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'We all have to speak English today here because we are representing not only the European people, but also the British people'
"Colleagues, this is not a moment for shortsightedness. This is a moment for solidarity. With the hundreds of thousands of British citizens in the streets. They are counting on us. Let us give them the time to solve this mess."
A Tory councillor was grilled by LBC host James O'Brien after he called into his radio show to claim Brexit would deliver an "astonishing advantage" by delivering many of the things the UK currently enjoys with its EU membership.
Boris Johnson recieved a frosty welcome as he arrived for talks with Luxembourg's prime minister, Xavier Bettel. A large group of protesters outside the gates of the Luxembourg Ministry of State loudly jeered as Johnson shook hands with Bettel, before breaking out into chants of 'tell the truth, stop the coup'.
(includes Q&A)
During a Q&A session at her party conference, the Liberal Democrat leader said many of the problems the UK was facing stem from the former Tory prime minister's "shocking misjudgement", where he "put the interests of the Conservative Party ahead of the national interest".
A few pages of the UK's government assessment, "Operation Yellowhammer" offers a rare glimpse at what a no-deal Brexit looks like.
Richard Dawkins - evolutionary biologist and writer - expresses his frustration with the idea that "the British people have spoken" on Brexit.
An EU citizen who has lived in the UK for twenty years says she was "denied" permanent residency after applying to the Government’s EU Settlement Scheme.
The #Yellowhammer documents show what will happen in 50 days time and the Government should be held accountable @lucianaberger tells #Peston.
Legal expert David Allen Green explained to James O'Brien why the government lost their court case on prorogation - and the reason why it happened is very revealing.
Boris Johnson’s suspension of the UK Parliament is unlawful, Scotland’s highest civil court has ruled.
LBC caller who once voted for UKIP told Shelagh Fogarty he now "deeply regrets" the decision and votes for Liberal Democrats.
If only our own government were honest enough also to communicate this clear & blunt reality to the UK public.
Leo Varadkar says UK and EU will still have to negotiate, with same problems on agenda.
Jacob Rees-Mogg has escalated his war of words with a neurologist who warned of fatalities in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.