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'Obviously if we can’t then we will have the very good option also of an Australian-style arrangement,' says PM.
Angela Merkel has warned Britons will have to “live with the consequences” of Boris Johnson rejecting Theresa May’s plan to continue close economic ties with Brussels after Brexit.
German leader signals trade compromise less likely as she hardens tone on no-deal Brexit.
On 7 October last year, there was a defining phone call between Boris Johnson and Angel Merkel.
Dozens of countries fear Boris Johnson is hindering reappointment of secretary general.
Demands for prime minister to reveal if dangers listed in ‘no-deal readiness report’ last autumn are still real – and whether they have grown because of pandemic.
Cost expected to total £900,000.
Opposition MPs have reacted furiously after Downing Street confirmed that work to paint a military plane used by the British prime minister in the colours of the Union flag will cost almost £1 million.
Talks likely to go well beyond summer, with stakes rising for British business.
“On Tuesday they’re going to come into Parliament … and then in the next week they are going to be prorogued, or suspended," NBC News reporter Matt McBradley said.
Boris Johnson clashed with members of Parliament over a no-deal Brexit. David Smith of the Guardian explains what happened in Parliament today and what this means for Brexit's future.
Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor of the Financial Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the fight in British Parliament over the U.K. leaving the European Union has tied British politics in knots and challenged the system of democracy itself.
In just 24 hours, UK PM Boris Johnson lost three parliamentary voters critical for his Brexit plan. MSNBC Brian Williams looks at where British officials will go from here.
Rachel Maddow reports on a controversy in the UK in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson is blocking the release of a report on Russian interference in the Brexit vote until after the general election scheduled for December.
"[The EU is] Pinching our fish" - Boris Johnson quoted in The Telegraph, 16 June 2016
Conservative and pro-Brexit voters are turning against the prime minister after he refused to sack his chief adviser.
EU’s Michel Barnier writes to opposition leader repeating offer of two-year extension.
Britain’s chief negotiator, Sir David Frost, told a select committee hearing a decision will be made at 'leader level' next month.
Downing Street was accused of muzzling the crucial Liaison Committee after putting key Vote Leave figure Bernard Jenkin up as the only candidate to lead it.
The news comes despite PM Boris Johnson pledging last year "there won't be checks" created as a result of his tweaked deal.
Boris Johnson falsely claimed during the election that his Brexit deal didn't include new controls.
Inquiry into Whitehall’s Brexit role says prime ministers failed to protect officials.
As the June extension deadline looms, the prime minister’s priority will be to minimise damage to his personal brand and legacy.