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The Tory Party has been taken over by cynics and fantasists, says former Telegraph editor Max Hastings – which is why he has decided to vote Labour.
Leo Varadkar warns that Brexit, aid cuts and talk of abandoning human rights treaty ‘not the Britain I know’.
Tokyo is the biggest winner of the UK’s accession to the CPTPP.
World-renowned economist Adam Posen reveals some tough truths about Britain’s situation.
Sick of customs delays and extra bureaucracy since Britain left the European Union, Farrat, a small manufacturer on the edge of Manchester, is ramping up investment to compensate - in Germany.
Attorney general faces fury of Bar Council as revolt over internal market bill spreads.
Senior pro-vice-chancellor Andy Neely has said the University’s lost association with an EU science research programme is having negative impacts.
"The Bar Council is deeply concerned about the REUL Bill which, in its present form, will damage the UK’s reputation for regulatory stability, predictability, and competence on which growth-promoting investment in critical sectors of our economy depends."
Former EU court lawyers warn that the ongoing row damages UK’s reputation as a negotiating partner.
"The truth is geography still matters", he said. / Former foreign secretary David Miliband has called for closer realignment with the European Union – two years since Britain left the single market.
The Speaker acknowledged that the political turmoil of the last year left Britain an international laughing stock.
Britain has been an object of international derision in recent months. / Britain, said some outside observers, had turned into an emerging market — even a banana republic. But why has a country, traditionally renowned for its stability, been engulfed by such turmoil? / Brexit is the reason, according to critics of Britain’s departure from the European Union.
Since the EU Referendum proposed and led by former British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on the relationship with the EU, Britain has not experienced political stability. This headed to economic stagnation, inflation, high unemployment, frustration, and pessimism among British citizens about the future.
Economist Duncan Weldon and the New Statesman’s polling expert explore how Brexit and austerity have damaged the UK economy and set the stage for Liz Truss’s “mismanagement.”
Moody’s say downgrade from ‘stable’ was driven by political instability and high inflation.
Conservative Party ‘drained of all substance and competence’.
Disastrous mini-budget has seen Britain become gag line on the international stage.
Brexit has gone from xenophobic delusion to national embarrassment, sustained only by lies from government and press. We will rejoin the EU.
After years of denying the downsides of Britain’s split from the European Union, the Brexit taboo is starting to lift in the governing Conservative Party and the country’s right-wing press.
Bruno Le Maire is the French opposite number to chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.
French president responds to ‘jury’s out’ comments by Tory leadership favourite Liz Truss about key ally.
The UK government’s latest moves to revise the Northern Ireland Protocol ride roughshod over international law and threaten the country’s reputation and relations abroad.
'We are not the envy of the world anymore, we are the crackpot aunty in the corner that everyone laughs at.'
From his days stoking anti-European Union sentiment with exaggerated newspaper stories, to his populist campaign leading Britain out of the bloc and reneging on the post-Brexit trade deal he signed, outgoing U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been the bane of Brussels for all so many years.
‘No justification’ for bid to ditch NI protocol, Ireland and Germany warn Johnson.