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The Government has been accused of creating a ‘cloud of uncertainty’ for those applying to the EU Settlement Scheme.
Brexit might be done and dusted, but its specter will loom over Britain for a long time yet.
The modelling estimates Scotland's GDP could be around 6.1% lower compared to if it remained a member of the EU.
Aberdeen-based exporter John Ross says the last few months have been the company's hardest in 30 years.
James Withers, chief executive of Scotland Food and Drink, said the situation is a ‘real crisis’ for exporters.
An international removal company in Maldon in Essex says its business has been reduced to zero because of Brexit.
For anyone who thought Brexit was done in 2020, the early signs are that it will, once virus woes settle, become Boris Johnson’s biggest headache. Again.
A thriving fishing industry in Scotland has quite suddenly stopped functioning, and the catalyst is unarguably Brexit.
JOE BIDEN wants to reverse Brexit and has the long-term aim of ensuring the UK rejoins the European Union, a foreign policy expert has said.
Fish in British waters are “better and happier” after Brexit, according to Jacob Rees-Mogg.
Awesome Books isn’t finding Brexit very awesome.
The Scottish National Party published a “Roadmap to Referendum” on Saturday, laying out plans for another vote on Scottish independence.
Less than a month after leaving the EU, trade is flowing so badly that small firms are moving operations abroad to survive.
Exporters advised by Department for International Trade officials to form EU-based companies to circumvent border issues.
Consumers have seen changes to their online shopping post-Brexit including surprise tax additions, customs charges and higher delivery fees.
Simon Spurrell says his firm lost 20% of sales and will switch £1m investment to France.
UK retailers could abandon goods EU customers want to return, with some even thinking of burning them because it is cheaper than bringing them home.
Liz Truss under pressure to explain why punishing levies being charged - despite announcement that UK-Ghana deal was struck.