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A leading writer on the economy explains why the underperformance of the stock market should shock and concern everyone.
Rachel Johnson has said “Brexit is a s*** idea” and suggested her brother, Boris Johnson, thinks the same, in a resurfaced interview. / Speaking on a Norwegian talk show presented by Fredrik Skavlan, Ms Johnson revealed Brexit “divided the family”.
2024: Boris Johnson says the UK had the fastest vaccine rollout because we left the EU / 2020: Dr June Raine (then CEO of the MHRA speaking at a Downing Street briefing) says the UK approved the vaccine rollout while under EU rules
National Farmers’ Union president Minette Batters has taken a swipe at former prime minister Boris Johnson for adopting a “morally bankrupt” position during post-Brexit trade talks with the US.
There is a stark disconnect between promises of prosperity and the grim post-Brexit reality for the UK fishing industry, according to fishing boat owner Mark Addison. "There's been issues with queues, passports, paperwork, groupage in lorries.... which is a big problem with fresh produce like fish." says Mr Addison, speaking from Peterhead in Scotland, Europe's largest whitefish market.
The Northern Ireland secretary was put in the hot seat on Monday when a BBC presenter asked him whether Brexit was “now actually done” after “eight years of uncertainty”.
Exclusive: Britain is falling behind the bloc on almost every area of green regulation, analysis reveals.
Those present consumed a whopping 117 bottles of Gusbourne Blanc de Blancs 2014, which is sold for around £65 a bottle. / In total, the bill came to an unbelievable £7,897!
THE cost of a boozy Brexit party held at Number 10 as Covid was emerging has finally been revealed following a lengthy court fight.
As Tata Steel announced significant job losses in Port Talbot, Byline TV asked Carwyn Jones why it’s happened. The answer: Brexit, and apathy.
Though Johnson promised ‘no non-tariff barriers’, firms say they are struggling under ‘compliance burden’ of customs and safety checks.
After holding off some formidable competition, Michelle Mone has claimed the coveted title of The New European’s Liar of the Year for 2023.
The halving of EU students studying in the UK since Brexit has negatively impacted our university’s finances. Time to rejoin Erasmus?
Many UK cheese makers could face 245% duty from 1 January, making exporting unaffordable. / A priceless opportunity to sell “more affordable high-quality cheese to Canada” was one of those many Brexit boons that Boris Johnson championed with his customary blather as prime minister.
No, Brexit didn’t change the UK’s ability to authorise the Covid-19 vaccines earlier than the rest of the EU.
At the Covid-19 Inquiry, it was clear that British exceptionalism defined the former prime minister’s pandemic response.
The Covid inquiry has shone a light on the government’s pandemic response. Now it’s time for scrutiny of another national disaster.
Richard Tice responds to claims by Conservative deputy chair Lee Anderson that he was offered ‘a lot of money’ to switch.
Former PM made ‘huge mistake’, says Michel Barnier – who backs Labour plan for post-Brexit veterinary deal.
The Tory Party has been taken over by cynics and fantasists, says former Telegraph editor Max Hastings – which is why he has decided to vote Labour.
A conspiratorial group of extreme Brexit lobbyists mounted an extraordinary campaign against one of the world’s most prestigious science journals – part of a series of joint investigations between Byline Times and Computer Weekly.
Tory MP Tobias Ellwood says both his party and Labour are being dishonest over the disaster of Brexit.
David Campbell Bannerman, who wants to stand for South Norfolk, launched body that attacked privileges committee.
Some of Boris Johnson's new neighbours aren't pleased the ex-prime minister has moved to their village, and they're taking their revenge by loudly flying the EU flag in their gardens.
Tokyo is the biggest winner of the UK’s accession to the CPTPP.