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From the man who brought us the garden bridge and water cannons
Boris Johnson is about to feel the pinch of Brexit Britain’s new global status: squeezed on one side by Europeans in no mood to yield, and on the other by a United States driving a hard bargain for its economic support.
French president tells Boris Johnson he must present concrete proposals for UK exit.
‘I don’t think it’s the will of the British people to become the junior partner of the US’, French president says ahead of Paris meeting.
Nick Boles fears ruse is way to suspend parliament for general election – to be held after UK has crashed out of EU. / Boris Johnson is ready to “declare no confidence in himself” as a trick to thwart MPs and carry out a no-deal Brexit, a senior MP is warning.
Ireland described the proposal as "worrying" and dismissed any suggestion that the country would align with the UK.
Boris Johnson greets Angela Merkel as protesters shout from the other side of the fence.
German chancellor puts responsibility for crashing out of EU firmly at UK PM’s door.
Health leaders have written to Boris Johnson issuing new warnings on the impact of a no-deal Brexit.
Ireland‘s EU commissioner has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, accusing the “unelected prime minister” of “gambling” with the Irish peace process.
Boris Johnson downplaying economic risks for political gain, say bank’s economists in scathing assessment of government’s strategy and its impact
Britain's vote will be delegated by power of attorney to Finland.
The Prime Minister has written to the EU demanding the 'backstop' is scrapped - but he got short shrift from Leo Varadkar
The rousing music, red-white-and-blue colours and soaring camera angles of this clip seem awfully familiar
Deborah Offen on how the uncertainty over ‘settled status’ is driving her British-Danish family out of the UK, Wiktor Moszczynski on Boris Johnson’s betrayal of promises to EU residents of the UK. Plus letters from Jane Lee and Simon Sweeney
EU says prime minister presented no real proposals and seems to seek return of hard border in Ireland.
European Council President Donald Tusk has said that a letter sent to him by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson included no "realistic alternatives" to the backstop.
Just hours before letter to Donald Tusk, one EU leader insisted withdrawal agreement ‘cannot be reopened’.
Downing Street confirmed that the right of European Union nationals to freedom of movement would end overnight on 31 October in a no-deal.
Tory MP accuses Boris Johnson of demagoguery adding it was not unexpected ‘given his track record’. / Dominic Grieve has accused Boris Johnson of “behaving like a demagogue” and said the UK prime minister’s rhetoric has led directly to him receiving death threats.
Cabinet secretary urged to investigate whether film of new prime minister breaches strict rules on political neutrality.
MPs say language is associated with fascism and could put politicians and staff at risk.
On the 21st anniversary of the Omagh bombing, the prime minister's brinkmanship over a no-deal Brexit manages to be both morally indefensible and utterly stupid.
Accusing rebel MPs and EU of ‘a terrible collaboration’, prime minister admits: ‘The longer that goes on, the more likely it is of course that we will be forced to leave with a no-deal Brexit’