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Hundreds voice dismay at Sunak and Starmer, accusing them of misreading UK attitudes towards Europe.
David Davis told me ... that the "row of the summer" would be ... the EU's desire to negotiate money we owe, the rights of migrants and Ireland's borders before talking about a trade deal. / Today, the Brexit secretary became the pussycat of the summer - in the eyes of Brussels - as he declared his pleasure that Brexit negotiations would indeed be in the sequence desired by the rest of the EU.
Lord Howard told Sky News that Theresa May would show the same "resolve" over Gibraltar as Margaret Thatcher had with "another Spanish speaking country" over the Falklands.
A report is warning the UK's medicine supply chain is "broken" with drug shortages becoming the "new normal" in Britain.
The government has been accused of rendering a Stormont committee "impotent" after failing to alert members to two new EU laws. / The new and updated environmental regulations have now come into force. / The delay means assembly members (MLAs) were not able to fully examine the impact of the new laws in Northern Ireland.
A Conservative peer laid into the government last night, saying the Tories had triggered their own “demise” by going ahead with Brexit.
A report from the Nuffield Trust has concluded that the UK is facing “constantly elevated medicine shortages,” including some antibiotics and epilepsy drugs, which are being fuelled by Brexit.
‘The medicines supply chain is broken at every level,’ warns Dr Leyla Hannbeck.
Zookeepers in the South East say post-Brexit red tape is threatening their work to protect endangered species. / They say importing animals from EU countries has become 'hugely complicated and time consuming' and are being blocked from importing them as breeding partners.
The new charges are set to come into force at the end of the month and will mean higher food prices will be passed on to consumers, suppliers warn.
The shadow Northern Ireland secretary appeared alongside Charlie McConalogue at a Business Post event in London.
Higher prices and empty shelves are on the way.
A universal basic income could save British farmers from ruin, campaigners have urged – and reinvent our 'broken' agricultural system.
It won't come as a surprise that the combined effects of the cost of living crisis following Brexit and Covid have been a factor in almost every one of the business closures we've reported on in the last year.
Phil Craig leads the Referendum Party, calling for Cape province to gain independence. It's not going down very well in the Rainbow Nation.
An EU committee has urged the bloc to negotiate a reciprocal free movement agreement with the UK.
An airline has told how Brexit red-tape is bringing “unwelcome cost” and exacerbating aircraft overhaul and maintenance supply chain pressures.
A Scottish dairy has criticised Brexit labelling plans as a "huge cost for a family firm". / The managing director of Scotland’s largest independent dairy has urged the UK Government to rethink its "not for EU" labelling scheme which is set to be introduced in October and will rack up bills out of nowhere for businesses throughout the country.
Sir Antony Gormley has called Brexit the “biggest act of self-harm this country has ever played on itself” in a withering condemnation of the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.
In an open letter, published in Tuesday's Evening Standard, the Labour Mayor said "there has never been a starker choice" for European citizens in capital.
Importers of laboratory reagents and materials used in the manufacture of medicines in the UK’s life sciences sector have been given a six-month extension to make the necessary changes to their supply chains for new post-Brexit border paperwork and border inspections.
Brexit border controls on certain foods imported to Britain from the European Union may push up inflation there by 0.2 percentage points, according to a report published by Allianz Trade.
The Spanish Prime Minister has announced plans to end the so-called 'golden visa' scheme in a major blow to thousands of British expats.
An animal charity in Guernsey is facing challenges trying to return an endangered turtle to its native home of Gran Canaria.
The stock exchange ‘going down the gurgler’, a ‘hammer blow’ to the food industry, married Britons punished, and some rare Brexit upsides