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Prime Minister loses crucial vote on programme motion that would have paved the way to leave the EU by October 31.
Commons refuses to accept tight timetable for EU exit blueprint to meet Halloween deadline.
Boris Johnson's Brexit Bill has major consequences for the UK and our future prosperity. MPs would be failing in their duty if they did not scrutinise it line-by-line.
This has a strong whiff of the 1930s about it – it is a right wing, nationalist government’s attempt to suppress dissent.
MPs also protested that they were being asked to vote for a 'blind Brexit' because ministers had not published details of the impact.
Donald Tusk indicates that extension would be granted to prevent a no-deal.
The Vote. The March. The Deal and the Amendments. The balance of power. And the decision? As we steel ourselves for the biggest day in this whole struggle, Dorian Lynskey, Ros Taylor and Ian Dunt assemble to examine what’s on the table, how we got here and how we might get out of it.
Prime minister under pressure as Commons coalition attempts to force closer relationship with EU after Brexit.
Speaker rules it would be ‘repetitive and disorderly’ for MPs to vote again on deal.
Boris Johnson thinks he’s got a deal. Arlene Foster isn’t so sure. Nobody knows what’s in the deal – but some of the ERG think it’ll pass the Commons anyway. The Remainiacs team gather to work out what we know, what we don’t know… and what we think will be put before Parliament on Saturday.
Protesters demanding another Brexit referendum reacted with jubilation as MPs voted to force a further delay.
They were charity assistants, health professionals, teachers and parents … all demanding a final say in their future.
MPs delivered their latest defeat to Boris Johnson in accepting an amendment by Oliver Letwin to withhold approval for the prime minster’s Brexit withdrawal agreement until relevant legislation has passed. Find out how the vote broke down, and how each MP voted.
Boris Johnson has been dealt a humiliating double blow as MPs ordered him to delay Brexit while up to a million voters marched on parliament to demand a Final Say referendum.
With MPs meeting on a Saturday for the first time since the Falklands conflict, how will the day unfold and what does it all mean?
German chancellor tells EU leaders UK should be offered extension if it is requested.
MPs have won a key parliamentary vote paving the way for a Commons bid to secure a second referendum on Saturday.
Emmanuel Macron among those welcoming agreement yet warning of hurdles ahead.
An analysis of the possible numbers suggests pessimism would be wise at this stage and it will come down to the finest of margins.
Boris Johnson ready to refuse to implement any call for a fresh referendum.
Hate crime spiked during parliamentary debates around what Boris Johnson labelled a "surrender bill" aiming to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
MPs will be asked back to Westminster on October 19 – the deadline day for Boris Johnson to agree a deal or ask for an extension.
Commons will sit two days after EU summit as concerns build over PM’s stance on Benn act.