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Over 250 European cultural leaders and arts organisations have the letter read in this video urging the UK’s Secretary of State, Rt Hon Oliver Dowden to reverse the decision to take the UK out of Creative Europe, the EU’s funding programme for the cultural and creative sectors.
"We don't want to become a musical Galapagos, with our musicians locked out of the cultural partnership which is so important for creative development." - @HarrietHarman at today's Westminster Hall debate on visas for musicians touring in the EU.
The move would plunge the UK into a no-deal Brexit.
Britain and the EU appear on the brink of a trade war after Brussels accused Boris Johnson of lacking sincerity in negotiations over Northern Ireland’s future. After the latest talks, the EU commissioner Maroš Šefčovič said that despite Brussels’ attempts to find a compromise, 'we have seen no move at all from the UK side'.
Michael Heseltine tells an audience in Nottingham tonight that they should they should never give up trying restore Britain's position in the European corridors of power...and says it's the young generation who will push for a reversal of Brexit.
Panelists discuss the ongoing challenges in the post-Brexit process, the prospects that Northern Ireland and Scotland could leave the United Kingdom via referendums, and the possible implications for U.S. foreign policy in the United Kingdom and Europe.
Michel Barnier spoke about his new book, "My Secret Brexit Diary: a glorious illusion". During the 1600 days of complex and often acrimonious Brexit negotiations, Michel Barnier kept a secret diary. He recorded his private hopes and fears, and gave a blow-by-blow account as the negotiations oscillated between consensus and disagreement, transparency and lies.
In this lecture, Sara Hobolt examined unique survey evidence to explore the short-term and long-term impact of Brexit on public attitudes towards the European Union.
Wales Governance Centre Annual Lecture - 2021 - Brigid Laffan: This lecture analyses how Ireland responded to Brexit and the manner in which Brexit disturbed the delicate political and institutional balances that were central to the Good Friday Agreement.
This is how New Zealand TV is reporting the Brexit trade deal with the UK / They visibly can't believe their luck that British farming has been made the "sacrificial lamb" for a deal hugely beneficial to NZ with "negligeable benefits for UK farmers who get nothing in return"
So what I want this video to be is a bit of an explosion of these myths about the WTO. I'm just gonna give you the facts about them and the facts of where we stand at the moment in terms of the WTO and what it means for Britain for the future ... / So first of all number one something I want to make really clear. Nobody trades on World Trade Organisation rules alone.
Britain's turkey farmers will do their best to ensure Christmas "is as normal as it can be" but shortages are likely, an industry representative has warned.
France considers restrictions on fishing as contrary to post-Brexit agreement.
The UK's former permanent representative to the EU suggests that post-Brexit trade deals with New Zealand and Australia contribute little to the country's finances.
ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar spoke to Johnny Marr about the struggles facing British musicians.
This is the moment a caller told LBC that Brexit represents "self-sabotage".
'The message must go out to all countries... that this is a British government that doesn't necessarily keep its word,' Tánaiste Leo Varadkar has said in the wake of 'alarming' comments by Boris Johnson's former aide Dominic Cummings.
Lord Frost's proposal to scrap and replace the NI Protocol 'smacks of arrogance' according to Fine Gael's spokesperson on European Affairs.
The EU will bring forward new proposals for the Northern Ireland Protocol next week, European Commission Vice President Maros Šefčovič has said. He said he hopes they would form the basis for intensive talks with the UK. The protocol avoids a hard border on the island of Ireland by keeping Northern Ireland in the EU's single market for goods.
The UK is facing chaos. With supplies of some key goods becoming scarce, the military have been called in. Is Brexit to blame?
Adam S. Posen delivered the 2019 Data Analytics for Finance and Macro (DAFM) Annual Lecture at the DAFM Research Centre at King’s Business School in London.
British fishermen catch over fifty different species but unfortunately, British taste buds are largely restricted to salmon, cod, tuna and prawns. So 70% of British-caught fish is exported, mostly to EU customers. When Britain leaves the EU, British fishermen fear they could lose free access to their biggest market.
Quite the admission on the @Policy_Exchange’s Brexit panel. The protocol is being attacked not because it doesn’t work, but because it DOES - strengthening north-south economic links. And the urgency to dismantle it flows from the speed with which business is adjusting to it.