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Prime Minister loses crucial vote on programme motion that would have paved the way to leave the EU by October 31.
Commons refuses to accept tight timetable for EU exit blueprint to meet Halloween deadline.
'We still have no legally binding guarantee that UK rights will keep pace with EU minimum standards'
Retirees suffer ‘real hardship’ and fear Brexit will impoverish them further, says Jeremy Morgan QC
People would rather stop Brexit altogether than accept Boris Johnson's plan for Brexit, a new poll reveals.
Number of Brits moving to the continent has spiked since Brexit.
The government's own impact assessment of the Brexit deal confirms firms will have to pay fees, fill out forms and face border inspections when sending goods within the UK.
Firms in Northern Ireland will have to submit declaration forms for goods heading to the rest of the UK, under the government's Brexit deal.
Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill has major consequences for the UK and our future prosperity. MPs would be failing in their duty if they did not scrutinise it line-by-line.
A prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party has built a post-apocalyptic farm and hopes to charge guests up to £100,000 a year to live there.
MPs also protested that they were being asked to vote for a 'blind Brexit' because ministers had not published details of the impact.
Brexit Secretary admits businesses will need to fill out export declaration forms.
Donald Tusk indicates that extension would be granted to prevent a no-deal.
'Just to be clear, exit summary declarations will be required in terms of NI to GB'
MPs will soon table amendments to the Brexit legislation and Labour said it wants to include plans for a customs union arrangement.
Downing Street’s attempt to dodge Benn Act falls flat.
Prime minister under pressure as Commons coalition attempts to force closer relationship with EU after Brexit.
Merkel ally Peter Altmaier says ‘it goes without saying’ Brexit extension would be granted.
Speaker rules it would be ‘repetitive and disorderly’ for MPs to vote again on deal.
Scotland's highest court has rejected calls to dismiss a case looking into the legality of Boris Johnson's Brexit extension request from the EU.
Scotland's highest court is to consider whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson has fully complied with a law requiring him to ask for a Brexit delay.
Operation Yellowhammer begins as government pressures MPs to back Boris Johnson’s deal.
Sajid Javid urged to make ‘radical interventions’ to avoid ‘a very bleak winter’.
‘The level of food waste is morally reprehensible,’ says National Farmers’ Union chair.