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In this film, senior FT writers and British businesspeople examine how Brexit hit the UK economy, the political conspiracy of silence, and why there has not yet been a convincing case for a 'Brexit dividend'.
Maroš Šefčovič says Brussels will launch fresh legal action against UK over treaty obligations.
Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up post-Brexit arrangements for Northern Ireland have come under fierce attack from Washington, with senior congressmen on both sides of the US political divide warning the “irresponsible” move is a threat to peace in the province.
Bloc says it will not renegotiate agreement and threatens to take ministers to court for ‘damaging’ unilateral action.
We spoke to Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts about Sir David Frost’s resignation and how it is being received in Europe.
The renewed tension in Northern Ireland could have far-reaching implications for the future of the United Kingdom - and post-Brexit relations with the EU.
‘Efficiency and effectiveness’ at risk as terror threat raised and crime becomes increasingly transnational.
Yesterday Sir David Edward former British ECJ judge appeared on the BBC interviewed by @BBCSimonMcCoy. He explained that the British public had been woefully misinformed by the Leave campaign about the role of the ECJ and the EU in general.
The ruling matches legal advice given to the court last week by its advocate general, who said as a sovereign country Britain could reverse its decision even at this late stage. The legal decision is significant because means Britain could prevent a no-deal Brexit from happening if it wanted.