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Britain will pay £60 million to keep the Joint European Torus near Oxford running if negotiations to continue EU funding stall.
Project Fear has become Project Reality—just look at Britain’s car industry.
The boss of a major UK manufacturing firm has told the BBC he is considering moving investment to the US or Europe due to new subsidies offered there.
Oxford and Cambridge universities, once given more than £130m a year in total by European research programmes, are now getting £1m annually between them.
"It's not us putting the prices up, it's Brexit." / Rosa shared some staggering statistics. Between the referendum result in 2016 and May 2018, 1900 florists shut up shop. Between May to October 2018 more floristry businesses closed.
David Bailey looks at the implications of BMW’s decision to stop producing the electric MINI at its Oxford plant and sets out what the decisions tells us about the UK automotive industry post-Brexit.
The boss of Oxford Bus Company has said Brexit and Covid-19 are just some of reasons the business is struggling to hire drivers, as customers feel the impacts of delays.
An Oxford MP has slammed Boris Johnson’s trade deal with Europe as “botched”, stating it has sold many industries “down the river”.
PRO-EUROPE groups in Oxford are aiming to place themselves at the centre of the battle to re-join the EU’s customs union and single market, with a Labour peer telling them it needs to happen “as soon as possible”.
"Oxfordians want to build-back-better and level-up but we have one hand tied behind our backs labelled Brexit," the association behind the movement told TLE.
RESTAURATEURS say it is becoming ‘incredibly difficult’ to run their businesses due to supply failures caused by a perfect storm of problems caused by Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic.
Thousands who fled their war-torn country stand to lose their right to work, rent a home and access NHS.
Musk says uncertainty over future ruled UK out of running for new facility.
A man who says his business has folded due to Brexit has warned his home town of Scunthorpe about what the possible effects of leaving the EU might be.
BMW has previously warned that a no-deal Brexit could stop production of the Mini at its Cowley plant, where 4,500 jobs would be at risk.
The Mini factory near Oxford will close from October 31 in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with the thousands of workers at the plant going unpaid.
A "dramatic" fall in car production and an easing of stockpiling by manufacturers meant the economy shrank in April, official figures show.
THE LORD Mayor of Oxford has told a room full of EU nationals that Brexit will be ‘a disaster’.
THE UK’s decision to quit the EU continues to deepen the NHS staffing crisis with local hospitals reporting a ‘significant’ and ‘unexpected’ increase in the number of EU nurses leaving their posts in March.
Firms including BMW and Toyota warn of potential UK job losses and plant closures.
A no-deal Brexit threatens to have a major impact on the European economy. Companies have long since begun making concrete preparations for an eventuality that is looking increasingly likely.
BMW hinted it may move production of the iconic Mini from England to continental Europe as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
Car manufacturers appear to be hitting the accelerator out of Britain as the country moves toward an exit from the European Union. More than 1,000 jobs are set to be lost at Ford's engine plant in Wales, German auto-maker BMW is reportedly considering the viability of its Mini plant in Oxford while Nissan wants the U.K. government to guarantee suppliers for its plant in North East England.
Suggestion that carmaker could produce vehicle in Germany instead of Oxford comes amid fears over Vauxhall’s future.