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Sinn Féin accuses UK government of ‘Tory petulance’ claiming its leader Mary Lou McDonald had been excluded from the talks.
Northern Ireland's Assembly will meet on Monday after a successful petition to recall members back to Stormont.
Refusal to nominate speaker derails legislature and raises stakes in London’s dispute with Brussels
Ulster Unionist Party leader Doug Beattie has claimed anti-Northern Ireland Protocol rallies are stoking tensions and his party can no longer support them.
Opposition to the arrangements that have created trade barriers between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK was a factor behind rioting that flared in several loyalist areas across the region in April.
A claim by British secretary of state Brandon Lewis that there is no Irish Sea border does not match the legal reality, the High Court heard today.
Violence could return to Northern Ireland unless the Brexit borders agreement with the EU is torn up, former first minister David Trimble is warning.
First Minister says issues about symbolism and practicality.
The government is facing fresh criticism over the Northern Ireland Protocol amid warnings it obstructs the "free movement" of the military.
TUV leader urges DUP and Ulster Unionists to unite with him against ‘perilous’ threat to union.
SF MLA says changes to withdrawal deal would drive ‘coach and horses’ through Belfast Agreement.
DUP MP questions Boris Johnson’s plans after producing letter about preparations.
EU-UK deal means border posts to be created at Northern Ireland ports, says SF Minister.