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ACTIVISTS in Edinburgh have kicked off the third anniversary Brexit events with action outside the UK Government Hub.
The Scottish secretary claimed that 'most Scots' realised their 'home was in the UK, not the EU'. / The SNP’s Dr Philippa Whitford cited a new poll which suggested almost 70% of voters wanted to rejoin the EU.
THERE is “no desire in Scotland to have membership of the EU”, Scotland Secretary Alister Jack has claimed despite significant evidence to the contrary. / "So does it come as a surprise to the secretary of state that a poll last year showed 69% of Scottish voters want to rejoin the EU?”
Gordon MP Richard Thomson has urged Secretary of State for Scotland Alister Jack to intervene on his Cabinet colleagues to force a change in the UK Government’s post-Brexit policies which he outlines are causing issues for food and drink sectors.
“Brexit is having a worse impact on Scottish exports than the pandemic has," said Mhairi Black.
ALISTER Jack has been told to apologise to the people of Scotland for the "unmitigated disaster" of Brexit as he faced angry MPs in the Commons.
A Scottish seafood processing firm, which supplies fish to the Queen, says it is losing business because of labour shortages blamed on Brexit.
ALISTER Jack’s claim that the Scottish Border is “little more than a sign” indicates he needs to read up on the history of the country he represents, according to a leading historian.
DON'T lock the Highlands and Islands out of a £4.8 billion post-Brexit investment pot, the UK Government has been urged.
Liz Truss insists ‘British farmers have absolutely nothing to fear from this deal at all’
Vote Leave chief Matthew Elliott, who is credited with several successful political crusades, is on the Free Market Forum's advisory board