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Conservative MPs have urged the government to use its Brexit freedoms to ditch the EU’s cautious approach to making sure pesticides are safe for human consumption.
American agricultural lobby groups had criticised some of the import bans.
Government scheme to replace EU agricultural payments fuelled by ‘blind optimism’ and still lacking crucial details, say MPs.
Fears for farmers and anger over dropping of pledge to bind Australia to crucial climate temperature limit.
The British government secretly dropped a series of climate pledges in order to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with Australia, leaked emails appear to show.
Rhetoric that government will develop gold standard fisheries is ‘a joke’, campaigners say.
Fisheries bill amendments on sustainable quotas and banning of supertrawlers defeated.
Company denies ‘sweet deal’ that will import sugar cane from countries with lower employment and environmental standards.
Greenpeace investigators say the firm, which also donated to the Conservatives, will be sole beneficiary of rule changes on importing raw cane sugar
Environment Secretary George Eustice sought to reassure campaigners, but fears Government will let green standards slide remain.
The UK could find itself off the hook over cases such as breaches of air pollution levels and a failure to act on peat bog burning, which campaigners say can exacerbate flooding.
‘Michael Gove is barking up the wrong tree and knows it,’ says Greenpeace.
‘Releasing information for public scrutiny is a key pillar of our democracy,’ says Greenpeace
Five leading green organisations have called on Theresa May to delay Brexit to avoid losing environmental protections created by “decades of campaigning”.