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YouGov tracker data records the highest levels of Bregret among Leave voters to date.
As few as 13 per cent now say Brexit has been more of a success than a failure. / New polling released on the fourth anniversary of Britain’s departure from the European Union suggests the country is suffering from a painful bout of Brexit buyer’s remorse.
“I’m depressed. I’m properly, really depressed. I can’t sleep.”
A huge surge in support to rejoin the EU has been recorded in October - has the bubble finally burst for Brexit and its backers?
New research from YouGov has found that "Bregret is rife", with 46% of people wanting a vote on re-joining in the next decade.
The ability to sign free trade deals independently was touted as one of the main positives with Brexit, however agreements with Australia and New Zealand have been predicted to have limited economic impact.
Manchester resident, 68, says she was lied to by politicians and would vote Remain if she got a second chance.
With large-scale, pro-EU protests set to hit London next month, UK citizens seem to have lost patience with Brexit.
UK expatriates have expressed regret at no longer being able to live in their houses in Europe after failing to obtain residency visas. None more so than those who voted for Brexit.
A 35-year-old graphic designer from Bristol told i he wishes he could ‘turn back time and vote Remain’.
The UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, but Brexit regret is now at an all time high, according to two separate polls.
Greg Walter, from Winchester, says he feels betrayed as he and his partner are struggling to get visas to live in Italy. / A British couple in their sixties have bought a bargain €15,000 (£13,000) three-bedroom house in Italy for their retirement – but they cannot get a visa to live in it because of post-Brexit travel rules.
The British public now regrets Brexit more than at any other point since the referendum, according to two separate pollsters: YouGov and Deltapoll. Last week, YouGov recorded their highest ever share of voters, 57%, saying Brexit was a mistake. Just 32% thought Brexit was the correct decision. A majority of voters, 51%, now even wants to join the EU...
YouGov polling is the latest in a rising trend to show a majority in favour of rejoining the European Union.
Latest set of polling shows ‘Bregret’ has become consolidated among the British public. / More adults believe the UK should rejoin the European Union than remain outside of it, new polling shows.
Have voters changed their minds about leaving the EU, and has Brexit fundamentally reshaped our political identities.
Seven years after the EU Referendum, Brexit is finding it increasingly difficult to retain its 2016 supporters let alone recruit new ones
A major study by the UK in a Changing Europe think tank and pollsters Public First lays bare 'bregrets' seven years after Britain voted to leave the EU.
On 23 June, it will be seven years since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. Two years before the Brexit referendum, Clacton-on-Sea saw its MP defect to Brexit-supporting UKIP. How do people in the resort feel about it all now?
How has the UK evolved over seven years to become a country that again favours being in the EU? And when can we hope to rejoin?
Many of the leave voters George Llewelyn met in 2021 were dissatisfied Eurosceptics who are now ardent rejoiners. How did it happen?
Lord Heseltine said it is time to stop ‘hiding from the damage’ caused by Brexit. / Lord Heseltine has called for Britain to “recreate our position at the centre of Europe” after the failure of Brexit.
Voters are increasingly realising that Brexit was bad for Britain.
It is fuelling rising support for rejoining the EU, with almost half (49 per cent) of voters now wanting to reverse Brexit – the highest level recorded by BMG Research in surveys for i.
"Brexit was a massive failure of leadership," Guy Verhofstadt said. "But in a democracy people can call upon new leadership to undo the mistakes of the past."