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"Richard Tice should call in more often", Marina Purkiss said after watching the clip. / Reform Party leader Richard Tice phoned into a TV debate on Brexit only to get a humiliating dressing down by documentary maker, Caolan Robertson.
Why does the newspaper continue to publish Larry Elliot’s Corbynite nonsense on the EU?
Richard Tice responds to claims by Conservative deputy chair Lee Anderson that he was offered ‘a lot of money’ to switch.
Party denies allegation but claims it has had discussions with Tory MPs, ministers and former ministers ‘furious’ with the ‘complete betrayal of the government’s promises’.
The UK Independence Party (Ukip) has been wiped out at England’s local elections, losing all six seats it was defending.
There were sighs of relief in many quarters when it was announced that the British government was not going ahead with plans for a wholesale bonfire of EU regulation.
Former UKIP leader blames Tory government for not taking advantage of leaving the EU.
However, disenchantment with Brexit has been one of the most notable trends of 2022 with a feeling that it has not lived up to the promises made at the time of the referendum. / Two thirds or 65% of British people think Brexit has gone badly compared to just 21% who think it has gone well according to an Opinium survey in early December.
Sectors from fishing to aviation, farming to science report being bogged down in red tape, struggling to recruit staff and racking up losses for the first time.
The Brexit Party has been accused of “hypocrisy” over an unpaid bill of at least £22,000 after it refused to pay its debts despite an order from a Scottish court.
Nigel Farage has applied to change the Brexit Party's name to Reform UK, promising to focus on dealing with the government's "woeful" Covid response.
Nigel Farage is to relaunch his Brexit Party as an anti-lockdown party called Reform UK as he campaigns against measures imposed by the UK government to slow the spread of coronavirus.
He disclosed that he planned to change the Brexit Party’s name to the Reform Party if Britain leaves the European Union next month.