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Further delays to introducing post-Brexit border controls on fresh farm produce from the EU 'seriously disregards' the interests of British farmers, NFU Scotland has warned.
The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has issued a statement in response to the news that the implementation of the UK Government’s Border Target Operating Model, which will have a significant impact on UK biosecurity, may been further delayed.
A SCOTTISH farmers union has criticised the UK Government for kicking “the can down the road” on implementing an improved system of border controls for meat and other products entering the country.
The delay in extra checks on EU imports has been criticised by businesses for creating confusion and leaving UK borders vulnerable to unsafe produce.
‘This flies in the face of common sense and the government’s commitment to high levels of animal and human health,’ say experts.
Commenting on reports that the Prime Minister has indicated that post-Brexit checks on food imports from the EU to Great Britain are to be delayed for a fourth time, the British Veterinary Association has reiterated a stark warning over disease threats.
‘Deeply misguided’ to ‘weaken this layer of protection for both animal and public health’, government told.
The ongoing economic shocks from COVID-19, the sector-specific worries of African swine fever and the logistical upheaval from Brexit have left the UK’s pig industry in peril.