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Trade secretary agrees to set up a commission to oversee trade deals amid growing concern over chlorinated chicken imports.
European Scrutiny Committee writes to Michael Gove demanding transparency on EU/UK Joint Committee.
“On Tuesday they’re going to come into Parliament … and then in the next week they are going to be prorogued, or suspended," NBC News reporter Matt McBradley said.
Boris Johnson clashed with members of Parliament over a no-deal Brexit. David Smith of the Guardian explains what happened in Parliament today and what this means for Brexit's future.
Gillian Tett, U.S. managing editor of the Financial Times, talks with Rachel Maddow about how the fight in British Parliament over the U.K. leaving the European Union has tied British politics in knots and challenged the system of democracy itself.
Rachel Maddow shares some highlights from the day in the U.K. Parliament as the impasse over how to resolve Brexit wore on.
In just 24 hours, UK PM Boris Johnson lost three parliamentary voters critical for his Brexit plan. MSNBC Brian Williams looks at where British officials will go from here.
Despite the best efforts of a cross-party coalition of MPs to stop the ‘shutdown’, Wednesday marked the end of the successful Virtual Parliament proceedings in the Commons.
Downing Street was accused of muzzling the crucial Liaison Committee after putting key Vote Leave figure Bernard Jenkin up as the only candidate to lead it.
Plans to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600 have been dropped by the government, citing "a greater workload" following Brexit.
Hard-fought EU withdrawal legislation now needs only Royal Assent to become law, clearing path for Brexit on 31 January.
Anti-Brexit activist Steve Bray has been subjected to another attack from a group of 'thugs' while campaigning outside the Houses of Parliament.
The Brexit withdrawal agreement bill clears the House of Commons thanks to Boris Johnson's 80-seat majority.
MPs have given their final backing to the bill that will implement the UK government's Brexit deal.
The Bill passed its third reading in the Commons and will now be considered by the House of Lords.
The PM's EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill not only drives the hardest Brexit of all, it shuts MPs out of negotiations on the UK's future relationship with the EU
Bid to force Boris Johnson to act thrown out – despite charities warning youngsters are in danger as they are forced to turn to smugglers.
MPs vote by 330-231 to give the Withdrawal Agreement Bill a third reading.
Lib Dems could win cross-party support for an amendment requiring the government to publish regular reports on impact of Brexit
Electoral law, the legal system and parliament itself will all be reformed to the Conservatives’ advantage.
Former Tory justice secretary David Gauke says MPs were promised a vote to avoid a second no-deal Brexit 'trapdoor'.
Former Speaker tells foreign media UK is better off as part of EU power bloc.
'Reckless' move puts UK at continued risk of no-deal crash-out at the end of 2020, former minister warns.