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The banks pay huge amounts of tax. If they lose business, then Britain’s economy will suffer.
Guy Hands said the business outlook and investment case for the UK is only getting worse and that the country needs to reforge trading ties with the European Union to stop the rot.
It would take just a few to say that it is a "bit of a mess and we are going to have to work together to solve it" to get Britain back on track. / “I thought Brexit was frankly completely nuts,” he said.
The financier and former Tory donor says leaving the EU was a plan by the rich to make themselves richer and the poor poorer.
Private equity veteran Guy Hands says Boris Johnson ‘threw the country and the NHS under the bus’.
A billionaire former Conservative donor has urged Rishi Sunak to come clean on Brexit. / Speaking to the I, he said he would consider backing the party again if the PM renegotiated Britain’s trade deal with the European Union.
Guy Hands said the Conservatives need to re-negotiate the "completely hopeless" Brexit deal.
Britain may need a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and is on the path to become the “sick man of Europe” because of Brexit, a senior finance chief has warned.
A leading investment chief has predicted the UK may need a bailout from the IMF and is now the “sick man of Europe” because of the way Brexit was negotiated.
BREXIT is doomed, private equity titan and Guernsey resident Guy Hands has said.