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Travel expert appeared on ITV show Lorraine to reveal border officials could snatch cheese or ham sandwiches at airports.
Waiting times could even triple with the UK’s ‘third-country nationals’ no longer in the EU.
Travel expert Simon Calder told Andrew Castle the continued delays at Dover port are a result of Brexit.
When we voted to leave the EU we signed up to such queues and delays at the border, says The Independent's Simon Calder.
Port of Dover declares critical incident as high levels of traffic caused lengthy delays.
The closure of Aer Lingus’ Belfast base after 15 years shows the harm caused by Brexit to the UK travel industry, a travel writer has said.
Ministers say leaving the EU ‘has given the UK a world of future opportunities’. So I have tracked down the travel advantages.
Over the last weekend, the Port of Dover has handled almost 142,000 travellers, many of whom have been forced to wait for hours to cross the borders into France.
"Since brexit it's been necessary to have every single passport stamped at Dover... and as a result of that everything takes much longer..."
The Port of Dover has declared a "critical incident" due to five-hour queues leading to the ferry terminal and people are blaming Brexit.
EasyJet reportedly had to turn down thousands of job applications from EU citizens because of Brexit.
"Thirty per cent of the people who worked in UK aviation before the covid pandemic were EU nationals."