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The EU has gone the extra mile by offering a fix to the row about trade in Northern Ireland, a senior EU official has said.
The EU has gone to the limits of what it can do to resolve the problems of post-Brexit trade in Northern Ireland, the bloc’s ambassador to the UK has said.
It comes after Boris Johnson’s government decided to end UK participation in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.
Bentley’s Chief Executive says a combination of rules of origin mandates and trade uncertainty places the UK’s auto industry in a precarious position.
A JEWELLERY maker has told how Brexit has made it harder to sell to customers in Ireland than those 4000 miles away in America.
Scottish ministers are under fresh pressure to boost student exchange links with the EU as frustration grows over Britain’s post-Brexit Turing Scheme.
France might retaliate against Britain in a dispute over post-Brexit fishing licences by the end of next week, government spokesman Gabriel Attal announced Wednesday.
Boris Johnson and his cronies say the current multi-layered crises facing Britain are both nothing to do with Brexit and everything to do with it, thus exposing the incoherence at the heart of the project since the start.
Brussels was “preparing for the worst” over Brexit on Wednesday after the UK signalled the EU’s offer to scrap up to 80 per cent of checks on goods entering Northern Ireland was not enough to resolve the bitter dispute over the Irish border.
Oliver Dowden says applications ‘relatively limited’ for emergency visa scheme aimed to stem supply chain crisis.
Maroš Šefčovič attempts to end tussle at press conference but ‘big gap’ remains to UK’s demands.
Businesses say bloc has listened and gone ‘beyond expectations’, increasing their hopes of a deal.
The Supreme Court justice discusses her spider brooch, women's equality and why the law is not a political statement.
It was overshadowed by the immediate challenges of the pandemic but the fallout from Brexit for the UK’s sales companies and distributors is now pulling into sharp focus. Put simply, it is much harder for UK sales companies to represent European films...
Ireland's deputy PM has warned governments doing trade deals with the UK that it is a nation that "doesn't necessarily keep its word".
'The message must go out to all countries... that this is a British government that doesn't necessarily keep its word,' Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said in the wake of 'alarming' comments by Boris Johnson's former aide Dominic Cummings.
As the construction supply chain is crippled, homeowners' plans are falling by the wayside.
The EU will later set out a range of proposals, including removing up to half of custom checks, in a bid to resolve the political stand-off over trade in Northern Ireland.
Boris Johnson never understood what his Withdrawal Agreement with the EU really meant, his former chief adviser has said.
It's safe to say Brexit hasn't delivered yet - and these tabloid headlines prove it.
The post-Brexit collapse in EU student recruitment is threatening course sustainability at world-famous institutions such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), according to higher education (HE) leaders.
Ex-adviser to PM says flawed Brexit deal was way to ‘whack Corbyn’ and ‘of course’ government can break it.
Last month we joined consensus on the formation of a working group to negotiate the UK’s accession to CPTPP. Other economies will be able to join CPTPP too. . CPTPP is our highest quality agreement. Those aspiring to join will have to be able to meet its high standards.
Lord Frost's proposal to scrap and replace the NI Protocol 'smacks of arrogance' according to Fine Gael's spokesperson on European Affairs.
My daughter is right: she should raise her children in Germany rather than Boris Johnson’s increasingly debased Britain.