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The ability for Parliament to shape and scrutinise trade deals is weaker now than when the UK was a member of the European Union, former Brexit negotiator Lord Frost has said.
The Democratic Unionist Party had an outsized voice in Westminster during Britain’s Brexit negotiations.
The government has suffered defeats in the House of Lords over plans to scrap certain EU laws by the end of the year. / Peers backed an amendment which would give Parliament greater scrutiny over which rules should be ditched.
A debate in the UK Parliament on the Overseas Territories heard that the Gibraltar Parliament has not been able to meet on a regular basis, due to the impact of Brexit.
Last night's episode of Newsnight (11 May), left viewers open-mouthed after Alastair Campbell and Victoria Derbyshire seemingly got into a stand-off over Brexit. / “Sorry, you bring these people on, you never challenge them, you let them talk utter rubbish about Brexit and it’s happened on the BBC for year after year after year”, blasted.
“You bring Brexiters on, you never challenge them. You let them talk utter rubbish about Brexit. Year after year after year.”
The speaker of the House of Commons Sir Lindsey Hoyle lost his temper with Kemi Badenoch when the secretary of state failed to inform the house of the government's U-turn on repealing retained EU laws.
Lindsay Hoyle enraged by business secretary’s response to criticism.
UK lawmakers have urged EU and UK officials to gradually rebuild relations following a period of “tension and mistrust”, putting visa access for musicians and speedy UK access to the Horizon Europe research programme at the top of a list of policy fixes.
SNP MP Martin Day argued that an inquiry had been set up into the handling of the pandemic - and that Brexit's impact would likely be even bigger.
Parliament hears proponents of leaving the EU are “in a state of confusion and denial” as calls grow for public inquiry.
MPs have urged the UK government to launch a public inquiry to assess the effects of Brexit in a parliamentary debate triggered by a petition. / A three-hour debate was held after 183,000 people signed a petition calling for a public inquiry into the impact of leaving the European Union. / The government says Brexit was a "democratic choice" and dismissed calls for a public inquiry.
“If there are any MPs who genuinely believe Brexit is delivering what was promised then they should say so", Peter Packham said.
Confidence in Brussels has shot up in latest sign of Brexit regret. / The British public has more confidence in the EU than the UK parliament, a new survey has found in a remarkable turnaround of a trend lasting decades.
David Davis suggested the turn in fortunes could be because the UK media have stopped “kicking Brussels all the time”.
MPs will get a vote next Wednesday on the Stormont brake aspect of Rishi Sunak's Windsor Framework, which was agreed with the EU last month in a bid to undo the worst excesses of Boris Johnson's deal,
Which way will the DUP jump - and will there be a Tory rebellion?
Public has ‘right to know reality of what Brexit has done’, say campaigners after petition passes threshold. / The Conservative government has previously stated that the consequences of Brexit is not “an appropriate subject for a public inquiry”.
"Whether you are for or against it, Brexit Is without doubt the most significant event in 21st century British history - so it is quite extraordinary that there has never before been a parliamentary debate, dedicated to its impacts and consequences. So the probable upcoming debate in Parliament will be of substantial historical significance."
The BBC’s Analysis editor Ros Atkins looks at the controversy surrounding the government’s plan to scrap thousands of EU-era laws.
First came Brexit. Now comes Britain’s bonfire of European laws. / Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is pushing ahead with a contentious plan to remove all remaining European Union laws from Britain’s statute book by the end of 2023, despite opponents’ claims that the move is rash and unworkable.
The MPs have joined a cross-party group calling on ministers to declare which Brussels-made rules will be removed from British statute books.
Ministers are facing a clash with opposition and Conservative MPs over their plans to scrap EU-era laws copied over to UK law after Brexit.
The MPs have joined a cross-party group calling on ministers to declare which Brussels-made rules will be removed from British statute books.
Why Rees-Mogg’s bill to sunset EU laws is so inflammatory and what you can do about it.