquariums in Ireland and the UK have called on politicians to sort out animal transfer issues caused by Brexit.
Zoos and aquariums from across the island of Ireland have written to the British and Irish prime ministers to call for an agreement on the transfer of animals post-Brexit.
Andrew wasn’t buying that though, and asked Rees-Mogg: “has red tape increased, decreased or stayed the same as a result of Brexit?”
Citizens of the United Kingdom are subject to many uncertainties when planning to travel to the European Union countries due to the post-Brexit rules as well as the entry rules imposed by European countries to contain the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.
Transfers of animals for conservation schemes involving Ireland, Britain and EU plunged from 1,400 in 2019 to just 48 last year.
An Oxford MP has slammed Boris Johnson’s trade deal with Europe as “botched”, stating it has sold many industries “down the river”.
MEPs are set to blast Boris Johnson’s approach on Wednesday. / But the ID group, which represents parties like French National Rally, Italy's Lega, and the German AfD appears to have come to the UK's aid and tried to get the debate postponed.
Under the UK’s new immigration system, migrants from the European Union face more restrictive rules than those from the rest of the world. The effects on overall migration numbers may be limited, but the skills and sectoral mix of migrants may look substantially different.
The British government has been warned that there is "no legal or political justification" for unilateral action on the Northern Ireland Protocol.
The UK looks set for a recession and a longer battle with inflation than many of its neighbours. This is why.
Northern Ireland’s highest-honoured chef has described the impact of Brexit on the UK’s European hospitality workforce as ‘huge’. / "But Brexit has been huge. The whole industry is missing the European workforce."
It comes as new EU new rules mean that a roaming customer who can use 5G services at home should also have 5G roaming services when this is available in another member state.
We desperately need to rejoin the single market and customs union, whatever the former PM thinks.
‘No justification’ for bid to ditch NI protocol, Ireland and Germany warn Johnson.
The British government has chosen unilaterally to break the protocol, which it signed two years ago – but Europe stands by it.