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Zookeepers in the South East say post-Brexit red tape is threatening their work to protect endangered species. / They say importing animals from EU countries has become 'hugely complicated and time consuming' and are being blocked from importing them as breeding partners.
Journalist and political commentator Peter Hitchens claimed on GB News that Britain's influence has not really gone away post Brexit because it has very little to begin with. / Is he right?
2024: Boris Johnson says the UK had the fastest vaccine rollout because we left the EU / 2020: Dr June Raine (then CEO of the MHRA speaking at a Downing Street briefing) says the UK approved the vaccine rollout while under EU rules
More and more Brits are leaving the Brexit chaos behind -- and seeking their fortunes in France. But their home nation’s exit from the European Union means they now face a plethora of bureaucratic hurdles.
Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was in Washington DC, where he spoke at an event organised by the Georgetown University. At it he was challenged by a student over Brexit. Johnson showed typical indifference and engaged in falsehoods.
A bonus video this week as I was joined by Brendan Donnelly and Richard Hewison, respectively the Leader and the Treasurer of the Rejoin EU Party, which is again standing candidates for election to the London Assembly on 5th May.
When I'm in France, the reactions I get from French people range from complete indifference to Brexit, through to slight feelings of sadness and pity at the UK’s self-imposed economic and social harm. In Italy, the sadness over Brexit is even more marked, and in this video, I’ll be looking at an article in Italian newspaper La Repubblica this week about the latest impact of Brexit.
A report has found that new post-Brexit UK border checks coming into force later this month will cost British businesses £2bn and fuel higher inflation. / Callers Daniel and Encina tell James O’Brien about their experiences highlighting the impact of Brexit on the food industry.
An honest assessment of Brexit from Fareed Zakaria of CNN... "On virtually every measure, from business investment to exports to employment Britain is falling behind its peers."
Channel Islands' farmers say they are frustrated that "layers of bureaucracy" and red tape post-Brexit are causing major challenges across the industry.
How did the European Union (EU) respond to the Brexit vote? How did EU principles and processes shape the EU’s negotiating strategies? And how has Brexit in turn shaped today’s EU? This event brings together renowned observers and practitioners of Brexit from the European side to discuss these issues.
This week, I saw a brilliant report about the UK 4 years after Brexit, on Franco-German channel Arte. I thought subscribers to Truth To Power would find it fascinating to get an objective insight into 4 years of Brexit from a French-speaking news outlet without any UK political skin in the game.
Giraffe Flowers in Manchester, northern England, is preparing for the annual Valentine's Day rush but florists fear that Brexit trade barriers will increasingly spell higher costs and delays for their business.
There is a stark disconnect between promises of prosperity and the grim post-Brexit reality for the UK fishing industry, according to fishing boat owner Mark Addison. "There's been issues with queues, passports, paperwork, groupage in lorries.... which is a big problem with fresh produce like fish." says Mr Addison, speaking from Peterhead in Scotland, Europe's largest whitefish market.
Business groups in the UK and Europe have raised concerns about the costs and disruption likely to flow as a consequence of new regulations intended to protect biosecurity and prevent pests and diseases from being imported.
Everything from meat, fish, cheese to meat products will cost more in the UK due to Brexit border controls.
Former Conservatives Prime Minister, Sir John Major, did not mince his words about #Brexit at a Westminster committee meeting this time last year. / He said that leaving the European Union has been “a colossal mistake.” / We should be back in the #EU, he said, to keep Britain safe. / “There are three great power blocs in the world today,” he said. “The United Kingdom is not one of them.”
This week marks the 4th anniversary of the UK pulling out of the EU. In this very special edition of THE AGENDA, veteran anti-Brexit campaigners Femi Oluwole and Graham Hughes discuss the impact of Brexit, what they got wrong and what they got right.
It’s been four years since we formally left the EU - and its been eight years of trying to square an impossible circle. How do you keep Brexiteers happy, the EU on board and Northern Ireland’s government up and running, all at once?
Jacob Rees-Mogg, once the minister for Brexit opportunities, is still struggling to wrap his head around the realities of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union four years ago this month, as he’s now been properly educated on its impact on farmers during an interview on his GB News show on Wednesday.
Der vierte Brexit-Jahrestag in Großbritannien: Mit dreisten Lügen, Feindbildern und immer radikaleren Forderungen haben die Populisten die Briten vom Austritt aus der EU überzeugt. Vier Jahre später ist die Bilanz in Großbritannien düster und das Volk gespalten.
Four years since the UK left the EU, the leave-voting constituency Barking says they’ve seen no benefit from Brexit.
New post-Brexit border controls coming in from Wednesday could result in higher prices and delays in fresh goods coming in from the EU. / It means significant new red tape, and more money out of our pockets on products like cheese, fish, and flowers.
James O'Brien discusses recent reports suggesting food imports to the UK are at risk in confusion over post-Brexit checks and emphasises how this proves how 'stupid' the idea of Brexit really is. James highlights how people believed the words of a 'proven liar' in Boris Johnson and a 'proven idiot' in Jacob Rees-Mogg, who assured people that 'food would be cheaper.'