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Damian Wawrzyniak has only been offered pre-Settled Status even though he has lived in the UK past the five-year threshold
France and Ireland say they will not ratify a huge trade deal with South American nations unless Brazil does more to fight fires in the Amazon.
Brazil’s handling of forest fires set to top agenda of G7 countries at meeting in Biarritz this weekend
Far-right president Bolsonaro's response to fires criticised around the world.
'What we ask from the south is more power and equivalent investment... yet what we get in no-deal Britain is literally, rubbish'
UK-listed firm is latest to be targeted by a foreign buyer since pound weakened amid Brexit fears.
A no-deal Brexit could increase the risk of attacks on police officers in Northern Ireland, the head of the country's police force has said.
In a quiet corner of northern Germany there is a small community where a Scotsman is in charge.
'There is no way Ireland will vote for the EU-Mercosur agreement if Brazil does not honour its environmental commitments' Leo Varadkar said.
From the man who brought us the garden bridge and water cannons
Nestled among the mass publication of no-deal guidance yesterday was the UK government's vision for the future of the Brit satellite and space programmes if the country falls out of the EU with no pact in March. The guidance is, unsurprisingly, grim.
IT job postings in the UK are being battered by Brexit and the lingering uncertainty of leaving the EU without a Withdrawal Agreement on 31 October.
Damian Collins claims ‘real-world sanctions’ are needed for those found in contempt of parliament
Boris Johnson is about to feel the pinch of Brexit Britain’s new global status: squeezed on one side by Europeans in no mood to yield, and on the other by a United States driving a hard bargain for its economic support.
French president tells Boris Johnson he must present concrete proposals for UK exit.
‘I don’t think it’s the will of the British people to become the junior partner of the US’, French president says ahead of Paris meeting.
CBI says just 10 per cent of the firms said sales are higher than this time last year.
Nick Boles fears ruse is way to suspend parliament for general election – to be held after UK has crashed out of EU. / Boris Johnson is ready to “declare no confidence in himself” as a trick to thwart MPs and carry out a no-deal Brexit, a senior MP is warning.
'The weak pound and the uncertainty over Brexit are likely to be prime explanations' for decline, think-tank says.
The agreement is equivalent to roughly 2 per cent of business with the bloc.
Dover staff say move could compromise security and leave border without protection.
Migration experts say the UK cannot end freedom of movement from the EU on Brexit day because it has no system to work out who is legally in the country.
Richard Braine accused of stoking tensions after also saying there are no ‘moderate Muslims’.