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As the Brexit debate in parliament reaches its peak, much of the public has been left cold. MPs have been so absorbed in backstops and withdrawal agreements that nobody is addressing the underlying problems that led many people to vote for Brexit.
Prime Minister's lack of assurances in Brexit negotiation speech led to pressure groups to call for greater action.
We, the signatories of this letter, represent businesses from across the UK film and television industry and are writing to express our concerns over Brexit in any form.
The Brexit process has been a failure. At the end of two years, our ruling party is bitterly divided, the main opposition not a viable replacement for it, and the deal we have negotiated is almost universally opposed. No one voted for this to happen.
The Human Rights Act is still at risk. Don’t let the government turn universal freedoms into privileges for a chosen few. Call on the Justice Secretary to save the Human Rights Act.
We believe the UK must seek to negotiate the trading arrangement with the EU which minimises the economic cost of leaving, and that means remaining a member of the Single Market.
Theresa May has promised MPs a say on the Brexit agreement she brings back -- but unless we act fast it could be a false choice between a bad deal with Europe or no deal at all!
Brexit. Not in my name. Sign this petition and show Theresa that she is not speaking for you!
“I pledge to support the right of EU citizens living in the UK to remain in the UK after Brexit and retain their current rights”
Being part of the EU allows the UK farming industry to grow, innovate and create jobs. Britain's farmers enjoy free access to the single market of 500 million customers, and Europe accounts for 73% of Britain’s agri-food exports from this market that is more than twice the size of the USA. UK food and agricultural exports to the EU are worth around £11.4 billion a year.
UK tech & innovation leaders want a people's vote on the terms of Brexit
The Prime Minister has negotiated an EU withdrawal agreement. However, it is clear from resignations and interviews that the deal will not pass Parliament. As no credible alternative has been proposed, the public must be allowed to vote on whether to accept this deal or to remain in the EU.
If you wish to retain your EU Citizenship no matter what happens with the ongoing discussions between Mrs May, Mr Davis, Mr Verhofstadt and Mr Barnier, then you have an opportunity to register your wish here.
Around 3.6 million EU citizens have made their lives in the UK and more than a million British people have chosen to live in Europe. We say give all British citizens and EU citizens resident in the UK an equal say on Brexit in a people's vote.
The UK music industry is uniting to call for an alternative to Brexit. Join us and add your voice. / We, the signatories of this letter, represent artists, producers, managers, businesses, and platforms from across the Music Industry in the UK and are writing to express our real concerns over Brexit and the current direction of the UK’s proposed departure from the EU.
"We have watched the chaos unfold in Cabinet and the turmoil in negotiations with dismay and foreboding. None of us voted for a bad deal or no deal that would wreck our economy. Nor do we accept that either is inevitable. If the Brexit deal is rejected by Parliament, then we, the people of Britain, should have the democratic right to determine our own future."
Regardless of how you voted in the Brexit referendum, you deserve a say on the final deal.
URGENT! (Deadline: 23/07/2019) "... requests the Commission propose means to avoid risk of collective loss of EU citizenship and rights, and assure all EU citizens that, once attained, such status is permanent and their rights acquired."