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Operators are both baffled and annoyed with the chancellor's supposed assistance. / "To conflate this with Brexit is complete nonsense. They either want to help the pubs or not. If you want a link to Brexit, the damage done is far worse than the freezing of some duty."
Brexiteers promised to “take back control.” But the decision has instead delivered recession, gloom, and despair.
A spokesperson said: "With a heavy heart, we are sad to announce that we will not be reopening The Lamb’s doors again. With the compound impact of Covid, Brexit & rising cost of living, we can no longer continue to trade and have decided to move on."
One of Berkhamsted's oldest pubs has announced that it has permanently closed after dealing with the ‘impact of Covid, the impact of Brexit and the rising cost of living’.
"Overseas workers visas is something we need to be looking at. There's over 200,000 vacancies within hospitality up and down the country."
Nearly 200,000 hospitality workers have left the UK since the pandemic, despite post-Brexit visa schemes introduced by the Government, according to Caterer.com.
"It is a really difficult time to find chefs everyone is struggling, it is a combination of Brexit and COVID. Lots of European chefs have returned to their country and there are not enough English chefs to replace them."
Tourism and hospitality activity in the Ribble Valley and work to stabilise the constantly-changing visitor economy following Brexit and the pandemic is being discussed by borough councillors this week.
The White Cliffs Hotel is 140 years old but the owner said it suffered a steep downturn after Brexit and the pandemic.
A popular, award-winning pub in Cheshire has been forced to close over the winter due to a 'perfect storm' of issues including the Covid lockdowns and Brexit.
Mitchells & Butlers, part-owned by horseracing tycoons John Magnier and JP McManus, said Brexit had compounded risks around the supply and cost of products as well as labour shortages
"Brexit remains an important event for the market and has created risks for the sector, principally around the supply and cost of products and workforce shortages."
Mitchells says Brexit has compounded risks for the sector.
British holidaymakers planning to escape to Spain for Christmas could struggle to get their favourite drinks at bars, restaurants and supermarkets due to alcohol shortages.
Brexit and the pandemic have been blamed and some businesses have had to change their opening hours, while others have thrown in the towel.
With inflation set to rise, alongside the cost of shopping and transport, the economic fallout will squeeze Britons’ budgets.
Driver shortages caused by Covid-19 and Brexit mean a pub's much-loved giant pork pies could be off the menu for the first time in years.
But over the course of the year, a crisis, fuelled by the decision to leave the European Union, has been steadily, stealthily, stretching its tentacles around many of the services and products we expect and rely on.
Britain needs 100,000 more drivers if it is to meet demand, according to the UK's Road Haulage Association (RHA). The signs are already there: sporadic gaps on supermarket shelves, pubs running low on beer, McDonald's suspending milkshakes.
Popular breakfasts fall victim to latest supply-chain headache for Tim Martin – week after some of his pubs ran out of Heineken
Heineken said strike action was actually cancelled – and that wider supply chain problems were the cause of the delays.
Wetherspoon's — one of the U.K.'s largest pub chains — admitted this week that they were struggling to keep some major beer brands in stock.
With supply chain problems being blamed on workers self-isolating, Caolan Robertson reports on what business owners, managers and labourers have been telling him across the country about the consequences of Brexit.
‘Everything’s just a lot more difficult and it’s costing us more’
The UK hospitality industry’s labour shortage is set to get ‘significantly worse’ after the cut-off for EU settled status on 30 June, a London law firm has warned.