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Labour’s leader is perceived to be sitting on his hands over Europe. But private discussions with European leaders tell a different story.
Six years after the referendum on June 23, 2016, if we put aside the profound political consequences – a divided England, Scotland and Northern Ireland pulling away, a more isolated country – what is the economic toll?
An exclusive poll shows that 60% of voters – including 46% of Leave voters – think Boris Johnson has failed on Brexit.
Now, the 75-year-old wants to know, how do we reverse Brexit? / Taking to Twitter, Lord Sugar issued a scathing attack on the Conservative government, initially retweeting a brutal image that read: ‘Brexit has not worked. There are no opportunities. It was all based on lies. The sooner we admit this, the better.’
The moving vans have already started arriving at Downing Street, as Britain’s Conservative Party prepares to evict Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
'However, Britain’s current political and economic prospects look grim. To say this is not to be unreasonably pessimistic, but simply to face facts.'
Populism over sense 23/08/2022
Britain first backed Brexit in a populist vote — albeit narrowly — a foolish move taking a slice of Britain’s economic strength. / Empty words and false and exaggerated claims combined with a dose of nationalism to tip the balance.
Britons must look at themselves calmly and honestly, recognizing the tough times that lie ahead and the changes needed to get the country back on track. Unfortunately, the country's political leaders remain unwilling to treat voters like grown-ups.
As Prime Minister Boris Johnson prepares to depart Downing Street, tossed from office by his own party, his legacy — the opening lines of his eventual obituary — will call him the man who “got Brexit done.” / So how is that going? What can be said about the post-Brexit Britain that Johnson is leaving behind?
As it has already been well documented that Brexit proved to be a political and economic disaster for all sections of our divided society, it should not come as a surprise to learn that it has also had a hugely negative impact on community relations.
"It's like a turkey voting for Christmas, isn't it?" / A farmer’s passionate speech about Brexit from 2019 has been making the rounds on social media – with one person saying it “could have been made yesterday”.
His comments came hours after after a three-judge Scottish court ruled that his government's advice to the Queen, which led to the five-week prorogation that started Monday, was “unlawful” because it basically disguised the government’s true reason for wanting a parliamentary shutdown.
"I often wonder whether, in the privacy of their own homes, they replay the claims and promises they made and compare it with the outcomes delivered."
"The exit of Mr. Johnson, Brexit’s most charmed cheerleader, marks the demise of a fantasy." / “Economically stagnant, socially fragmented and politically adrift, the country is being cut down to size. The right’s Brexit fantasy — of a revitalized Britain, freed from the shackles of Europe and able once again to confidently assert itself at home and abroad — is finished,” Seymour writes.
Brexit after Boris 31/07/2022
Boris Johnson became prime minister on the promise that Brexit would bring prosperity and pride. Did it?
The Government has "systematically destroyed" trust across Ireland, according to SDLP Claire Hanna who has criticised Boris Johnson at his last Prime Minister's Questions (PMQs).
UK and French officials in war of words as holidaymakers hit by long delays.
Following a weekend of utter chaos at the Channel crossing, James O'Brien reminds listeners how the Tories insisted Brexit would not bring about these very issues.
Boris Johnson’s Trumpian remarks on the “deep state” will almost certainly have a destructive effect on British democracy.
PM uses conspiracy theorists’ phrase, as he claims Labour leader will overturn Brexit at ‘drop of a hat’.
The prime minister’s exit not only disgraces him and his party – it indicts the fast-unravelling project that brought him to No 10.
In historical terms, however, those transgressions will end up being little more than footnotes. Viewed from afar, Johnson’s greatest failing is liable to be what he hoped would be his glorious legacy: Brexit.
No Conservative will dare admit the searingly obvious: Brexit is proving a catastrophe for Britain.