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US president quietly abandons talks as he focuses on elections next year. / Joe Biden has dashed hopes of a post-Brexit transatlantic trade deal with the UK as he looks to bolster US industry as part of his bid for re-election.
Britain is looking to strike trade agreements following its departure from the European Union, but Mr Biden’s administration has put talks on ice.
‘President Biden has said all the right things from our point of view in the past couple of years,’ the Irish premier said.
Ursula von der Leyen pledges ‘unprecedented’ investments in clean technologies. / The EU is preparing to take on President Joe Biden’s showpiece legislation, which has turbocharged green investment in the US, by loosening restrictions on subsidies in Europe and accelerating permits for new projects.
But the EU does not want to reopen debates about the terms of the Brexit deal: “Only in the UK are people still arguing about Brexit,” a source said. “No one in Europe thinks about it any more.”
The US is ready to scrap mooted plans for Joe Biden to visit the UK for the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement if Rishi Sunak fails to strike a deal with the EU on post-Brexit trade arrangements with Northern Ireland in time.
Northern Ireland minister’s proposal comes after PM denied plans for Swiss-style relationship with EU.
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak 'didn't discuss' a post-Brexit trade deal in his first meeting with Joe Biden - and dodged questions on whether Brexit has played a part in Britain's economic woes
Liz Truss has conceded negotiations for a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US will not restart for years as she flew to New York ahead of a meeting with Joe Biden.
Biden discussed post-Brexit impasse with new PM in their first phone call.
Former prime minister declares that trade deal is off the table until problems are solved.
Andrew Marr grills Conor Burns MP as he struggles to name an American politician supportive of the government's plan to scrap parts of the NI Protocol without EU support.
Northern Ireland’s second-biggest political party says it will block the formation of a working Belfast legislature, deepening political deadlock over post-Brexit trade rules.
Influential delegation likely to underline Biden’s commitment to defending Good Friday agreement and US role as a guarantor.
Tearing up Northern Ireland protocol ‘will spark trade war, drive up inflation and damage UK influence’, warns senior Tory MP.
Any prospect of prime minister being invited to this week’s EU summit appears to have vanished – but Joe Biden will be there.
Sinn Fein was once disparaged as the political wing of the IRA. It’s now on course to be the biggest party in both the north and south of the island.
Wrong to ‘conflate’ issues, Boris Johnson’s spokesman insists – after US official said talks were on hold because of Article 16 fears.
European affairs minister says British government out of step with preserving peace with protocol threats.
Brussels chief says US president agrees Britain should not ditch post-Brexit protocol.
Government should lift ‘veil of secrecy’ as big decisions are made about protocol, says shadow NI secretary.
'Hang on we were told the UK was first in line for a trade deal,' wrote one Twitter user.
Boris Johnson talked up a trade deal with the U.S. as one of the major prizes of his campaign for Brexit. Sitting in the Oval Office on Tuesday, it was clear the U.K. leader has little hope of delivering it.
Joe Biden has downplayed prospects of brokering a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK by instead warning Boris Johnson that peace in Northern Ireland must not be jeopardised over post-Brexit trade rules.
A swift transatlantic FTA was repeatedly trumpeted by Leave campaigners, including Mr Johnson, as the biggest prize from Brexit.