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Tory MP Tobias Ellwood says both his party and Labour are being dishonest over the disaster of Brexit.
The reality of Brexit is starting to hit us all - and even those who voted to leave the EU are getting upset.
David Campbell Bannerman, who wants to stand for South Norfolk, launched body that attacked privileges committee.
Some of Boris Johnson's new neighbours aren't pleased the ex-prime minister has moved to their village, and they're taking their revenge by loudly flying the EU flag in their gardens.
Ken Clarke tells MPs: 'I do think the Prime Minister has a tremendous skill in keeping a straight face whilst he's being so disingenuous'. / Boris Johnson has been defeated again as MPs pass bill blocking no-deal.
Tokyo is the biggest winner of the UK’s accession to the CPTPP.
If democracies continue to produce such dysfunctional leaders, the only beneficiaries will be authoritarian states with their repressive, brutal alternative.
Boris Johnson infamously said 'Brexit saved lives' earlier this year. Judging by these comments, it did precisely the opposite.
Seven years since the referendum, how have the “promises” made by the most prominent Brexiteers panned out? Here’s a rundown of the 10 most spectacular untruths.
The leaders of our political parties cannot go on hiding from the damage to our economy, our reputation in the world and the frustration of our younger generation, writes Lord Michael Heseltine.
Former Tory MP Lord Stewart Jackson clashes with Ellie Mae O’Hagan from the Good Law Project after a Commons committee found the ex-PM deliberately misled parliament.
"The biggest lie that Johnson ever told, and the one that was most widely believed, was over Brexit", Martin Kettle said.
Good Morning Britain host Susannah Reid had a heated exchange with Nigel Farage after the former UKIP leader claimed he could team up with Boris Johnson to 'defend their Brexit legacy'.
Plaid Cymru’s Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts MP, has criticised Boris Johnson’s “reprehensible decision” to prioritise Brexit over pandemic preparations.
Brexiteers were rewarded in the list of Boris Johnson’s honours, which has been criticised for rewarding ‘cronies’.
The ‘remoaner elite’, the civil service, the BBC, universities, unions, refugees: anything is blamed but Brexit itself.
As the UK-Australia trade deal comes into force, those close to the negotiations reflect on their dramatic — and farcical — climax.
‘Your boss has conceded the whole kingdom’, Australian negotiator said to have told Liz Truss.
The ruling Conservatives’ efforts to big up their paltry free trade deals with Australia and New Zealand took something of a comic turn this week, with the revelation that the UK Government was shipping signed copies of The Beano to the two countries.
Economic hardship and war have not pushed Europe’s nations apart, but closer together.
MPs are increasingly looking to review point of trade deal in 2025 to push for better terms.
What the former Prime Minister warned BEFORE the referendum.
British rice milling industry faces wipe-out from part of a trade deal being discussed with India. First proposed by Boris Johnson, it is also predicted to raise consumer food prices and break UK limits on pesticides.
Brussels unwilling to reopen the Brexit deal negotiated by Boris Johnson, but could consider ‘technical’ changes, i understands.