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“You bring Brexiters on, you never challenge them. You let them talk utter rubbish about Brexit. Year after year after year.”
SNP MP John Nicolson said Scotland is the only country that hasn’t got what it wanted after the Northern Ireland Protocol was finalised as he slammed "porkies" told by the Tories about Brexit.
Johnson’s administration made promises over Northern Ireland deal it knew were unworkable, former PM tells MPs.
British Chambers of Commerce presents government with urgent recommendations as members report struggling to sell into EU.
The full consequences of the UK’s exit have been “clouded” by the Covid crisis, war in Ukraine and global slowdown, he said. /
There has been “greater friction” and “difficulties” over trade since Brexit, Health Secretary Steve Barclay has admitted, as he denied a report that the government is considering adopting a Swiss-style relationship with the EU.
UNELECTED UK Government minister Malcolm Offord has insisted the Tories have not conned the public over Brexit.
Lord Frost claimed he 'underestimated' the scale of problems in moving goods from Britain - while another minister said it's been 'more difficult than we anticipated'
Keir Starmer says Boris Johnson must agree "oven ready" deal with Brussels that he promised in 2019.
Ed Miliband has dismantled Andrew Marr's defence of Boris Johnson's 'oven-ready' Brexit pledge that was made during the general election campaign.
Ministers are planning new legislation that would override a key part of last year's EU withdrawal agreement.
DESPITE campaigning on the slogan that a deal was “oven ready”, Tory ministers expect the UK to crash out of European Union without a deal.