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The Entry/Exit System is set to start in October but many operational details remain unclear, as fears grow of major delays at Dover and Eurotunnel.
Since the UK left the EU on January 1, 2024, the country has departed from the bloc and its member states in a number of different ways when it comes to air, rail and sea travel.
Rishi Sunak is facing fresh demands to improve the UK’s Brexit deal with the EU.
There were sighs of relief in many quarters when it was announced that the British government was not going ahead with plans for a wholesale bonfire of EU regulation.
Summer 2023 could spell additional trouble for the UK travel industry, with over half of rail and airline operators worrying about future staffing shortages – and almost 40 per cent blaming Brexit.
Two years have passed since the UK formally exited the European Union (Brexit) and a new set of rules and regulations covering trade, travel, and business came into play. / Europe’s business aviation community continues to reel from the break-up, which initiated a host of unwelcome changes to the regulatory and operational landscape.
The closure of Aer Lingus’ Belfast base after 15 years shows the harm caused by Brexit to the UK travel industry, a travel writer has said.
Charlie Cornish says departure from EU has harmed UK aviation sector’s ability to recruit workers.
Opposition to the retained EU law bill is mounting, as the government discovers the importance and popularity of EU law.
Controversial Tory bill set to inflict further damage on businesses, with no clues yet about incoming legislation.
The company confirmed that it will end its service between the Belfast and London hubs at the end of October, and described the decision to be “Brexit-related”.
With the transitional licensing window for EASA-validated personnel working in the UK expiring at year-end, the clock is running down to secure new post-Brexit approvals.
If any further proof was needed that Brexit has been a catastrophe for all sections of our divided society, it was supplied by the axing of the key Aer Lingus route between Belfast City Airport and Heathrow in London.
BRITISH Airways has confirmed it will increase activity at Belfast City Airport to make up for the loss of Aer Lingus on the busy London Heathrow route at the end of October. / The Irish carrier has been forced to withdraw from the service, with Dublin-based trade union Fórsa blaming Brexit.
Ministers say leaving the EU ‘has given the UK a world of future opportunities’. So I have tracked down the travel advantages.
Robert Banks claims he was wrongly blocked from travelling from Newcastle to Amsterdam for a conference by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines due to the issue date of his passport.
Michael Gove has found himself stuck in Brexit-related travel chaos at an airport in Athens.
BREXIT has impacted the performance and safety of “lifeline” aviation services on Scotland’s west coast, transport minister Jenny Gilruth has warned.
Kate Barke had to say goodbye to her children at the gate just 15 minutes before their Ryanair flight was due to take off for Palma de Mallorca due to new Brexit rules.
The easyJet CEO tells LBC that the number of EU nationals working for the airline has dropped by 37.5% due to Brexit, causing some travel delays.
Ryanair’s boss Michael O’Leary has called for “a bit more” of common sense on the government’s side when implementing post-Brexit immigration rules.
Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker has made the implication that the UK’s departure from the EU, or Brexit, may be a contributing factor in the staffing-related operational woes at its airports this summer.
Brexit is making it harder for airports and airlines to recruit staff, adding to shortages that are causing travel chaos, according to a leading recruiter.
Sectors from fishing to aviation, farming to science report being bogged down in red tape, struggling to recruit staff and racking up losses for the first time.
The ‘thousands of jobs’ affected by Brexit have added to travel chaos at UK airports, the boss of Ryanair has said.