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The Tory Party has been taken over by cynics and fantasists, says former Telegraph editor Max Hastings – which is why he has decided to vote Labour.
Rejection of regular EU talks and Horizon dithering prove the PM is running scared of his party’s lunatic fringe.
The European Commission and the UK government has agreed on requirements for the labelling on agri-food retail goods. The label will be placed at different levels starting from individual, box, shelf signs and posters.
But, it’s worth remembering that all of the Conservatives who are now praising the Windsor Framework (Sunak’s tweaked version of the Northern Ireland Protocol) once extended the same excitement to Johnson’s original deal in 2019...
Iain Duncan Smith is accused of "repeating tired, old nonsense" following an attack on the Confederation of British Industry. / Theresa May has witnessed another attack by a Tory Brexiteer on business after former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith linked the UK's biggest business lobby group to Nazi appeasement.
Just a third of people who voted to leave the European Union in 2016 now think Brexit was a success, according to a new poll.
“Changing data protection law is very central to the government’s post-Brexit policy. We all remember the A-levels fiasco in 2020."
Brexit is now the Conservative Party’s sacred cow. Not so much policy as religious faith. The merest hint of criticism is regarded as apostasy by a party dangerously in thrall to an agenda that threatens to shatter the United Kingdom and leave England stuck in a permanent economic slow lane, isolated from its neighbours and friendless in an uncertain world.
Ex-PM joins fellow former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith in raising concerns over the potential break-up of the United Kingdom.
The newly created Taskforce for Innovation, Growth and Regulatory Reform has identified more than 100 ‘Brexit dividends’.
Staunch Brexiteer Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) has said he does not “see the point” in Brexit forecasts on the day a government report warned the UK faced food, fuel and power shortages if a no-deal Brexit and second coronavirus wave coincided.
Flagging trade talks have seen little progress.
Organisation which drove UK to a hard Brexit made up of ‘climate change deniers’ and ‘Trump sympathisers’, new book is told.
Senior Brexiteers endorsed the Prime Minister’s deal but some have now turned against it and want to see it replaced.
Iain Duncan Smith says the financial liabilities signed up to by Boris Johnson in the withdrawal agreement were too great.
New border checks in Kent and elsewhere reverse 47 years of removal of trade barriers.
Downing Street reveals plans for a light show and a cabinet trip to the north as the Big Ben bonging brouhaha rumbles on.
Ian Taylor launches attack on Boris Johnson's "misleading" promise to "Get Brexit Done".
Does the World Trade Organization (WTO) have a magic legal provision, one that Britain can use to get out of the “no-deal” Brexit jail?
Iain Duncan Smith has been branded a “dunce” by a prominent historian, after he compared Brexit to the Reformation in a column extolling the benefits of leaving the EU.
The move has been interpreted as a sign that Mr Johnson is toughening his stance on Brexit.
Supporters of Brexit are “completely wrong” if they think recourse to an obscure trade rule will stop tariffs springing up overnight if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said on Friday.