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Another reason they cited was the effect of the covid pandemic, as well as the difficulty of recruiting staff following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union in 2016.
The boss of a major UK manufacturing firm has told the BBC he is considering moving investment to the US or Europe due to new subsidies offered there.
Jeremy Clarkson has revealed Brexit has left farmers feeling short-changed in his latest show filmed in Oxfordshire.
A rule banning lorries of a certain weight driving through an Oxfordshire town could be scrapped.
HEADTEACHERS have spoken of their struggle to recruit cleaners and kitchen staff, citing Brexit and the impact of the pandemic as key factors.
Oxfordshire reactor has been described as ‘shining example of scientific cooperation between EU members’.
FARMERS in Oxfordshire have revealed they are struggling to cope with a Brexodus of migrant workers.
THE UK’s decision to quit the EU continues to deepen the NHS staffing crisis with local hospitals reporting a ‘significant’ and ‘unexpected’ increase in the number of EU nurses leaving their posts in March.
An entire year group at a European state school in Oxfordshire could be forced to abandon their education in the event of a no-deal Brexit, school leaders have said.