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Beauty exports from the UK to the European Union have fallen by more than $1 billion (£850 million) since the Brexit vote, a report has found.
‘Covid is not the problem – Brexit is the problem’, says British Beauty Council boss on sales slump.
A new report claims leaving the EU has created a £850m drop in the industry’s exports to Europe.
One small business owner said her net profit margins had dropped to zero in the years since Brexit.
JUST a few short years ago, Elizabeth Carnahan’s business was doing well. She had a growing customer base, a turnover of more than £1 million and her business was growing.
Thousands of pro-consumer laws we take for granted could expire at the end of 2023.
Controversial Tory bill set to inflict further damage on businesses, with no clues yet about incoming legislation.
The UK was the first country to ban animal testing for cosmetics and their ingredients in 1998, but the Home Office has revealed it now allows the experiments for cosmetics.
A new trade hub has been established by the British Beauty Council (BBC) to help personal care businesses ‘navigate their way through the jargon’ of the post-Brexit trading landscape.
Brendan McDowell, of BPerfect Cosmetics, said more US brands are interested in being sold on his website due to access to the EU market.
An animal welfare representative said the government is showing signs that there will not be proper protections against animal testing post-Brexit.
This time I have spoken to Vicky, one of the owners of Lyonsleaf who specialise in skincare and natural beauty products and are based in the Mendip Hills in Somerset.