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Lord Heseltine said it is time to stop ‘hiding from the damage’ caused by Brexit. / Lord Heseltine has called for Britain to “recreate our position at the centre of Europe” after the failure of Brexit.
There should be no expectation that the Northern Ireland Protocol negotiations will lead to a "perfect" solution, a former prime minister has warned.
Johnson’s administration made promises over Northern Ireland deal it knew were unworkable, former PM tells MPs.
Ex-PM says UK was stronger in the EU – as Jeremy Hunt challenged to admit Britain ‘poorer’ after Brexit.
Former prime minister Sir John Major has told the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee Britain made a “colossal mistake” when it left the European Union. / Sir John said while he is not a “significant Europhile”, he believes the UK was stronger in the EU.
It will “take a decade” to resolve the crisis inflicted on Ireland by Brexit and the border checks created in the Irish Sea, David Davis has suggested.
Former Prime Minister Sir John Major has said that triggering Article 16 and suspending parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol would be "colossally stupid".
Former PM brands mooted UK policy ‘absurd’.
The former prime minister made to the warning to Boris Johnston as talks between the EU and UK continue.
Former prime minister Sir John said the move would damage relations with the European Union and United States and could further destabilise Northern Ireland.
Former prime minister Sir John Major said the dangerous move would be ‘silly politics’ to placate ‘extreme Brexiteers’.
Prime minister not being ‘straight’ about consequences of his Brexit protocol, says Labour leader.
Molotov cocktails and barricades have returned to Northern Ireland. The conflict there is 4 centuries old. But Brexit is the new reason why the situation has reached the boiling point in what had been an era of peace.
European Parliament’s former Brexit chief takes aim at departing aide.
Brexit may be "even more brutal than expected" due to the UK's negotiating "failures", Sir John Major has said. / "This action is unprecedented in all our history - and for good reason. It has damaged our reputation around the world."
The former prime minister warned that “complacency” and “nostalgia” are the routes to a national decline and that the UK’s global influence has relied upon history, fortified by membership of the EU and close ties to the US.
PM risks major confrontation with Joe Biden by persevering with internal market bill.
Former PM strongly critical of Boris Johnson’s internal market bill as Lords reject it
PM on collision course with Joe Biden and EU if he pushes ahead with "lamentable" proposals.
First poll would be on principle of independence - with second ‘yes’ vote on outcome of negotiations required before Union is broken up.
Downing Street says it is prepared to overturn any changes to the legislation.
Ex-Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Sir John Major have urged MPs to reject the "shameful" attempt to override parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.
Former attorney general lashes out as Tory rebellion gathers pace.
Boris Johnson is facing a growing rebellion among senior Conservatives over his controversial Internal Market Bill - while former Prime Ministers Tony Blair and Sir John Major urged MPs to reject it, saying it risked putting the Irish peace process, trade negotiations and the UK's integrity at peril.
Senior Conservatives are not backing down on their rebellion against Boris Johnson's controversial Brexit legislation despite his warning that the EU could "carve up" the United Kingdom without it.