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Powder White has ceased trading immediately and cancelled holidays, citing Brexit, Covid and the rising cost of living as reasons why the specialist firm has shut its doors.
The British seasonnaire – a fixture of the European holiday scene from the mountains to the seas – is under threat. And it’s more than just a tragedy for perky young Brits looking to combine a lengthy holiday with a bit of paid work. It’s battering British firms which used to rely on UK staff to provide a home away from home for their guests.
The international high-speed rail service connecting the United Kingdom with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, Eurostar, has said that it is considering putting an end to its ski train services to the Alps.
Skiworld – the UK’s largest independent ski tour operator – has pulled out of much of its operation in Austria as a result of post-Brexit red tape, City A.M. has learnt. / “Austria is a nightmare. Thirty years of building up a programme of accommodation in Austria has pretty much been completely wiped,” Diane Palumbo.
Only 3,700 people from the UK are being employed in the EU to do jobs such as chalet hosts, holiday reps and tour guides, new figures show.
It is easier and cheaper to recruit from Australia and New Zealand, says business owner in the Alps.
Ski instructors working the slopes in France, Italy and elsewhere in the EU are now required to have expensive visas to work in Europe.
The British Association of Snowsport Instructors says Britons will not be allowed to take the European speed test needed for the top level of qualification required to work in the EU.
"For others in the future, that will depend on the negotiations under way" on Britain's future relation with the EU, he said.