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The UK leaving the European Union was “an act of self-annihilation”, former deputy prime minister has said. / The former deputy prime minister has urged the pro-European movement in the UK to show “vision”.
Lord Heseltine said it is time to stop ‘hiding from the damage’ caused by Brexit. / Lord Heseltine has called for Britain to “recreate our position at the centre of Europe” after the failure of Brexit.
The former Conservative Deputy Prime Minister had some brutally frank comments on why the economy has struggled in recent years.
Tory peer schools Richard Tice and Isabel Oakeshot on Talk TV with the help of some newspaper cuttings.
The Brexit-backing media has turned on the split with the EU, culminating in this entertaining exchange between Heseltine and Tice.
"Public opinion has already moved", the former deputy prime minister said.
Michael Heseltine says Brexit will be ’high on the agenda’ if Liz Truss loses general election.
Michael Heseltine says Brexit will be ’high on the agenda’ if Liz Truss loses general election. / The Tories will never win back younger voters as an anti-Europe and populist party, former cabinet ministers have warned – as they called for trade links with EU to be rebuilt.
Two years since Britain left the EU, Brexit is still very much at the top of the news agenda with lorry queues lengthening at Dover as exporting firms struggle with red tape.
The Tory peer thinks public "anger" could trigger another vote on the UK's membership in the EU.
Boris Johnson’s removal from Downing Street would be an opportunity to reconsider Brexit, Conservative grandee Michael Heseltine has said.
Former deputy prime minister says we ‘must restore Britain’s position in the corridors of European power’.
Five years on from the Brexit referendum people are still more likely to define themselves by which side they backed in 2016 rather than their party political allegiances, according to a Yorkshire academic.
Tory grandee Lord Heseltine has called for pro-Europeans to “fight back” and battle to rejoin the EU.
The former deputy leader of the Conservatives insists that despite the UK leaving the EU, he will push for Britain to rejoin.
Tory grandee Lord Heseltine has called on MPs and peers to abstain when voting on Boris Johnson’s Brexit trade deal with the European Union, which he warned will inflict “lasting damage” on the UK.
Britain's decision to leave the EU has seriously undermined the peace efforts in Europe, a former Tory politician has claimed.
Lord Heseltine, who wrote a report called Empowering English Cities in 2019, told Econ Film’s CoronaNomics show that the picture is “infinitely depressing”.
European Commssion demands urgent meeting, as John Major warns of risk to UK’s reputation.
European Movement’s Brexit Watch initiative aims to highlight impact of EU withdrawal on communities
Battle under way over shape of UK's future relationship with the remaining European Union.
Tory joins Chuka Umunna and Sam Gyimah in plea to back Lib Dems to stop Brexit
Former Tory grandee accuses Boris Johnson of pursuing an ‘utterly disastrous’ Brexit policy.
The Tory grandee has served under Thatcher and Major - but tonight he said die-hard Tory voters should back either the handful of 'defrocked' Conservatives, or the Lib Dems.