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There remains widespread anger amongst Scotland’s farmers and growers amid press reports that the UK Government is to further delay – for the fourth time – the introduction of post-Brexit border controls on animal and plant products imported from the EU.
Further delays to introducing post-Brexit border controls on fresh farm produce from the EU 'seriously disregards' the interests of British farmers, NFU Scotland has warned.
A SCOTTISH farmers union has criticised the UK Government for kicking “the can down the road” on implementing an improved system of border controls for meat and other products entering the country.
THE UK Government failed to heed warnings over the damage Brexit would do to Scotland’s food and farming sectors, despite “clearly being aware of the consequences”, a Scottish minister has said.
BBC Scotland has broken its silence as the questions around its policy of reporting on Brexit mount. / The broadcaster has come under fire in recent days after it aired an interview with the president of the National Farmers Union (NFU) Scotland, Martin Kennedy.
PRESSURE is mounting on the BBC after the broadcaster was accused of editing out a reference to Brexit in a clip about food shortages.
The potential threats of Brexit to Scottish farmers continue to 'vastly outweigh' the potential opportunities, NFU Scotland has warned one year on from UK withdrawal.
"The UK government’s decision to further delay the introduction of border controls on imports from the EU is a bitter blow to Scottish farmers and the Scottish food and drink industry."
Boris Johnson’s free trade deal with Australia could cause devastation on a scale with the Highland Clearances, a former Scottish Government minister has claimed.
NFU Scotland has told the government to prioritise the paperwork and physical inspections associated with agri-food trade to the EU that has resulted in delay and losses.
Representatives from Scotland's fishing and seafood industry are briefing politicians on the impact of the Brexit trade deal.